Philipp Lahm quotes

  • Whether we have the best individual players doesnt matter, you have to have the best team
    -- Philipp Lahm

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  • They're fighting for the championship, that's not a coincidence: I believe they have developed as a team. They've become much stronger, the squad is more balanced. And they still play the way Arsenal always play. They want to have the ball, they like playing it short, and they have outstanding individuals.
    -- Philipp Lahm

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  • The most essential quality in the game is passion
    -- Philipp Lahm

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  • The reality is we are 0-3. The reality is that we can still be a very good football team. We need to show that on Monday night.

  • When you're picking a basketball team, you'll take the brother over the guy with the yarmulke. Why? Because you're playing the odds.

  • I have to continue to be a great leader and contribute in any way that I can, and get guys to follow suit. That's how you turn a team around.

  • I'm pretty sure I could outrun the whole Dallas Cowboys team.

  • On current form, both teams will probably lose.

  • You always catch the wrong players.

  • Assistant coaches become a little bit more buddies to the players than a head coach.

  • I want to be the best player to ever play this game.

  • Psychotherapy, unlike castor oil, which will work no matter how you get it down, is useless when forced on an uncooperative patient.

  • No matter what happens, you can get through this day. Inhale. Focus on the word, 'relax. Exhale. Say, 'I can do this!' And then do it.

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