Bacteria quotes

  • It has been demonstrated that a species of penicillium produces in culture a very powerful antibacterial substance which affects different bacteria in different degrees. Generally speaking it may be said that the least sensitive bacteria are the Gram-negative bacilli, and the most susceptible are the pyogenic cocci ... In addition to its possible use in the treatment of bacterial infections penicillin is certainly useful... for its power of inhibiting unwanted microbes in bacterial cultures so that penicillin insensitive bacteria can readily be isolated.
    -- Alexander Fleming

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  • At the bottom of the ocean, bacteria that are thermophilic and can survive at the steam vent heat that would otherwise produce, if fish were there, sous-vide cooked fish, nevertheless, have managed to make that a hospitable environment for them.
    -- Harvey V. Fineberg

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  • Bacteria and parasites cannot cause disease processes unless they find their own peculiar morbid soil in which to grow and multiply.
    -- Henry Lindlahr

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  • Everyone is trying to jump on the biomimic bandwagon. But a cork floor is not biomimicry. Neither is using bacteria to clean water.
    -- Janine Benyus

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  • Back in 1983, the United States government approved the release of the first genetically modified organism. In this case, it was a bacteria that prevents frost on food crops.
    -- Jeremy Rifkin

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  • They all have in common that they are bacteria caused by bowel and feces.
    -- Kennedy

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  • The world powers established this filthy bacteria, the Zionist regime, which is lashing out at the nations in the region like a wild beast.
    -- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

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  • It seems now clear that a belief in the functional importance of all enzymes found in bacteria is possible only to those richly endowed with Faith.
    -- Marjory Stephenson

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  • If an alien visited Earth, they would take some note of humans, but probably spend most of their time trying to understand the dominant form of life on our planet - microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.
    -- Nathan Wolfe

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  • One bacterium has 2,000 to 6,000 proteins.
    -- Paul A. Offit

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  • When you're in the womb, you're in a sterile environment. When you enter the birth canal and are born, you're no longer in a sterile environment. Very quickly you have bacteria living on your skin, in your nose and throat.
    -- Paul A. Offit

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  • From dead plant matter to nematodes to bacteria, never underestimate the cleverness of mushrooms to find new food!
    -- Paul Stamets

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  • For the first half of geological time our ancestors were bacteria. Most creatures still are bacteria, and each one of our trillions of cells is a colony of bacteria.
    -- Richard Dawkins

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  • Happiness and bacteria have one thing in common; they multiply by dividing!
    -- Rutvik Oza

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  • To declare war on ninety-nine percent of bacteria when less than percent of them threaten our health makes no sense. Many of the bacteria we're killing are our protectors.
    -- Sandor Katz

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  • Family was a fertile breeding ground for the kind of psychological bacteria that warped minds and devoured hope.
    -- Tami Hoag

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  • You cannot insert a gene you took from a bacteria into a seed and call it LIFE. You have not created life, instead you have only polluted it.
    -- Vandana Shiva

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  • Biology will relate every human gene to the genes of other animals and bacteria, to this great chain of being.
    -- Walter Gilbert

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  • Natural selection certainly operates. It explains how bacteria will gain antibiotic resistance; it will explain how insects get insecticide resistance, but it doesn't explain how you get bacteria or insects in the first place.
    -- William A. Dembski

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  • Biocides, for example, are designed to kill bacteria—it's not a benign material.
    -- William Stringfellow

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  • Periodontal bacteria can easily slip into the bloodstream and cause infection elsewhere in the body.
    -- Mallory Ortberg

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  • There is no significant difference between human activities and those by amoebas and even bacteria, well, on the GRAND SCALE.
    -- Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov

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  • My bacteria glow in the dark - no human being doesn't like that.
    -- Bonnie Bassler

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  • Bacteria mineralized the rocks; they deposited the iron. They made the geology we see.
    -- Bonnie Bassler

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