Mick Ronson quotes

  • On the whole, my impression is that mercy bears richer fruits than any other attribute.

  • Anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear defeat.

  • As a writer I've learned certain lessons. One of them is to be careful about how you put a view, and to bear in mind how easily and readily you'll be misinterpreted.

  • There is no kind of experience in which a Christian has a right to refuse to praise God, for 'all things work together for good to them that love God.'

  • I think I'm the kind of person who would be very difficult to employ - I'm pretty annoying, but driven.

  • My mom was on welfare and the occasional food stamp, but I have never participated in any of those governmental programs, even the ones that kind of work like education, scholarships and whatever, and I managed to do just fine.

  • I think you kind of have to put yourself out there.

  • It's not the kind of tuna that I eat.

  • Yogis love to be alone.

  • Be thou a true yogi. A yogi who understands that everything he's looking for is really inside himself. Learn to live more in the Self.

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