Brandon DiCamillo quotes

  • I was once on a mission, on a cruise I was wishin, that my mom was in the kitchen, eatin chicken, finger lickin.
    -- Brandon DiCamillo

    #Mom #Kitchen #Cruise

  • The most important element of breaking into a house is a flashlight, a flashlight will keep ya' on target. You don't wanna be stummblin' around, and it will make it alot crista-crystal-cleaner and crystal like surranwrap you S.O What?, and I'll never tell you a lie 'cause we're gonna get you through this successfully and you wanna have all the stuff were givin' ya now.
    -- Brandon DiCamillo

    #Lying #House #Important

  • Don't touch me, I'm diabetic.
    -- Brandon DiCamillo

    #Touch Me

  • My mom is proud of me. But she might not be too happy about the hours I keep or how little I eat. I wake up so late that it would be inappropriate to have breakfast. At most, I will have a snack in the day and dinner. I realize that it's not the healthiest way to live, but it's all I really have time for.

  • All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

  • You eat and sleep it all day long and play on the streets until mom calls you in. My story is no different than anybody else's.

  • I sing seriously to my mom on the phone. To put her to sleep, I have to sing 'Maria' from West Side Story. When I hear her snoring, I hang up.

  • Nothing can be more shocking and horrid than one of our kitchens sprinkled with blood, and abounding with the cries of expiring victims or with the limbs of dead animals scattered or hung up here and there.

  • I'm not the neatest person in the kitchen by any means.

  • Always stay sharp on railways and cruise ships for transit has a way of making everything clear.

  • Getting [cruise missiles] more accurate so that we can have precise precision.

  • I don't like cruises. Period. My biggest nightmare is being stuck on a boat.

  • Amen, sister, ... All apologies to Tom Cruise.

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