Saboteurs quotes

  • Congressmen who willfully take action during wartime that damages morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hung
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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  • The factory workers say that it's impossible to do anything right. If you arrive five minutes early you are a saboteur; if you arrive five minutes late you are betraying socialism; if you arrive on time they say, Where did you get the watch?
    -- Len Deighton

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  • You see I'm against hunting, in fact I'm a hunt saboteur. I go out the night before and shoot the fox.
    -- Tim Vine

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  • Every time I overcome an obstacle, it feels like success. Sometimes the biggest ones are in our head - the saboteurs that tell us we can't.
    -- Lupita Nyong'o

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  • Wars begin in the minds of men, and in those minds, love andcompassion would have built the defenses of peace.

  • Boxing is a science. You don't just walk into a gym and start punching. Fighters are born with differences in physical ability, but you also see a big difference in their skills. That's the trainers influence at work.

  • Conducting, I tried it once off the cuff, and quickly realized there were subtle aspects that I was missing. There is a lot more to it that I was able to grasp simply by watching conductors.

  • Truly God was good, to make man so blind.

  • In real life, I'm not super-posh but if that's the stereotype, I really don't care. It could be worse.

  • I am now being criticized (by the opposition) for being irresponsible for saying `I will not raise the consumption tax rate while I am in office,' ... But, when my successor does raise the consumption tax rate, it will not be simply a matter of being irresponsible. He will be criticized for raising the tax.

  • One of the oddities about responses that you get to what you write, if you get a fair number of them, is that people have very different ideas of what you said.

  • Everything I wear doesnt put me in the league of women. If I were a boy, I could look a lot prettier than a lot of boys I know.

  • It is difficult to remove by logic an idea not placed there by logic in the first place.

  • Music feels like therapy, actually. A lot of people come out of a therapy session and feel like a weight has been lifted - I got it out, I cried, I feel good. I think for me this is just my way of doing that. It's the only avenue I have that fulfills that, that makes me feel good about myself. And I don't mean that in regards to the rewards, or like getting some good review. That's not what it's about. It's more about trying to please myself. It's really sick and weird.