Regulation quotes

  • If after accepting the spiritual master and being initiated one does not follow the rules and regulations of devotional service, then he is again fallen.
    -- A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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  • All's the government should do is keep the taxes and regulations at a manageable rate, keep a decent standing army and get out of the way.
    -- Adam Carolla

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  • Virtue is more to be feared than vice, because its excesses are not subject to the regulation of conscience.
    -- Adam Smith

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  • I'm a big fan of Bitcoin ... Regulation of money supply needs to be depoliticized.
    -- Al Gore

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  • I do admire [Willie] Wonka. He's a true capitalist. His factory has zero government regulations, slave labor and an indoor boat. Wonderful.
    -- Alec Baldwin

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  • It will be seen that the formula - 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law' has nothing to do with 'Do as you please.' It is much more difficult to comply with the Law of Thelema than to follow out slavishly a set of dead regulations.
    -- Aleister Crowley

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  • Regulation of sexual behavior is the preferred route to wider social control.
    -- Alexander Cockburn

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  • The Labor Party is a party with no ideals, regulations or laws, and it is a party I will not be a part of.
    -- Ami Ayalon

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  • Some kinds of government regulation of private consensual homosexual behavior may face substantial constitutional challenge.
    -- Anthony Kennedy

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  • You could have 50 different states having 50 different regulations... until they were all litigated out.
    -- Antonin Scalia

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  • The absorption of oxygen and the elimination of carbon dioxide in the lungs take place by diffusion alone. There is no trustworthy evidence of any regulation of this process on the part of the organism.
    -- August Krogh

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  • If there are rules and regulations, I can't help it, I want to break them.
    -- Ayumi Hamasaki

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  • Letting the free market do whatever it wants. That's not been historically how we grow. We have to invest in education, in rebuilding broadband lines and roads and runways, and it's important that we bring back American manufacturing and regulations to prevent consumers from being cheated.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • They say that Japan's rigorous building codes and regulations saved thousands of lives over there. Or, as Republicans here saw it, it 'fostered a socialist, anti-business environment that's worse than being dead.'
    -- Bill Maher

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  • I find it very difficult to see a scenario where financial regulation doesn't pass the Senate.
    -- Bob Corker

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  • A written regulation in NASCAR is about as reliable as an Egyptian immigration law.
    -- Brock Yates

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  • It horrifies me how much it costs to put on shows now, mainly due to EU regulations. The freedom to be entrepreneurial is no longer there. It's a massive business now.
    -- Cameron Mackintosh

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  • Regulations about environments are going to get tougher and tougher.
    -- Carlos Ghosn

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  • Providing tax relief and reducing regulations leads to job creation and new economic opportunities for our small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy.
    -- Cathy McMorris Rodgers

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  • It's one of the biggest problems with the system now. Vague regulations leave the system open to abuse.
    -- Chris Asplen

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  • I truly feel that if you understand yourself and set goals without the regulations and limitations others put on you, then nothing is impossible.
    -- Christopher

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  • People feel that the EU is heading in a direction that they never signed up to. They resent the interference in our national life by what they see as unnecessary rules and regulation. And they wonder what the point of it all is. Put simply, many ask 'why can't we just have what we voted to join - a common market?'
    -- David Cameron

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  • In the U.K., the history of regulation, certainly regulation of the media, is one in which, time and again, successive governments lacked the 'bottle' to enforce the powers that were available to them.
    -- David Puttnam

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  • We now have so many regulations that everyone is guilty of some violation.
    -- Donald Alexander

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  • Generally I'm against regulation.
    -- Dorothy E. Denning


  • Sustainable change, after all, depends not upon compliance with external mandates or blind adherence to regulation, but rather upon the pursuit of the greater good.
    -- Douglas B. Reeves

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  • The ancients understood the regulation of power better than the regulation of liberty.
    -- Edward Dahlberg

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  • The function of a leader within any institution: to provide that regulation through his or her non-anxious, self-defined presence.
    -- Edwin H Friedman

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  • Maybe you just can't protect people from certain specialized types of folly with any sane amount of regulation, and the correct response is to give up on the high social costs of inadequately protecting people from themselves under certain circumstances.
    -- Eliezer Yudkowsky

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  • For diabetes in particular, we know there's a relationship between lack of glucose regulation and complications like blindness and kidney failure. So if you were diabetic and you knew that you could get your glucose in a tight, normal range just by adjusting your lifestyle, wouldn't that be great?
    -- Eric Topol

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  • Regulations are all very well for drill, but in the hour of danger they are no more use. You have to learn to think.
    -- Ferdinand Foch

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  • I can't say that I ever worried much about what people thought or said of me. I like to be liked, and have often wished that I could be as much loved as Jim Driscoll, say, but I have never been able to bow down to rules and regulations
    -- Freddie Welsh

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  • Why has it seemed that the only way to protect the environment is with heavy-handed government regulation?
    -- Gale Norton

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  • We have to have some rules and regulations in America, or the world would empty out here.
    -- Gary Ackerman

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  • [Behavioral tracking] is an area today that has very few regulations and even fewer rules.
    -- Gary Kovacs

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  • Modi government has not flouted any rule or regulation to help anyone.
    -- Gautam Adani

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  • Markets are imperfect. So you do need regulation, knowing that the regulators are also human.
    -- George Soros

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  • It was in the 1960s that I began the detailed study of public regulation.
    -- George Stigler

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  • States with tremendous oil and natural gas reserves have the most to gain economically from proper regulation.
    -- Gina McCarthy

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  • People should be free, people should be unencumbered by regulation as much as possible, that big government always goes corrupt and the truth shall always set you free.
    -- Glenn Beck

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  • There are enough high hurdles to climb, as one travels through life, without having to scale artificial barriers created by law or silly regulations.
    -- Gloria Allred

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  • Less government, less regulation, lower taxes.
    -- Grover Norquist

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  • From this day forward, I no longer shall tinker with the machinery of death. For more than 20 years I have endeavored--indeed, I have struggled--along with a majority of this Court, to develop procedural and substantive rules that would lend more than the mere appearance of fairness to the death penalty endeavor. Rather than continue to coddle the Court's delusion that the desired level of fairness has been achieved and the need for regulation eviscerated, I feel morally and intellectually obligated to concede that the death penalty experiment has failed.
    -- Harry A. Blackmun

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  • A super-sized fraud of this magnitude was bound to happen given the lack of regulation of these off-shore entities.
    -- Harry Markopolos

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  • Regulation needs to catch up with innovation.
    -- Henry Paulson

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  • There is a very real danger that financial regulation will become a wolf in sheep's clothing.
    -- Henry Paulson

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  • We need responsible regulations, not regulations that have gone wild. For example, the EPA has a rule that is going to be implemented Jan. 1, 2012, where they're going to begin to regulate dust. That's right, dust. It's called PM 2.5. That is focusing on the wrong thing.
    -- Herman Cain

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  • Farmers in Missouri and across the country must comply with a variety of federal, state, and local regulations as they grow the crops and raise the livestock that we depend on to feed the nation and the world
    -- Ike Skelton

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  • Religion is the rules, regulations, ceremonies and rituals developed by man to create conformity and uniformity in the approach to God. Spirituality is God's call in your soul.
    -- Iyanla Vanzant

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  • Taxes on capital, taxes on labor, inflation, bureaucratic regulation, minimum wage laws, are all - to different degrees - unnecessary slices of the wedge that stand between an individual's effort and reward for that effort.
    -- Jack Kemp

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  • I don't believe in government regulation of the software industry.
    -- James L. Barksdale

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  • But, if recent history has taught us anything, it’s that self-regulation doesn’t work in finance, and that worries about reputation are a weak deterrent to corporate malfeasance.
    -- James Surowiecki

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  • The government has the right to change laws and rules and regulations.
    -- Jamie Dimon

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  • Life cannot be administered by definite rules and regulations; that wisdom to deal with a man's difficulties comes only through some knowledge of his life and habits as a whole.
    -- Jane Addams

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  • Regulations force people to do better.
    -- Jay Leno

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  • regulation is useful and proper, when aimed at the prevention of fraud or contrivance, manifestly injurious to other kinds of production, or to the public safety, and not at prescribing the nature of the products and the methods of fabrication.
    -- Jean-Baptiste Say

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  • I have been on shop floors. I have talked to a lot of the companies that create jobs in South Carolina and across the country. And what they want is less regulation.
    -- Jim DeMint

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  • Motorists who want to save money on gas will demand and buy more fuel-efficient vehicles. We should not limit their freedom with more government regulations.
    -- Jim DeMint

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  • I will use my position as chairman emeritus on the Energy and Commerce Committee to try to bring some common sense to EPA regulations.
    -- Joe Barton

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  • Reasonable regulations regarding the ownership of weapons are appropriate
    -- John Ashcroft

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  • Order is the primary regulation of the celestial regions.
    -- John Godfrey Saxe

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  • Should government refrain from regulation (taxation), the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud can no longer be concealed.
    -- John Maynard Keynes

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  • If we think we regulate printing, thereby to rectify manners, we must regulate all regulations and pastimes, all that is delightful to man.
    -- John Milton

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  • The people who tried government regulation have lives which are miserable.
    -- John Stossel

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  • I saw how the regulation I called for made things worse, didn't help consumers and simple competition was better. And I started praising business and occasionally criticizing regulation.
    -- John Stossel

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  • Politicians also have a love affair with the 'small business exemption.' Too much paperwork? Too heavy a burden? Not enough time? Just exempt small businesses from the rule. It sounds so pro-growth. Instead it's an admission that the costs of a regulation just can't be justified.
    -- John Sununu

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  • Cynically but accurately put, Americans oppose public intervention or regulation if it helps others, but favor it if it helps them - take social security, disaster relief, public works projects, for example.
    -- Jon Meacham

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  • It always seems to me odd to call a place a wilderness when every wilderness area in the US bristles with rules and regulations as to how you can behave, what you're allowed to do, and is patrolled by armed rangers enforcing the small print. They're parks, of course, not wildernesses at all.
    -- Jonathan Raban

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  • Conservatives... are so opposed to government regulations that they are skeptical of anyone who identifies a problem that requires regulatory solutions - and they are inherently accepting of those who downplay such problems.
    -- Joseph J. Romm

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  • I trace the inequality to a particular set of decisions that we took when we lowered the tax rate from 91% down to very low levels at the top, where we stripped away regulations. So the result of that was not a more dynamic economy, but a more unequal society. We tried the experiment of trickle-down. A third of a century later, we can say fairly definitively that it was a failure.
    -- Joseph Stiglitz

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  • All affected can accept the consequences and the side effects that [the norm's] general observance can be anticipated to have for the satisfaction of everyone's interests, and the consequences are preferred to those of known alternative possibilities for regulation.
    -- Jurgen Habermas

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  • Lower taxes, less government spending on domestic programs and fewer regulations mean a better economy for everybody.
    -- Larry Elder

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  • Every smallest step of modern industry depends upon a cooperation whose maintenance and regulation is the very stuff of law.
    -- Learned Hand

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  • I plan to eliminate regulations that hinder domestic companies, particularly large conglomerates from investing in other companies.
    -- Lee Myung-bak

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  • We're undefeated in regulation.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I don't know the traffic regulations of every city I get to either, but I manage to drive through without being arrested.
    -- Lloyd Mangrum

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  • No system of regulation can safely be substituted for the operation of individual liberty as expressed in competition.
    -- Louis D. Brandeis

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  • State interference in economic life, which calls itself economic policy, has done nothing but destroy economic life. Prohibitions and regulations have by their general obstructive tendency fostered the growth of the spirit of wastefulness.
    -- Ludwig von Mises

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  • I prefer for government to err toward less regulation, lower taxation, and free markets. And I'm a radical free trader.
    -- Mark McKinnon

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  • Regulation is strangling businesses of all sizes in California, and we've got to streamline regulation so it's easy, not hard, to do business.
    -- Meg Whitman

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  • What the Democrats have to understand is that while we do need to reform our regulation and we do need more restrictions, it is true that it is capitalism and free enterprise and companies that create jobs and wealth for every American.
    -- Michael Bloomberg

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  • [Government] regulation is an imperfect substitute for the accountability, and trust, built into a market in which food producers meet the gaze of eaters and vice versa.
    -- Michael Pollan

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  • 'Truth' is to be understood as a system of ordered procedures for the production, regulation, distribution, circulation and operation of statements. 'Truth' is linked in a circular relation with systems of power which produce and sustain it, and to effects of power which it induces and which extend it. A 'regime' of truth.
    -- Michel Foucault

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  • Regulations grow at the same rate as weeds.
    -- Norman Ralph Augustine

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  • Living in the present moment means living according to truth and principle (but not according to hard rigid dogma) flexibly applied in the particular way required by the immediate situation in which you are. Such a way of living leaves you free, not ruled tyrannically by imposed regulations which may not at all suit the particular case.
    -- Paul Brunton

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  • In China, much of life involves skirting regulations, and one of the basic truths is that forgiveness comes easier than permission.
    -- Peter Hessler

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  • [A]ny desired additional nicotine 'kick' could be easily obtained through pH regulation.
    -- R. J. Reynolds

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  • When regulations on the housing industry are reasonable, the cost of housing goes down. Regulatory relief is needed to make housing more affordable to more Americans.
    -- Randy Neugebauer

    #Cost #Regulation #Relief

  • I dont think that any person can fix FEMA. I think FEMA needs a total restructuring. I think it needs to be taken from scratch and redone. The regulations are outdated; the rules are outdated.
    -- Ray Nagin

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  • Those jobs flee other states because of factors like excessive taxation, punitive regulation and frivolous lawsuits.
    -- Rick Perry

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  • Corporate conglomerates run without regulation do not work in the service of society, and run reckless and unchecked whenever possible.
    -- Robert Greenwald

    #Running #Regulation #Reckless

  • The trouble with government regulation of the market is that it prohibits capitalistic acts between consenting adults.
    -- Robert Nozick

    #Government #Regulation #Adults

  • Conflicting commercial regulations of the different States shackled and diminished both foreign and domestic trade; hence the power to regulate commerce was conferred.
    -- Robert Toombs

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  • These are just the rules and regulations Of the birds, and the bees The earth, and the trees, Not to mention the gods, not to mention the gods.
    -- Rufus Wainwright

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  • Al Gore is an heir to the old czars and commissars. He never saw a regulation he didn't like.
    -- Sam Wyly

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  • Public health regulations are often controversial at the time but who would want to go back to the days of sitting in smoke-filled restaurants or cars without seatbelts?
    -- Sarah Wollaston

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  • The sum of all the current regulations presents ever increasing hurdles.
    -- Scott Rigell

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  • If you allow for a purely capitalistic society, without any type of regulation at all, you will get one monopoly that will eat all of the smaller fish and own everything, and then you'll have zero capitalism, zero competition - it would just be one giant company.
    -- Serj Tankian

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  • How did I get into the world? Why was I not asked about it and why was I not informed of the rules and regulations but just thrust into the ranks as if I had been bought by a peddling shanghaier of human beings? How did I get involved in this big enterprise called actuality? Why should I be involved? Isn't it a matter of choice? And if I am compelled to be involved, where is the manager—I have something to say about this. Is there no manager? To whom shall I make my complaint?
    -- Soren Kierkegaard

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  • Those who cannot afford to sue currently have no protection of their property rights if they come in conflict with a regulation.
    -- Steve Symms

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