Guinevere Van Seenus quotes

  • The art feeds my mind and soul and the job pays my bills. Finding the balance can be a challenge, but I am very fortunate for it.
    -- Guinevere Van Seenus

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  • There is an interesting and new way to be excited about the fashion world today maybe. The traditional path of fashion as simple magazine images has dissolved - we are seeing new and innovative ways to share, create, and enjoy ideas. I am challenged to learn and explore paths of finding new photographers, stylists, and vision-makers online or through direct contact, connecting with ideas and creativity in new ways, and making images with different outlets. Sometimes more unbridled avenues and unconventional ways lead to things I wouldn't have thought of yet.
    -- Guinevere Van Seenus

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  • I am not fond of giving advice; people are different, circumstances are different, motivations vary, but overall I would say that no amount of success or attention will create happiness in your life unless one is happy within themselves and we learn that the money won't buy it. So find out what brings you joy and inspires happiness, and fight for it.
    -- Guinevere Van Seenus

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  • The key to longevity in any industry is respect.
    -- Guinevere Van Seenus

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  • Strangely enough, for me, Instagram has been a creatively freeing and inspiring format lately. I have been so very resistant to nearly all forms of media, yet finally this made it into my atmosphere, and in discovering this I have been propelled into some movement and new ideas. Real life images, curated images, even the visual diarrhea are incredible fertilization for movement in some direction or another.
    -- Guinevere Van Seenus

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  • Poems very seldom consist of poetry and nothing else; and pleasure can be derived also from their other ingredients. I am convinced that most readers, when they think they are admiring poetry, are deceived by inability to analyse their sensations, and that they are really admiring, not the poetry of the passage before them, but something else in it, which they like better than poetry.

  • We look at the world and see what we have learned to believe is there. We have been conditioned to expect... but, as photographers, we must learn to relax our beliefs.

  • To me documentary photography means making a picture so that the viewer doesn’t think about the man who made the picture. At its esthetic core is very old tradition in art: naturalism. And its purpose is to document all facets of social relationships.

  • This is not the first time in my life where you know going into a job that you're going to hear in stereo what was wrong with what you did.

  • I often feel that my days in New York City, that I was here for five years, didn't get one job, went on a thousands of auditions and literally did not get a job on a soap, not a movie, not TV, not nothing, although I did do some commercials thank God.

  • The best compliment was Ben Kingsley coming up to me, putting his hand on the back of my neck, and saying, "Good job, son.".

  • An artist's job is simply to take the mirror in front of your face and hold it there. It's not to give you any answers. It is simply to take that mirror and point it at you.

  • The youth need to be enabled to become job generators from job seekers.

  • I, talking about my children, of course I wanted them to succeed in life, they have to choose whatever job or occupation that they want, I will not try to influence.

  • Young people often serve as scapegoats for the challenges communities face. At the same time, they are routinely pushed away from connecting to their communities as serious problem-solvers capable of changing the world.