Craig Lucas quotes

  • Never to be squandered.....the miracle of another human being.
    -- Craig Lucas

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  • THE DYING GAUL is a Hollywood satire. But Hollywood is not the real subject matter here. My play uses that world of high-rolling big money - that crazy-making business - to examine a whole range of subjects..
    -- Craig Lucas

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  • . . . I have written a couple of screenplays for studios, and each time has been less gratifying than the last. In my experience, they want no real representations of homosexuality, they want no complexity, they are terrified of ambiguity and unanswered questions - they don't know what they want, except that they want to make lots of money. The only freedom I've ever had as an artist has been in the theatre . . ..
    -- Craig Lucas

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  • . . . don't rewrite unless you know what you're trying to do.
    -- Craig Lucas

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  • Anyone who dares to lay hands on the highest image of the Lord commits sacrilege against the benevolent creator of this miracle and contributes to the expulsion from paradise.

  • The point of my work is to make it clear that all youth can make 'big miracles' happen.

  • Do you believe in miracles?

  • We must point out that in what concerns its material the event is not a miracle. What I mean is that what composes an event is always extracted from a situation, always related back to a singular multiplicity, to its state, to the language that is connected to it, etc. In fact, so as not to succumb to an obscurantist theory of creation ex nihilo, we must accept that an event is nothing but a part of a given situation, nothing but a fragment of being.

  • Don't wait for miracles, your whole life is a miracle.

  • I was not looking now at an unusual flower arrangement. I was seeing what Adam had seen on the morning of his creation - the miracle, moment by moment, of naked existence.

  • All knowledge is precious whether or not it serves the slightest human use.

  • A movie is about human beings, about humanity.

  • Human nature is not nearly as bad as it has been thought to be.

  • Why.. is human desire so unsatisfying?

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