Marco Reus quotes

  • Barca is nothing but a small part of Real Madrid’s history
    -- Marco Reus

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  • My idol was always Tomas Rosicky. He used to be phenomenal. He had such a good eye for an opening and knew where his team-mates were and he was so quick. I copied everything about him – right down to his sweatbands. [] he would be one of the world’s best players. Jack Wilshere is a perfect player. Boy, he’s good. He’s so quick and skillful with the ball at his feet.
    -- Marco Reus

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  • I hope people see us not just as a football player, but also as human beings, we are not machines!
    -- Marco Reus

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  • I cried when Mario Gotze told me hell leave Borussia Dortmund & join Bayern Munich
    -- Marco Reus

    #Munich #Hell #Bayern Munich

  • The moment that any life, however good, stifles you, you may be sure it isn't your real life.

  • Any city may have one period of magnificence, like Boston or New Orleans or San Francisco, but it takes a real one to keep renewing itself until the past is perennially forgotten.

  • Subtle, funny and touching, with a striking downbeat authenticity. Director Craig Zobel is the real thing.

  • There's something to be said in favor of working in isolation in the real world.

  • Well, I think that the image is a part of me. I wear the baggy pants, the hats, the whole nine. And you know, I may add a little for the excitement and the intrigue in the videos, but my family has told me that little air of mystery that surrounds me is for real.

  • A visual understanding of great composition and how to use a camera and expensive lenses can be learned, but drive and a real hunger for making photos and telling stories... I don't think that part can be learned. You either have that inside, or you don't.

  • We've only recently turned the corner on the Sept. 11 attacks being blamed on Jews and Israelis, as well as almost every other terrorist attack, whether in London, Madrid, Bali or Egypt.

  • I was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Madrid, Spain. Then I moved to New Jersey.

  • I condemn what happened in Madrid, but it is suspicious. If tomorrow there will be another bombing, in France for example, who will gain power? Of course not Jacques Chirac, but Le Pen.

  • Messi alone is more dangerous than Real Madrid's attacking trio Ronaldo, Benzema and Bale.

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