Zhou Yu quotes

  • O God, since thou made Zhou Yu, why did thou also create Zhuge Liang?
    -- Zhou Yu


  • The noble person who has eaten of his lord's bounty should die in his lord's battles; to return to one's home dead and wrapped in a horse's hide is a happy fate. Am I the sort of people to bring to nought the grand designs of my country?
    -- Zhou Yu

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  • He who wins people, prospers; he who loses them, fails. Your present plan should be to seek humans of high aims and farseeing views, and you can establish yourself firmly.
    -- Zhou Yu

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  • The university is our culture's assertion that what is made by the mind has value and can convey values.

  • Terrible errors are rarely made all at once. Usually they are performed one small misstep at a time.

  • I don't feel I made any sacrifices at all. I'm doing my best to juggle.

  • I cannot be made into the commentator for the unspoken black masses.

  • I came from a wealthy family. I made over my share of the estate to various charities.

  • He'd made sure i had something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

  • I made my first movie when I was five.

  • How do I get it made? How do I get it seen? How do I get it in front of the people I want to serve?

  • God made man, and then said I can do better than that and made woman.

  • False history gets made all day, any day, the truth of the new is never on the news.

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