T. R. Knight quotes

  • I guess there have been a few questions about my sexuality, and I’d like to keep quiet any unnecessary rumors about sexuality. While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I’m gay isn’t the most interesting part of me.
    -- T. R. Knight

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  • I remember saying to someone when I got one of those 'don't do it' comments - I just remember hearing my voice being calm and saying, 'No, it's going happen. It's going to happen. I'm just letting you know.'
    -- T. R. Knight

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  • There just comes a time when it's so clear that moving on is the best decision,
    -- T. R. Knight

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  • I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me.
    -- T. R. Knight

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  • I am gay, and I'm very comfortable with it.

  • You know, when you don't go on TV and talk about how many women you sleep with, some people in Hollywood, that are supposedly 'in the know,' start whispering that you're gay. If I were gay, I wouldn't be ashamed to admit it, but I'm not.

  • I think a biography is only as interesting as the lives and times it illuminates.

  • Save interesting thoughts, quotations, films, technologies... the medium doesn't matter, so long as it inspires you.

  • I like an interesting movie even if it's controversial or offensive, depending on your taste.

  • Appreciate the power of rumor, often malicious, no matter how preposterous, within the local populations you are seeking to help.

  • Rumor ... often is fathered and mothered by false reports.

  • There are people who take rumors and embellish them in a way that can be devastating. And this pollution has to be eradicated by people in our business as best we can.

  • This world is a great sculptor’s shop. We are the statues and there’s a rumor going around the shop that some of us are someday going to come to life.

  • Those who feed on rumors are small, suspicious souls.