William Rees-Mogg quotes

  • Governments lie; bankers lie; even auditors sometimes lie: gold tells the truth.
    -- William Rees-Mogg

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  • Anyone who has walked through the deserted palaces of Versailles or Vienna realise how much of a part of the life of a nation is lost when a monarchy is abolished. If buckingham palace and windsor castle were transformed into museums, if one politician competed against another for president of the republic, Britain would be a sadder and less interesting place. Our politicians are not men such as could challenge more than a thousand years of history.
    -- William Rees-Mogg

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  • The United States may have retained more of the intellectual imprint of the British 18th century than Britain itself.
    -- William Rees-Mogg

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  • John Prescott has made the government look greedy and ridiculous. Labour is seen as the corrupt party. The government has been fulfilling the old rule that oppositions do not win elections, governments lose them.
    -- William Rees-Mogg

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  • War on the cheap is always a rotten policy.
    -- William Rees-Mogg

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  • Lord Rees-Mogg argues that the time for reconciliation in Tibet is passing with the looming departure of its spiritual leader.
    -- William Rees-Mogg

    #Spiritual #Leader #Departure

  • The Treasury model of the economy has been pretty well wrong on everything for many years
    -- William Rees-Mogg

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  • Wanderers eastward, wanderers west, Know you why you cannot rest? 'Tis that every mother's son Travails with a skeleton. Lie down in the bed of dust; Bear the fruit that bear you must; Bring the eternal seed to light, And morn is all the same as night.

  • The mighty edifice of Government science dominated the scene in the middle of the 20th century as a Gothic cathedral dominated a 13th century landscape. The work of many hands over many years, it universally inspired admiration, wonder and fear.

  • It's embarrassing ... you try to overthrow the government and you wind up on the Best Seller's List.

  • The whole history of Israel, its ritual and its government, is explicable only as it is typical of the spiritual Israel, of the sacrifice on Calvary, of the precious blood which alone can wash away sin.

  • Public opinion in this country is everything.

  • Intimate relationships are a gold mine for literature to explore, to understand, to describe.

  • In my case dust has become Gold

  • He has a heart of gold - only harder.

  • It surprised me, the feeling I got when I won the Oscar for 'Scent of a Woman.' It was a new feeling. I'd never felt it. I don't see my Oscar much now. But when I first got it, there was a feeling for weeks afterward that I guess is akin to winning a gold medal in the Olympics.

  • A road need not be paved in gold to find treasures at its end.

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