Voters quotes

  • We need them. We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future.
    -- Bill Nye

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  • In 2008 all the stars aligned perfectly for Obamas 6-point victory over John McCain. He was an inexperienced, untested neophyte, and successfully convinced enough voters to paint their own version of what hope-and-change was all about on the blank canvas he provided.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • Exxon, Coca-Cola, BHP Billiton and News Corporation have much more say in organising the global agenda than the planet's 5 billion mature-age voters without a ballot box.
    -- Bob Brown

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  • Polls suggest that more and more, opposition to Obamacare is based on voters' personal experience, and not just on what they have heard or read about the law.
    -- Byron York

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  • In the end, Tuesday's vote represented a repudiation of virtually every notion Democrats embraced in recent weeks as they tried to disregard the growing evidence that they were headed for a historic defeat. Now, the vote is in, and the voters' message can no longer be discounted.
    -- Byron York

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  • There are whole precincts of voters in this country whose united intelligence does not equal that of one representative American woman.
    -- Carrie Chapman Catt

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  • Voter apathy is a civic abdication.
    -- Charles M. Blow

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  • The victor will be the one who gets the most voters out.
    -- Charles Rangel


  • Honest talk about the deficit is risky. Voters are more enthusiastic about the abstract notion of deficit reduction than about the painful details of accomplishing it.
    -- Christina Romer

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  • Voters definitely believe Washington is corrupt - but most think its bipartisan.
    -- Chuck Todd

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  • I want everyone to vote. I want everyone to be a part of electing officials. Because when we are not a part, when we don't have a very broad voter base, then we don't have true representation.
    -- Clay Aiken

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  • They appear to have had a higher voter turnout in Iraq than we did in our recent federal elections, and we didnt have terrorists threatening to kill our families if we voted.
    -- Conrad Burns

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  • Voter caging and voter ID laws exist to disfranchise voters.
    -- Cynthia McKinney

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  • The Republican convention opens in New York to re-nominate George W. Bush and showcase the party's, quote, 'moderate side.' Will voters buy it?
    -- Dan Rather

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  • Freedom Summer, the massive voter education project in Mississippi, was 1964. I graduated from high school in 1965. So becoming active was almost a rite of passage.
    -- Danny Glover

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  • Liberals lost touch with working-class Americans because they never had to have a conversation about values with those voters; they could just rely on the courts to impose their views.
    -- David Brooks

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  • According to Gallup, Obama has already lost support among Jewish voters, down from 78 percent to 68 percent. If Romney shows that he is genuinely committed to Israel and that Obama is not, he'll make further inroads.
    -- David Limbaugh

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  • There is literally no such thing as an idea that cannot be expressed well and articulately to today's voters in thirty seconds.
    -- Dick Morris

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  • When [Republicans] say they can reduce taxes and trim deficits at the same time, they are either deluded or deceptive, and they are playing voters for fools.
    -- E. J. Dionne

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  • Applause, mingled with boos and hisses, is about all that the average voter is able or willing to contribute to public life.
    -- Elmer Davis

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  • Obama's major accomplishment is himself. This can be an effective argument to make to undecided voters and something Obama has to artfully address.
    -- Emily Yoffe

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  • You constantly hear about voter fraud... but you don't see huge amounts of vote fraud out there.
    -- Eric Holder

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  • 'The Purpose-Driven Life' is not just a mega-bestselling work of Christian faith; it is the thing that every voter, secular or not, yearns for.
    -- Eric Liu

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  • Voters will decide how they want to be governed.
    -- Evangelos Venizelos

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  • Most voters would rather have their purse or wallet stolen than be audited by the IRS.
    -- Frank Luntz

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  • Propaganda is a topic of particular concern to peace associations. This is a matter of educating the population in general, and not least the voters.
    -- Fredrik Bajer

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  • A platform is something a candidate stands for and the voters fall for.
    -- Gracie Allen

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  • They can't save enough without fundamentally altering the line, and for that, you have to go back to the voters.
    -- Greg Nickels

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  • Democrats are losing loyal voters, but the Republicans aren't picking them up. Democrats are ideologically bankrupt. Republicans have a major brand-identity problem
    -- Herman Cain

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  • I'm not running my campaign for the press. I'm running it for voters. I totally respect the press and what the press has to do.
    -- Hillary Clinton

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  • Young voters are crucial. The trend over recent years has been for them to drift away. So anything that gets young voters interested in the electoral process not only has an immediate effect, but has an effect for years and years.
    -- Howard Rheingold

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  • Politicians read the polls that show 85 or 90 percent of the voters profess a belief in God, so they identify themselves with religion, often only to the degree necessary to reach the constituency they are targeting.
    -- Jack Germond

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  • The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn’t have a clue than there were Republicans.
    -- James Carville

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  • I think the voters can make up their own minds.
    -- Jeb Bush

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  • Candidates are making lasting impressions on voters, not just primary voters, in how they campaign.
    -- Jeb Bush

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  • Immigration is a gateway basically. It's a check-off point for Latino voters.
    -- Jeb Bush

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  • You have to remember that in a state like Florida, independent voters will decide the election.
    -- Jeb Bush

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  • At least the politicians are accountable to the voters.
    -- Jesse Jackson

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  • Well look, I don't begrudge anybody in the voters and their views.
    -- Jim Talent

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  • We've got 50 percent voter turnout for presidential elections. That's appalling. We can do so much better.
    -- Joan Blades

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  • I just think, you know, when we talk about a politician, I think a person has to be themselves. Let the voters see the real you.
    -- Joe Manchin

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  • With the coming of television, and the knowledge of how it could be used to seduce voters, the old political values disappeared. Something new, murky, undefined started to rise from the mists.
    -- Joe McGinniss

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    -- John Irving

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  • Democrats talk about programs like Social Security or Medicare, but it's not clear to most voters what Democrats' core moral values are.
    -- Jonathan Haidt

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  • The vote is a trust more delicate than any other, for it involves not just the interests of the voter, but his life, honor and future as well.
    -- Jose Marti

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  • Congress has really set this thing up in a way that they absolve themselves of blame, They have their scapegoats. They can blame the Pentagon. They can blame BRAC. It's hard for voters to say this is Ortiz's fault.
    -- Juan Carlos I of Spain

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  • Historically, when times are bad, voters, especially in the Industrial Midwest, have turned to the Democrats.
    -- Judy Woodruff

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  • In 2008, the Democrats made a great effort among African-American voters, and they did increase their turnout considerably, and among Latino voters.
    -- Judy Woodruff

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  • They reality is that we have 70% of our voters use a punch card system that I tried to change and that bipartisan resistance in the legislature stopped.
    -- Ken Blackwell

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  • As the prospect of a Tory government gets nearer, many traditional Labour voters - some who switched away in recent times and many who stayed at home - seem more determined to prevent that happening.
    -- Lucy Powell

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  • In Scotland, the indication is that for the Westminster elections at least, Labour voters are satisfied with their government.
    -- Lucy Powell

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  • The greatest threat to the constitutional right to vote is voter fraud.
    -- Lynn Westmoreland

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  • Romney still enjoys the Republicans' traditional advantage among voters who are veterans, but the Obama campaign is confident it can chip away at that.
    -- Mara Liasson

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  • Nothing can so alienate a voter from the political system as backing a winning candidate.
    -- Mark B. Cohen

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  • There's no question that many factors contribute to voters' perceptions about debates and who wins and who loses.
    -- Mark McKinnon

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  • Even if you don't mind Romneycare, or the abortion flip-flop, or any of the rest, there's a more basic problem: He's not a natural campaigner, and on the stump he instinctively recoils from any personal connection with the voters.
    -- Mark Steyn

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  • Campaigning in Wyoming is politics at its most retail level. It's done one voter at a time.
    -- Mary Cheney

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  • I understand people, and I think that my life and my history and what I represent can relate to a lot of the women, the independents, the moderate voters.
    -- Mia Love

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  • History shows that there is no more potent engine for reform than the passion of voters who feel betrayed by the politicians they hoped would do the right thing.
    -- Michael Moritz

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  • They (voters) want to know what's the truth. They're not interested in a chameleon.
    -- Michele Bachmann

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  • Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.
    -- Mike Turzai

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  • I have realized why corrupt politicians do nothing to improve the quality of public school education. They are terrified of educated voters.
    -- Miriam

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  • Public disclosure of campaign contributions and spending should be expedited so voters can judge for themselves what is appropriate.
    -- Mitch McConnell

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  • Every voter is a Bharat Bhagya Vidhata.
    -- Narendra Modi

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  • Voters memories will fade some.
    -- Nate Silver

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  • Our march to freedom is irreversible. We must not allow fear to stand in our way. Universal suffrage on a common voters' roll in a united, democratic and non-racial South Africa is the only way to peace and racial harmony.
    -- Nelson Mandela

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  • The voter does not vote only on one issue, the voter votes on a multiplicity of issues.
    -- P. Chidambaram

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  • That's the trouble with trying to influence an undecided voter. First you have to find one
    -- Pat Sajak

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  • But clearly at the same time you've got to get out there and connect with voters and actually respond to the needs, the frustrations, whatever problems their now saying are not being adequately solved.
    -- Patricia Hewitt

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  • The average voter has to hear a point seven times before it registers.
    -- Paul Weyrich

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  • Judges were not the biggest issue for most voters in Georgia in 2002.
    -- Paul Weyrich

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  • Conservative voters increasingly understand that the one legacy a president can leave is his judicial appointments.
    -- Paul Weyrich

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  • At some point, don't voters start to see all of public life as one big polluted river? And if they do, don't they stop saying things like "That's a busted tire floating by" and "That's an old shoe"?
    -- Peggy Noonan

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  • The people the Republicans should reach out to are the white votes, the white voters who didn't vote in the last election. The propagandists are leading us down the wrong path.
    -- Phyllis Schlafly

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  • Crime is only the worst example, but it is a paradigm for other Labour policy disasters. No one tells the voters that crime is falling: let them stay scared senseless.
    -- Polly Toynbee

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  • When considering a candidate for office, almost right up until they enter the polling booth and sometimes even in the booth itself, most voters rely more on what they see and hear themselves in real time than on facts, history, logic, or learned experience.
    -- Quin Hillyer

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  • Members of Congress are like the voters in one respect -- they want to go with the winners.
    -- Ralph Nader

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  • We do not believe voters gave President Bush a mandate to turn back the clock decades on so many of our legal protections.
    -- Ralph Neas

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  • The response is to the image, not to the man, since 99 percent of the voters have no contact with the man.
    -- Ray Price

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  • It's not what's there that counts, it's what's projected and?it's not what he projects but rather what the voter receives? It's not the man we have to change, but rather the received impression.
    -- Ray Price

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  • Local television and local TV news isn't telling the voters about local candidates.
    -- Reed Hundt

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  • Bill Clinton was a liberal who could appeal to conservative-leaning Bubba voters.
    -- Rich Lowry

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  • Power is a drug on which the politicians are hooked. They buy it from the voters, using the voters' own money.
    -- Richard J. Needham

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  • Many now born, by the time they are voters will compose part of a nation with a genius nowhere equaled, and with a vast territory upon which those energies and that genius can operate.
    -- Richard P. Bland

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  • No U.S. citizen is being kicked off any voter rolls.
    -- Rick Scott

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  • The election process is a total fraud. If voters believe the process is secret, they will vote. If not, they will not.
    -- Riordan Roett

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  • I'd make a better U.S. president than George W. Bush. Bush is an idiot. I'm a better public speaker than him. It makes you wonder about the voters.
    -- Robbie Williams

    #President #Voters #Idiot

  • Voters might have short memories. Politicians do not.
    -- Robert Jackson Bennett

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  • Research has shown that the perceived style of leadership is by far the most important thing to most voters in evaluating officeholders and candidates.
    -- Robert Teeter

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  • The greatest threat to public confidence in elections in this case is the prospect of enforcing a purposefully discriminatory law, one that likely imposes an unconstitutional poll tax and risks denying the right to vote to hundreds of thousands of eligible voters.
    -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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  • I work under the assumption that, generally speaking, my taste and the taste of the Oscar voters are not one in the same.
    -- Seth Rogen

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  • Requiring valid, photographic identification is a common sense step to ensure voter integrity and sound elections.
    -- Sonny Perdue

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  • Every Republican that I know of ran on the full repeal of Obamacare...The voters have spoken.
    -- Steve King

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  • Voters are hungry for principled, conservative fighters - because the threat to our liberties from Washington never has been greater.
    -- Ted Cruz

    #Liberty #Voters #Fighter

  • We sent out 3,000 Valentines to the ladies, asking them to be my voter.
    -- Terry Dill

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  • For voters what matters is what government actually delivers for them.
    -- Theresa May

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  • While Republican voters have remained universally supportive of their President, Democrats and Independents are returning to a more naturally critical stance.
    -- Thomas E. Mann

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  • The ban directly hampers the partys ability to spread its message and hamstrings voters seeking to inform themselves about the candidates and issues,
    -- Thurgood Marshall

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  • In the political world, the only position I have is voter. I'm not a spokesman for anything.
    -- Tommy Lee Jones

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  • Reputation is but a synonym of popularity: dependent on suffrage, to be increased or diminished at the will of the voters.
    -- Washington Allston

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