Mel Smith quotes

  • How do we get a pantomime cow on set. Jeez, the rigours of satire.
    -- Mel Smith

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  • I never met Barbara Cartland. But now that I'm working on her life, I wish I had. I think there was a lot of pathos in it and I'm intrigued by her.
    -- Mel Smith

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  • It's a pragmatist's business, comedy. Start off with good intentions and references to the Pompidou Centre and you end up with boiled sweets and a pantomime cow.
    -- Mel Smith

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  • But in the UK, I've given up any hope of being considered a director.
    -- Mel Smith

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  • The funny thing is, London is an incredibly interesting city. It's very sexy and it's very different, with the Thames winding through it like a snake.
    -- Mel Smith

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  • I directed before I was even in television; I directed in the theatre for seven years, so that was my trade anyway. But in the UK, I've given up any hope of being considered a director.
    -- Mel Smith

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  • I don't think London has been given enough credit in a lot of the movies that we make here.
    -- Mel Smith

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  • Economy, n. Purchasing the barrel of whiskey that you do not need for the price of the cow that you cannot afford.

  • Change is like a charging cow. Don't ignore it - milk it

  • A cat's meow and cow's moo, I can recite them all.

  • You’re a cow Give me some milk Or else go home

  • We don't have milk cows. People have so many stereotypes of people from where I come from - Oklahoma. We don't ride around in covered wagons, either.

  • Satire's nature is to be one-sided, contemptuous of ambiguity, and so unfairly selective as to find in the purity of ridicule an inarguable moral truth.

  • In general satire, every man perceives A slight attack, yet neither fears nor grieves.

  • I like actors that are good with pantomime and that can transmit a lot by their presence and attitude more than through their dialogue

  • It takes more drawing to tell a story in pantomime.

  • The most amusing thing about a pantomime horse is the necessity of having to shoot it twice.