Richard Coyle quotes

  • I don't really like to watch myself [in movie] very much, even afterwards. I kind of feel that when I've finished shooting, that's my job done, really. It's not my business what happens to it next. I just do what I do and that's what I love: doing it.
    -- Richard Coyle

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  • I never like to judge the character. I just have to leave my feelings of pity, or fear, about a character - whatever I feel towards the character, I try to leave to one side. It's good to have them, but it doesn't help me. I can't act those things. I just to play the character as truthfully as I can.
    -- Richard Coyle

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  • I think the first movie I ever saw was a 'Star Wars' triple bill, when 'Return of the Jedi' was released.
    -- Richard Coyle

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  • I've always had this strong sense that I know best.
    -- Richard Coyle


  • What's my greatest fear? I don't know; I have lots of fears. Regret, I don't want to have any regrets; that makes me scared.
    -- Richard Coyle

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  • I was always the kid at the side of the playground, looking at the other kids. I didn't know how to get into the group. I was quiet and bookish, a bit of a geek. I was into orienteering when my friends were out clubbing.
    -- Richard Coyle

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  • I do a lot of running. Bit of squash, bit of tennis. I don't like feeling out of shape.
    -- Richard Coyle

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  • Its sort of my job to feel good.

  • Sometimes things are the way they are and can't be changed, other times it's because no one ever tried. Your job is to find the latter.

  • An artist’s job is to captivate… if we stumble into truth, we got lucky.

  • I, talking about my children, of course I wanted them to succeed in life, they have to choose whatever job or occupation that they want, I will not try to influence.

  • Of course we all have our limits, but how can you possibly find your boundaries unless you explore as far and as wide as you possibly can? I would rather fail in an attempt at something new and uncharted than safely succeed in a repeat of something I have done.

  • I love movie-making. I'm interested in writing and directing, and I've dabbled, but I haven't done anything I care to brag about. Yet.

  • When you're shooting a movie you are away from home most of the time. It's an amazing thing that we get to do what we get to do, but you definitely are away from the family more than you'd like to be.

  • It's always challenging when you're shooting a film. Shooting things out of order and keeping continuity on all levels is always for me the most challenging thing.

  • Bruce Willis. Pain in my ass, no problem about that. We just didn't get along. We got along off camera, but shooting we just didn't get along.

  • It is not as though the process of production holds any mystery for me, I know exactly what it involves and I know the predominant concern in shooting one of those things is production values - or as they would say, seeing it all up there on screen.