Immigration quotes

  • Whoever criticizes capitalism, while approving immigration, whose working class is its first victim, had better shut up. Whoever criticizes immigration, while remaining silent about capitalism, should do the same.
    -- Alain de Benoist

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  • However, I don't doubt that a wave of immigration will come to Poland.
    -- Aleksander Kwasniewski

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  • As far as wages are concerned, the only difference between immigration and birth is that birth takes longer.
    -- Alex Tabarrok

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  • When dealing with illegal immigration, the answer is simple; enforce Constitutional mandates, and you will protect Floridians and the American people.
    -- Allen West

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  • One of the critical issues that we have to confront is illegal immigration, because this is a multi-headed Hydra that affects our economy, our health care, our health care, our education systems, our national security, and also our local criminality.
    -- Allen West

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  • So now is an opportunity for us to stand up and have a good, strong immigration policy to make sure that E- Verify becomes mandatory and we have got to train and properly equip our Border Patrol.
    -- Allen West

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  • Quite simply, federal laws already on the books aimed at stopping the flow of illegal immigration must be enforced. Furthermore, states must be given the resources necessary to confront the problem, which includes strengthening the border patrol.
    -- Allen West

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  • Andrew Saul is John Hall in a business suit. He's wrong on the war, on national security, immigration, abortion. He's Sue Kelly all over again.
    -- Andrew Saul

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  • According to the California Hospital Association, health care for illegal aliens is costing state taxpayers well over $1 billion a year. Eighty-four hospitals across California have already been forced to close because of unpaid bills by illegal aliens.
    -- Ann Coulter

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  • When you've seen prejudice, you understand that we aren't finished, that we're still perfecting this American experiment.
    -- Anthony Romero

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  • He doesn't like my name... Of course we couldn't all come over on the Mayflower... But I got here as soon as I could, and I never wanted to go back, because to me it is a great privilege to be an American citizen.
    -- Anton Cermak

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  • For all the noise and anger that too often surrounds the immigration debate, America has nothing to fear from today's immigrants. They have come here for the same reason that families have always come here-for the hope that in America, they could build a better life for themselves and their families. Like the waves of immigrants that came before them and the Hispanic Americans whose families have been here for generations, the recent arrival of Latino immigrants will only enrich our country.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave.
    -- Barbara Jordan

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  • It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.
    -- Barbara Jordan

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  • For our immigration policy to make sense, it is necessary to make distinctions between those who obey the law, and those who violate it.
    -- Barbara Jordan

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  • ...for the system to be credible, people actually have to be deported at the end of the process.
    -- Barbara Jordan

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  • One thing is very clear: Illegal immigrants are not entitled to benefits.
    -- Barbara Jordan

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  • ...we must face the fact that unilateral action on the part of the United States will never be enough to stop illegal immigration. Immigrants come here illegally from source countries where conditions prevail that encourage or even compel them to leave. Attacking the causes of illegal migration is essential and will require international cooperation.
    -- Barbara Jordan

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  • [It is] one of the most complex and emotional issues of out time.
    -- Barbara Jordan

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  • We can certainly defuse the intensity of the anti-immigrant feeling if we can bring some reality to the discussion by showing that they are not using that many resources.
    -- Barbara Jordan

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  • My Dad says that being a Londoner has nothing to do with where you're born. He says that there are people who get off a jumbo jet at Heathrow, go through immigration waving any kind of passport, hop on the tube and by the time the train's pulled into Piccadilly Circus they've become a Londoner.
    -- Ben Aaronovitch

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  • Merely presenting a driver's license or other document based on a birth certificate is not enough for an accurate verification. Biometric verification of identity must be made and then a data base of those persons who have legal status must be checked.
    -- Bob Dole

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  • The California proposition [Prop. 187] is one I would agree with. That's the easiest way to put it.
    -- Bob Dole

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  • As Congress continues to debate ways to address illegal immigration, we must remember the many hard-working legal immigrants that contribute so much to our nation's economy and culture.
    -- Bob Filner

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  • A written regulation in NASCAR is about as reliable as an Egyptian immigration law.
    -- Brock Yates

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  • Waiting for a long-term solution to immigration reform will not make Americans safer.
    -- Bruce Braley

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  • I'm in favor of liberalizing immigration because of the effect it would have on restaurants. I'd let just about everybody in except the English.
    -- Calvin Trillin

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  • The immigration must be limited, that is, first and foremost the foreign cultural one.
    -- Carl I. Hagen

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  • Everywhere I travel throughout Eastern Washington, I hear from people demanding we do a better job of controlling our borders and reducing illegal immigration.
    -- Cathy McMorris Rodgers

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  • This bill [Immigration Reform and Control act of 1986] is a gamble, a riverboat gamble. There is no guarantee that employer sanctions will work or that amnesty will work. We are headed into uncharted waters.
    -- Charles Schumer

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  • Unfortunately, the administration's plan is an ounce of cure for a pound of problems.
    -- Charles Schumer

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  • No one believed [the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens] was tough enough on illegal immigration, and it didn't give enough flexibility on future legal immigration.
    -- Charles Schumer

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  • The American people are not anti-immigrant. We are concerned about the lack of coherence in our immigration policy and enforcement.
    -- Chris Cannon

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  • Legislation passed in the aftermath of September 11, 2001 enhanced our intelligence capabilities and strengthened our national defense, but until now our nation's immigration policies have not adapted to the needs of a post-September 11th world.
    -- Chris Chocola

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  • One of the strengths of this country has been our diversity. One of the strengths of this country has been the fact that we are a nation of immigrants.
    -- Christine Todd Whitman

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  • While I support immigration regulated through a legal framework, I do not support rewarding those who broke the law to get here.
    -- Christopher Bond

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  • One wonders, in fact, why marriage is a legal issue at all - apart from its relevance to immigration and property laws. Why would something so integral to human nature require such vigilant legal protection?
    -- Christopher Ryan

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  • The truth is, immigrants tend to be more American than people born here.
    -- Chuck Palahniuk

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  • Undoubtedly, there are numerous problems with the immigration system here in The United States.
    -- Corrine Brown

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  • Immigration is not just compatible with but is a necessary component of economic growth.
    -- Dave Reichert

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  • Going forward, as we work to strengthen our border in the interests of homeland security, we must also recognize the economic importance of immigration reform.
    -- Dave Reichert

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  • I want people to know that I am tough on illegal immigration and we are working to provide needed border security.
    -- David Dreier

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  • Overpopulation is perhaps the biggest problem facing us, and immigration is part of that problem. It has to be addressed.
    -- David R. Brower

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  • We have history as a guide, and history suggests that this brand of comprehensive reform ... is a recipe for failure.
    -- David Vitter

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  • These people are out of control. It's stunning.
    -- Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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  • It's a myth that the border can't be enforced. It can be enforced.
    -- Dianne Feinstein

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  • We have 11 million people in this country that need a pathway to citizenship.
    -- Dick Durbin

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  • I hope that Republicans in the House and Mr. Cantor will embrace that as part of immigration reform.
    -- Dick Durbin

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  • Our timing is right... The election results are still fresh in the minds of my Republican colleagues and they don't want to go through this again.
    -- Dick Durbin

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  • I think in the U.S., the border fence is no longer an immigration issue primarily; it's a security issue.
    -- Duncan Hunter

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  • ...what about the millions of poor in this country who desperately need assistance and services to help bring them out of poverty? Shall they go to the back of the line? and shall those who have made a dramatic illegal entry, who would normally not be entitled to government assistance, or even entry itself, be put at the front?
    -- Ed Koch

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  • Legal immigrants play by the rules and come in under the law. They work, raise their families, pay taxes, and serve in the Armed Forces. ... Legal immigrants do not seek to cross the border, or overstay their visas. They come here the right way. ... And, by and large, they are here as the result of reunifying families...
    -- Edward Kennedy

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  • Mitt Romney's primary season embrace of the social and economic agenda of the more rabid elements of his party doomed him, especially the shrill immigration rhetoric and the harshly insensitive theory that no additional sacrifice or contribution should be sought from those at the top.
    -- Eliot Spitzer

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  • It is our hope that in future discussions with the Mexican government, you will encourage Mexico to do its part to address illegal immigration rather than encourage their citizens to illegally enter the U.S.
    -- Elton Gallegly

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  • I had fought against the unjust restriction of immigration.
    -- Emanuel Celler

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  • After this interview, I'm going to immigration to try to sort out my Green Card, just like any other normal person.
    -- Emily Blunt

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  • It almost seems that nobody can hate America as much as native Americans. America needs new immigrants to love and cherish it.
    -- Eric Hoffer

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  • The President would usually talk to me about matters relating to the immigration problem.
    -- Erich Leinsdorf

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  • People think [immigration] is only about the dollar, but it's so much more complex. This is a place where you can reinvent yourself. I don't know that you can do that anywhere else.
    -- Esmeralda Santiago

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  • Immigration is not the top issue for Latinos. Latinos are like every other American - economy, jobs, healthcare, education.
    -- Eva Longoria

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  • I'm Latina. I was born with high heels. We crossed border in high heels. We were running from immigration...I can do aerobics in heels.
    -- Eva Longoria

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  • You are never going to have, in a country as rich as ours [the USA], that borders a country as poor as Mexico, an end to immigration. You just won't. The question is, if you make it humane and if you make it regulated. It's much better for an American worker to compete against a regulated immigrant inside labor standards, than it is to ever to compete against an illegal immigrant.
    -- Ezra Klein

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  • All necessary measures shall be taken to encourage and stimulate immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale.
    -- Faisal I of Iraq

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  • What we see today is an American economy that has boomed because of policies and developments of the 1950s and '60s: the interstate-highway system, massive funding for science and technology, a public-education system that was the envy of the world and generous immigration policies.
    -- Fareed Zakaria

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  • The United States needs serious change in its fiscal, entitlement, infrastructure, immigration, and education policies, among others. And yet a polarized and often paralyzed Washington has pushed dealing with these problems off into the future, which will only make them more difficult and expensive to solve.
    -- Fareed Zakaria

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  • Illegal immigration can never be completely stopped, no matter how high the wall or how many patrol agents you have watching it.
    -- Gail Collins

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  • I'm in favor of immigration but we also need rules.
    -- Gary Ackerman

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  • The bigger the population gets, the more serious the problems become... We have to address the population issue. The United Nations, with the U.S. supporting it, took the position in Cairo in 1994 that every country was responsible for stabilizing its own population. It can be done. But in this country, it's phony to say 'I'm for the environment but not for limiting immigration.'
    -- Gaylord Nelson

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  • I'm for the environment but not for limiting immigration.
    -- Gaylord Nelson

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  • What immigration really does is redistribute wealth away from workers toward employers.
    -- George J. Borjas

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  • The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respected Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges...
    -- George Washington

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  • I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong.
    -- George Washington

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  • Let me in, immigration man, can I cross the line and pray, I can stay another day? Won't you let me in, immigration man? I won't toe your line today, I can't see it anyway.
    -- Graham Nash

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  • It is said that the quality of recent immigration is undesirable. The time is quite within recent memory when the same thing was said of immigrants who, with their descendants, are now numbered among our best citizens.
    -- Grover Cleveland

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  • The future of the Republican Party, all the different folks looking to lead the Republican Party at the national level in the future, recognize we should do immigration reform,
    -- Grover Norquist

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  • On immigration, there are a lot of hurdles before anything arrives at the White House.
    -- Gwen Ifill

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  • America deserves common sense immigration reform that reflects our interests and our values as Americans.
    -- Hank Johnson

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  • Enforcement alone does not work. Unless we address the gap between our immigration laws and reality, illegal immigration will not stop and the situation on the border will continue to be chaotic.
    -- Harry Reid

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  • I support legal immigration.
    -- Heather Wilson

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  • The discrepancy between American ideals and American practice - between our aims and what we actually do - creates a moral dry rot which eats away at the foundations of our democratic faith.
    -- Helen Gahagan Douglas

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  • Think of mass immigration into America as a global 'right of return.
    -- Ilana Mercer

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  • Therefore, if we are a Nation of laws and a Nation of immigrants, immigration should occur within a legal framework, not through the machinations of illegal schemes and scams that threaten our national security.
    -- J. D. Hayworth

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  • Where I come from, taxpayers get justifiably upset that illegals can keep getting aid when we are cutting programs that help full-fledged U.S. citizens.
    -- J. James Exon

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  • We are going to make sure that America is open to legal immigration because that is wealth and the talent and the entrepreneurial skills for the 21st Century.
    -- Jack Kemp

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  • Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.
    -- Jack Paar

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  • I started coming to L.A. as often as I could, for three months on and three months off, because immigration kicks you out after 90 days.
    -- Jai Courtney

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  • Workers who come to the U.S. see their wages and their standard of living boosted sharply simply by crossing the border. That's a good thing, and one of the best arguments for immigration reform, even if you'll rarely hear a politician make it.
    -- James Surowiecki

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  • It is fair to say there are individuals in the United States who ascribe to al-Qaeda-type beliefs.
    -- Janet Napolitano

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  • Such a system would be very, very expensive and laborious to have, given the kinds of border we have. Scientists and engineers aren't even sure they have the technology to make it work
    -- Janet Napolitano

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  • I don't think that the economy can absorb a massive flow of immigration that does not relate to the issue of persecution.
    -- Janet Reno

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  • Don't just talk about Hispanics and say immediately we must have controlled borders. It's kind of insulting when you think about it. Change the tone would be the first thing. Second, on immigration, I think we need to have a broader approach.
    -- Jeb Bush

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  • If you have to deal with our friends at ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, it's like a Kafka novel. Files just disappear.
    -- Jeb Bush

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  • Immigration is a gateway basically. It's a check-off point for Latino voters.
    -- Jeb Bush

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  • I support concrete and progressive immigration reform based on three primary criteria: family reunification, economic contributions, and humanitarian concerns.
    -- Jeff Bingaman

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  • This isn't all going to be done in one day, either.
    -- Jeff Flake

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  • It's going to take a while for some of these things.
    -- Jeff Flake

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  • At least 99.92% of illegal immigrants and visa overstays without known crimes on their records did not face removal.
    -- Jeff Sessions

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  • There's a lot of overconfidence about this bill. We're going to expose it. It will not pass.
    -- Jeff Sessions

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  • We know that a ready amnesty tends to be an invitation to more illegal entries.
    -- Jeff Sessions

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  • We also need to strengthen the security of our borders and ports and strictly control immigration.
    -- Jim Ramstad

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