Jessica Walter quotes

  • My daughter, I'm proud to say, is senior vice president of ABC Family network. She could hire and fire me. She has hired me, but she has not fired me.
    -- Jessica Walter

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  • I must confess I took a couple or three jobs just for the money.
    -- Jessica Walter

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  • Desperate? That can be a justification for all kinds of behavior.
    -- Jessica Walter

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  • Some movie I was in, I forget which one, some awful little movie, a reviewer said, What is Jessica Walter doing in this movie? And I said, Hello? Trying to make a living?
    -- Jessica Walter

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  • I don't think comedy is something you learn. I think it's something that's either there or it's not.
    -- Jessica Walter

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  • Nobody can hide their birthdays anymore, so there's no point in lying.
    -- Jessica Walter


  • When I read a script, I have to see the funny, and if I can see it's funny, it helps me to be able to transmit that.
    -- Jessica Walter

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  • I never had a doubt about wanting to be an actress, but certainly when there were periods of unemployment, I would think, "Oh, I'm never going to work again." The only thing I don't like about it is the business part of it - the negotiating and all this stuff that you don't learn in school. I'm not good with business.
    -- Jessica Walter

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  • It's not that difficult to find the rage or the anger. We all have that in us, and luckily, actors and actresses get to portray it, and it's not frowned upon. Everybody has that in them. Everybody has wanted to kill somebody at one time or another. Everybody has been really, really angry about something, so if you just call on that in yourself, you find it's not that difficult.
    -- Jessica Walter

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  • I was in college in Washington, D.C. I did three years full-time. I did all my requirements, and my senior year was really a gut year. And I said, 'Law school will always be there.' I was in no hurry to get right into that.

  • Without any formal personal finance instruction in our high school or college curricula, many college seniors who graduate in the red will continue to make common financial mistakes that only exacerbate their debt burdens.

  • I wrote to Mr. McEnroe, Senior. I said: "Here is the sentence once written by the immortal Bobby Jones. I thought you might like to have it done in needlepoint and mounted in a suitable frame to hang over Little John's bed. It says, The rewards of golf - and of life, too, I expect - are worth very little if you don't play the game by the etiquette as well as by the rules." I never heard from Mr. McEnroe, Senior. I can only conclude that the letter went astray.

  • For my senior prom, my father finally said I could go - as long as I was home by 9 P.M.! That was around the time that most people were heading out. When I was little I was so mad at them all the time. 'Why can't I do this?' 'Why are there so many rules?' But looking back now, my parents gave me the foundation to have so many choices in life.

  • I can't stress how much my daughter is an inspiration to stay sober. When I come home and she opens those big blue eyes at me, it's the most amazing feeling I could ever feel.

  • I believe it from the bottom of my heart, and your sons and daughters, too, can have the American dream come true.

  • Happy bridegroom, Hesper brings All desired and timely things. All whom morning sends to roam, Hesper loves to lead them home. Home return who him behold, Child to mother, sheep to fold, Bird to nest from wandering wide: Happy bridegroom, seek your bride.

  • Before you count the profit, count the cost of a working mother.

  • I wanted to live. For the father and brother who I never knew and for my mother who was cheated of a life of happiness. I wanted to live for them. And I wanted to live for me.

  • The only day in your life.... Your mother smiled when you cried...