Chris Parnell quotes

  • You never won’t know what you can’t achieve until you don’t achieve it.
    -- Chris Parnell


  • I grew up Southern Baptist, so my experience was fairly conservative. Not archly so, but I think Memphis - when you get to certain parts of Memphis - are more liberal for sure. But I grew up, until I was about 13 or 14, in a section called Whitehaven, and then we moved to a suburb called Germantown - which is a pretty conservative area.
    -- Chris Parnell

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  • You never won’t know what you can’t achieve until you don’t achieve it.
    -- Chris Parnell

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  • The best advice I never got. I don't know if it would have done any good, but to be more confident with girls in school. I actually had a couple of girlfriends, but I was still pretty timid and it was hard to ask girls out.
    -- Chris Parnell

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  • I used to want to be a computer programmer when I was younger. We got an Apple II Plus when I was, like, 11 and I wrote programs and BASIC on that, like I think a lot of people did, but I have no idea how to program in the current languages at all.
    -- Chris Parnell

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  • I collect art on a very modest scale. Most of what I have is photography because I just love it and it makes me happy and it looks good in my home. I also have a pretty big collection of art books mainly, again, on photography. A lot of photography monographs, which is great because with photography, the art itself can be reproduced quite well in book form.
    -- Chris Parnell

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  • To be a teacher you have to have a very giving, selfless personality. I don't think I'm that selfless and giving.
    -- Chris Parnell

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  • If left to their own devices a child will achieve.

  • In every aspect of life, have a game plan, and then do your best to achieve it.

  • The value of achievement lies in the achieving.

  • I want to assure your excellency that I am occupying myself permanently and jointly with my team to achieve a solution as soon as possible to this crisis, the principal objective being the safeguarding of the health and life of those who are inside.

  • I do all this alone, everything I achieve, I achieve alone, because it's my head I'm locked into, and I share this space with nobody but myself.

  • Success is to achieve some of your dreams that you have dreamed as a boy.

  • Conscious breath control is a useful tool for achieving a relaxed, clear state of mind.

  • There are so many people working so hard and achieving so little.

  • You don't dream so that you can remember it. You dream to achieve it.

  • Despicable means used to achieve laudable goals render the goals themselves despicable.