Young De quotes

  • I've always been making original music. I think that when I sat down with Losing Focus, I approached it different. I had a clearer understanding of who I was talking to, because I was able to go out and tour and see them right in front of me. I wanted to speak to them and speak about this lifestyle.
    -- Young De

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  • I wanted to give people a glimpse of my lifestyle and into the lifestyle of me and all my friends and all the people that I know. It's basically just coming up and going up. It's about growing up, elevating, chilling and vibing. And smoking. I wanted to make a piece of art that you could put on while you are hot boxing your car and riding around with your friends.
    -- Young De

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  • I just started to understand my craft, what I wanted to do as an artist. It's just a growing process. Figuring out exactly what I wanted to do and obviously I toured a whole bunch. I did a lot of song writing for other people and then just settled back into my zone.
    -- Young De

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  • I just wanted to make more of a lifestyle record instead of anything else. I wasn't trying to do anything mainstream or nothing like that. I wanted to speak on this time period where I was fed up with a couple things and I had an idea of what I wanted to do.
    -- Young De

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  • You can put together an album with a bunch of producers, but your vision has to be clear. If you just grab a track from this person and this person and put them on a CD it doesn't mean that they go, just because you are rapping over them.
    -- Young De

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  • I have done whole projects with Scoop Deville, I like to basically work with a single producer. I always just worked on a bunch of songs, and then put them together, whether it was an EP or another project. None of them were mixtapes where I was rapping over other peoples beats.
    -- Young De

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  • It's a social media time, where you have YouTube and everything it's kind of like you see my career grow up on camera. But a lot of the things that you would see from artists would be behind the scenes that nobody would know about before, now it's all on display.
    -- Young De

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  • You can go watch everything so you can see a transition of someone who is coming into his own. That's what I feel like my music is. I'm finally here, arriving and I know exactly what I want to talk to people about.
    -- Young De

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  • If you put a song on SoundCloud for free and it blows up, you'll drop it as a single and maybe get some change off of it, but the real fans are going to be those that come to the shows.
    -- Young De

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  • Think it over, think it under.

  • There's the South Pole, said Christopher Robin, and I expect there's an East Pole and a West Pole, though people don't like talking about them.

  • Of course, I'm not allowed to talk about the script, but I can say it is a really good story.

  • Emphasis in the Marine Corps isn't on talking about your feelings.

  • Focus too much on the near-term and you won't get tomorrow's customers, focus too much on the long-term and you won't get today's.

  • I was about one drink away from my limit, In came a black dress with a black body in it, She looked so timid, it took me a minute To get her in focus

  • I wanted the focus to be on my ability as a singer and as an entertainer - not on my private life.

  • The only way I know how to deliver is to focus; some people can turn it on or off - I'd rather stay in character.

  • Really, most of us just focus on what's in front of us. We're too busy putting out the fires of everyday life.

  • I only want to do better work. That's the focus of my life.