Jonathan Capehart quotes

  • An abundance of Twitter users believe they can troll and rant with impunity, no matter how debasing or even threatening their 140-character posts pose.
    -- Jonathan Capehart

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  • The nastier the e-mail, the more likely I am to respond because they`ll realize there`s a human being on the other side.
    -- Jonathan Capehart

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  • I think one of the reasons with problems with conversation on race is that this is such a deeply personal conversation that it requires trust and someone you know.
    -- Jonathan Capehart

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  • [Michael] Brown's mom, Lesley McSpadden, is the latest African American mother whose tear-streaked face forces the nation to remember the name of yet another unarmed black teenager gunned down under questionable circumstances.
    -- Jonathan Capehart

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  • One of the burdens of being a black male is carrying the heavy weight of other people’s suspicions.
    -- Jonathan Capehart

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  • I cannot understand how any man or woman can believe in the Lord's coming and not be a missionary, or at least committed to the work of missions with every power of his being.

  • I believe that whatever comes at a particular time is a blessing from God.

  • Is it a particularly British trait to so utterly adore truly appalling men, from Tony Hancock through to Steptoe and Alf Garnett, Captain Mainwaring, Rigsby, Del Boy, Victor Meldrew and on to David Brent from The Office. The most deeply adored characters are all simply vile.

  • The difference between human heroes and sacred characters lies just in this: the man is just a man, but behind the man of God, God Himself is ever standing greater than the man and overshadowing him by His infinite and glorious presence.

  • You cannot have a good character today and at the same time have a small mind and a little heart. You cannot have a good character today and be merely a petty reformer.

  • I'm involved in some action scenes, so they'll train me for that. I'll be working with my acting coach to prepare for my character.

  • Mammootty sir is an idol for me.. His uniqueness in developing characters is quite amazing

  • What is the subject matter of this apparently very personal world? It has been suggested that these shapes and images are underworld characters, the inhabitants of the vast common realm of memories that have gone down below the level of conscious control. It may be they are. The degree of emotional involvement and the amount of free association with the material being photographed would point in that direction.

  • No matter how hot the fire burns, a Protea always survives

  • No matter where I am, I will always be there when you need me.

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