Lexicon quotes

  • I can't say that I know the lexicon as intimately as a lot of people, so I may be unworthy of being called a Trekkie. That would be doing a disservice to the people who really are Trekkies.
    -- Alice Eve

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  • Every scientist should remove the word 'impossible' from their lexicon.
    -- Christopher Reeve

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  • Some people simply use their faith as a lexicon of behavioral reasoning; without that they would be forced to face their own moral and ethical failings honestly according to a secular code of right and wrong.
    -- Deborah Feldman

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  • In the lexicon of youth which fate reserves for a bright manhood, there is no such word as fail.
    -- Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

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  • I've been 6'4'' since I was 12. Goofy is somewhere in the lexicon.
    -- Jason Segel

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  • Immigration, a lexicon. You're a 'migrant' when you're very poor; 'immigrant' when you're not so poor; and 'expat' when you're rich.
    -- Laila Lalami

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  • Honestly, I don't read newspapers, magazines, whatever. They're just not part of my lexicon. I don't want to be manipulated, or manipulated about other people's work.
    -- Madonna Ciccone

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  • We open our mouths and out flow words whose ancestries we do not even know. We are walking lexicons. In a single sentence of idle chatter we preserve Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Norse: we carry a museum inside our heads, each day we commemorate peoples of whom we have never heard.
    -- Penelope Lively

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  • Goethe said, "The author whom a lexicon can keep up with is worth nothing"; Somerset Maugham says that the finest compliment he ever received was a letter in which one of his readers said: "I read your novel without having to look up a single word in the dictionary." These writers, plainly, lived in different worlds.
    -- Randall Jarrell

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  • Psychobabble is... a set of repetitive verbal formalities that kills off the very spontaneity, candor, and understanding it pretends to promote. It's an idiom that reduces psychological insight to a collection of standardized observations, that provides a frozen lexicon to deal with an infinite variety of problems.
    -- Richard Rosen

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  • Your lexicon is not entitled to slurs; it's time to retire them.
    -- Tim McIlrath

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  • The new, old, and constantly changing language of politics is a lexicon of conflict and drama?ridicule and reproach?pleading and persuasion.
    -- William Safire

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