Fixing quotes

  • According to Shiva, life is in the end about fixing holes. Shiva didn't speak in metaphors. fixing holes is precisely what he did. Still, it's an apt metaphor for our profession. But there's another kind of hole, and that is the wound that divides family. Sometimes this wound occurs at the moment of birth, sometimes it happens later. We are all fixing what is broken. It is the task of a lifetime. We'll leave much unfinished for the next generation.
    -- Abraham Verghese

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  • When we fixate on the worst in something, we render ourselves incapable of fixing anything... But attend to the good in something - and we act towards the best in everything.
    -- Ann Voskamp

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  • Any damage that's been done, you have to fix yourself because it needs fixing and there is nobody else to do the work. Blame may well be justified, but it's not going to move you forward in your life.
    -- Augusten Burroughs

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  • Expanding Medicaid without fixing Medicaid is a terrible idea.
    -- Bob McDonnell

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  • Good planning avoids the need for fixing up a project that plowed ahead without thought... about potential pitfalls.
    -- Bobby Knight

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  • I think we need a real plan, which is why I have offered a much more specific approach to securing the border, fixing the legal immigration system and addressing illegal immigration.
    -- Carly Fiorina

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  • That is why, no matter how desperate the predicament is, I am always very much in earnest about clutching my cane, straightening my derby hat and fixing my tie, even though I have just landed on my head.
    -- Charlie Chaplin

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  • Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this_world, will help immensely. It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom will cause the critical mass to tip toward an enduring good.
    -- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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  • No precautions, and no precautionary principle, can avoid problems that we do not yet foresee. We need a stance of problem-fixing, not just problem-avoidance.
    -- David Deutsch

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  • I spent my 30s fixing everything I broke in my 20s.
    -- Eddie Murphy

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  • Before things are written down they don't exist in quite the same way. The act of fixing them in words gives them a kind of currency that can be traded.
    -- Erica Jong

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  • It seems to me that we spend an inordinate amount of time and attention on fixing ourselves when we could really be directing that out to serving others,
    -- Eve Ensler

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  • The determined fixing of our will upon God, and pressing toward him steadily and without deflection; this is the very center and the art of prayer.
    -- Evelyn Underhill

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  • I don't believe in expending energy on something you can't do anything about. If there was some easy way of fixing things, I'd probably do it.
    -- Francesca Annis

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  • I'm always sort of optimistic about how good we are, as a country, at fixing ourselves.
    -- George Clooney

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  • I dont know how the other senators see me. I hope they see me as a farmer. Thats really what I am. But I dont think they see me on a tractor or fixing equipment. I hope they see me grounded, as somebody who has common sense.
    -- Jon Tester

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  • The more you have, the more you have that needs fixing.
    -- Karl Lehenbauer

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  • You are not responsible for the programming you picked up in childhood. However, as an adult, you are one hundred percent responsible for fixing it.
    -- Ken Keyes Jr.

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  • Fixing culture is the most critical − and the most difficult − part of a corporate transformation… In the end, management doesn’t change culture. Management invites the workforce itself to change the culture.
    -- Lou Gerstner

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  • If everyone has to think outside the box, maybe it is the box that needs fixing.
    -- Malcolm Gladwell

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  • You will excel only by maximizing your strengths, never by fixing your weaknesses.
    -- Marcus Buckingham

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  • We are spending most of our time in American health care fixing the mistakes that either we in the profession are causing or our patients are, without recognizing it, causing to themselves.
    -- Mehmet Oz

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  • Not causing trouble, not touching anything, fixing the primus.
    -- Mikhail Bulgakov

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  • Coach Bryant, before you start hugging me, you ought to know that my boys are fixing to get after y’all’s ass,
    -- Pat Dye

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  • Our thoughts, or in other words, our state of mind, is ever at work 'fixing up' things good or bad in advance.
    -- Prentice Mulford

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  • There was no blueprint or how-to manual for fixing a global financial meltdown, an auto crisis, two wars and a great recession, all at the same time.
    -- Rahm Emanuel

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  • I like fixing things.
    -- Richard E. Grant

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  • I caught a glimpse of happiness, and saw it was a bird on a branch, fixing to take wing.
    -- Richard Peck

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  • Great, the worlds coming to an end and we're fixing it with Band-Aids
    -- Susan Beth Pfeffer

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  • It can never be too often repeated, that the time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is while our rulers are honest, and ourselves united.
    -- Thomas Jefferson

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  • Success Comes Through Rapidly Fixing our Mistakes Rather than Getting Things Right the First Time
    -- Tim Harford

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  • The first step in fixing a broken program is getting it to fail repeatably [on the simplest example possible].
    -- Tom Duff

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  • If you define yourself as someone fixing education, there's nothing short-range you can do to fix education directly. It's labor intensive. You have to change the way people act. You have to convince people, and change people.
    -- Deborah Meier

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  • Fixing health care and fixing the economy are two sides of the same coin.
    -- Ron Wyden

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