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  • Obamacare is a private mandate that will drive billions to the insurance industry, much like the auto insurance mandate. Hardly socialism. In fact, it was a Republican plan to begin with.
    -- Adam McKay

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  • If Romney wants to make me responsible for ObamaCare, I've said I would be proud to be responsible for it.
    -- Arlen Specter

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  • Obamacare is really I think the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,
    -- Benjamin Carson

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  • Obamacare will question your sex life,
    -- Betsy McCaughey

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  • After the Democrats shoved the 2700 pages of ObamaCare down our throats - and we did find out how expensive, controlling, and coercive the legislation was - a majority of Americans wanted the Supreme Court to toss it aside as unconstitutional.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • When the American people elected Barack Obama and large Democrat majorities, the die was cast. ObamaCare was coming. Popular or not, constitutional or not, affordable or not, it didn't matter.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • No subject was more important in the 2014 elections than healthcare, and Republicans in Congress should waste no time in taking decisive action in response to the voters'€™ demands. Obamacare has escalated costs, disrupted coverage, and introduced bad incentives throughout our healthcare system. Congress must repeal Obamacare and send the president a replacement package of reforms that protects freedom and focuses on the real problem with American healthcare -€” affordability.
    -- Bobby Jindal

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  • It has become fashionable in Washington to argue that Obamacare cannot be reversed. That is nonsense. It's a fight worth waging, and a fight which can be won.
    -- Bobby Jindal

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  • Insure the uninsured. Effect of Obamacare to date: Uninsure the insured,
    -- Brit Hume


  • Polls suggest that more and more, opposition to Obamacare is based on voters' personal experience, and not just on what they have heard or read about the law.
    -- Byron York

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  • That does almost nothing to address voters' concerns, which remain a potent factor in the campaign. The bottom line is, there's a reason Republicans keep pushing so hard against Obamacare: So far, it's working.
    -- Byron York

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  • The United States of America took a giant step toward a totalitarian socialist government when the Supreme Court voted to uphold Obamacare, allowing the individual mandate for the government to force American citizens to buy health insurance whether they want to or not.
    -- Charlie Daniels

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  • The combination of Obamacare and taxes would be a disaster.
    -- David A. Siegel

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  • One: Make Congress and the White House obey the same Obamacare rules you do. Two: Obama let business off for a year; we want workers to be let off for a year too. That’s the GOP plan. What part don’t you like?
    -- David Gelernter

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  • This is all disgraceful and underscores how imperative it is that Obamacare be fully repealed and that the newly elected GOP Congress get a backbone and stand up to this cadre of scofflaws.
    -- David Limbaugh

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  • Americans oppose Obamacare because they understand that it is inconsistent with our liberties and our idea of limited government and that it will destroy the best health care system in the world.
    -- David Limbaugh

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  • Americans were outraged and horrified by this president's reckless spending and his endless assaults on the Constitution, but no issue drove them to rise up and fight back like Obamacare - both the abominable legislative monstrosity itself and the tyrannical, corrupt manner by which Obama crammed it through the legislative process.
    -- David Limbaugh

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  • Both referred to the Affordable Care Act, which is the accurate title of the health care reform law, as 'Obamacare.' That is a disparaging reference to the President of the United States, it is meant as a disparaging reference to the President of the United States.
    -- Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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  • When President Obama passed health care reform, it was personal! And when Governor Romney says he would repeal Obamacare and put insurance companies back in charge of a woman's health, that's personal too.
    -- Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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  • Maybe democrats will eventually turn on Obamacare when they realize you might need a photo I.D. to participate in the program.
    -- Dennis Miller

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  • The new Republican Congress should move full speed ahead to repeal and replace Obamacare. It would be unwise to wait for the Supreme Court to perform this service for the American people.
    -- Deroy Murdock

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  • There are so many numerical financial flaws in ObamaCare. Young people realize I'll take the penalty. I'll deal with whatever it takes for the next couple of years. Maybe a couple years down the road, they will start to pay.
    -- Eric Bolling

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  • A new report shows that medicare and Medicaid made more than $50 Billion in bad payments during fiscal year 2011. Under Obamacare, that'll become known as 'Tuesday.'
    -- Fred Thompson

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  • Study: 60% of young Americans plan to buy firearms. The other 40% were confused, saying they thought they were free under Obamacare.
    -- Fred Thompson

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  • Giving governors more leeway in administering health care could represent a small, positive development in the ongoing saga of Obamacare. Unfortunately, instead of choosing flexibility, President Obama and his left-leaning advisers always default to rigid 'Washington knows best' answers.
    -- Fred Upton

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  • Obamacare is a seriously flawed law that makes health care coverage less affordable, costs taxpayers more than advertised and fails to deliver on most of its other grand promises.
    -- Fred Upton

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  • The national debate on health care once centered on improving access to quality care, yet the effect of Obamacare will be the exact opposite, resulting in the shameful degradation of care for the neediest individuals.
    -- Fred Upton

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  • Obamacare represents a shocking display of political arrogance. It's about time Washington started listening to Americans' common sense voices.
    -- Fred Upton

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  • ObamaCare is creating nothing but misery for everybody.
    -- Greg Gutfeld

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  • ObamaCare is to health care as a fart is to an elevator.
    -- Greg Gutfeld

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  • Magic Johnson links his HIV and treatment to health care as though ObamaCare would provide the same level of care that a mega rich celebrity would get. Is he going to dump his coverage? Is he going to dump it and sign up for ObamaCare?
    -- Greg Gutfeld

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  • If ObamaCare had been fully implemented when I caught cancer, I'd be dead.
    -- Herman Cain

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  • Obamacare is a marketplace in the same way the Knockout Game is a game.
    -- Ilana Mercer

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  • President Obama is asking Congress to support a military strike in Syria. If they approve, it will be the first time Congress has officially declared war since Obamacare.
    -- Jay Leno

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  • America needs ObamaCare like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask.
    -- Jay Leno

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  • The worst thing about losing this job: I’m no longer covered by NBC. I have to sign up for ObamaCare.
    -- Jay Leno

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  • Why would our president close the embassy to the Vatican? Hopefully, it is not retribution for Catholic organizations opposing Obamacare.
    -- Jeb Bush

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  • From the takeover of Detroit and the failed stimulus packages to the enactment of Obamacare, the president and congressional Democrats chose to use Americas economic crisis as an excuse to expand government rather than as an opportunity to responsibly shrink it.
    -- Jeb Hensarling

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  • The fears are unanimous. ObamaCare is too expensive. It is a government takeover of our healthcare system. Services will be diminished. The patient-doctor relationship will be eliminated. It will not make healthcare more affordable. And it will bankrupt small businesses.
    -- Joe Kyrillos

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  • 'Obamacare,' as it's been called, is far too reaching. It's overreaching. It needs to have a lot of it repealed.
    -- Joe Manchin

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  • Each and every day, more people pay the price of Obamacare's mountain of mandates. As I travel across the country, I continue to hear from Americans who want Washington to take its hands off of their healthcare.
    -- John Barrasso

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  • What people are seeing is that the cost of their care and their insurance is going up faster since Obamacare has been passed than if the healthcare law had not been passed at all.
    -- John Barrasso

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  • The failed stimulus, along with Obamacare's long list of failures, show what happens when Congress passes laws in a rush.
    -- John Barrasso

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  • They pushed us into the fight to defund Obamacare and shut down the government. And the day before the government reopened, one of these groups said, 'Well, we never thought it would work.' Are you kidding me?!
    -- John Boehner

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  • If Obamacare is allowed to stand - and Congress is allowed to make the purchase of government-endorsed health insurance compulsory - there will be no meaningful limit on Washington's reach into the lives of the American people. That is certainly not what the Founders intended.
    -- John Cornyn

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  • The Supreme Court has never ruled that Congress can use the Commerce Clause to require individuals to engage in an activity they have chosen to avoid. Yet that is precisely what Obamacare does: It forces Americans without health insurance to purchase coverage. Such a requirement is unprecedented and unconstitutional.
    -- John Cornyn

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  • And, frankly, what happens out of Washington is, it creates a wind in my face, uncertainty over Obamacare, uncertainty over their tax policy, uncertainty over the regulatory policy.
    -- John Kasich

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  • I campaigned in 2012 all over this country for months: 'Repeal and replace Obamacare.' That was not the mandate of the voters. If they wanted to repeal Obamacare, the 2012 election would have been probably significantly different.
    -- John McCain

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  • Romney has adopted almost every position conservatives want their candidate to espouse: He's pro-life, he wants to repeal ObamaCare, he wants to cut taxes and cut the federal budget, and he wants an unapologetic foreign policy dedicated to the proposition that this too will be the American century.
    -- John Podhoretz

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  • I say we need to repeal Obamacare as fast as we can.
    -- John Raese

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  • There is absolutely zero chance that ObamaCare will be repealed while Democrats control the Senate and President Obama is in the White House.
    -- Juan Williams

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  • I talk about the three R's, that jobs equals three R's: Repeal Obamacare. Reform our tax-and-spend policies to make us the most competitive in the world. And relight America with American energy.
    -- Keith Rothfus

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  • American taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill for the overwhelming costs of amnesty. Under current law, once 11 million illegal immigrants receive probationary status, they will immediately have access to federal benefits like Social Security and Obamacare coverage. If we thought we had a problem with government spending before, just wait.
    -- Lamar S. Smith

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  • Obamacare, without a single Republican vote, cut $700 billion out of Medicare.
    -- Louie Gohmert

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  • Unfortunately, President Obama's failed policies of new regulations, higher taxes, and Obamacare and his anti-business rhetoric have hit Hispanics especially hard. Big government really hurts those who are trying to make it.
    -- Marco Rubio

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  • As a result of Obamacare, we are becoming something of a part-time employment country.
    -- Maria Bartiromo

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  • All of which raises another question: If Obamacare is so great, why do so many people want to get out from under it?
    -- Michael Barone

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  • Obamacare is a crime against democracy.
    -- Michele Bachmann

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  • Small-business people do not want to have more than 50 employees, because that's when all the regulatory burden of Obamacare kicks in.
    -- Michele Bachmann

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  • If we want to kill Obamacare and we want to end socialized medicine, it must be done in the next election!
    -- Michele Bachmann

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  • Who needs enemies when you've got Republican Surrenderists for Obamacare waiting in the wings?
    -- Michelle Malkin

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  • During the summer of 2009, conservative activists turned up the heat on Democratic politicians to protest the innovation-destroying, liberty-usurping Obamacare mandate. In the summer of 2012, it's squishy Republican politicians who deserve the grassroots flames.
    -- Michelle Malkin

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  • Happy birthday Obamacare! Five years ago today you came into our lives and nothing's ever been the same since! Our insurance premiums have skyrocketed and our doctor choices have plummeted.
    -- Neil Cavuto

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  • Obamacare is going to destroy everything we know as a nation.
    -- Paul Broun


  • The president has declared that the debate over government-controlled health care is over. That will come as news to the millions of Americans who will elect Mitt Romney so we can repeal Obamacare.
    -- Paul Ryan

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  • The greatest threat to Medicare is Obamacare, and we're going to stop it.
    -- Paul Ryan

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  • You're going to hear a lot from President Obama and yes, from Joe Biden, you're hearing a little bit about Medicare these days. What they will not tell you is they turned Medicare into a piggybank to fund 'Obamacare.' They took $716 billion dollars to pay for the 'Obamacare' program.
    -- Paul Ryan

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  • You can't fix a fundamentally broken law; you've got to replace it. That's why Congress can't save Obamacare with a few tweaks, despite what its defenders say. No quick fix can correct the main flaw: The law takes power away from patients and hands it to bureaucrats. ...
    -- Paul Ryan

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  • But just because we can't fix Obamacare doesn't mean we can't start to get rid of its worst features. On Thursday, the House will take up a bill to define 'full time' as 40 hours per week, so more people can work full time.
    -- Paul Ryan

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  • Simply put, ObamaCare cost Americans jobs through uncertainty and now implementation threatens even more jobs. No wonder the majority of Americans continue to oppose it.
    -- Pete Sessions

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  • The Stamp Act was a direct tax imposed on the colonies by King George III. This act inevitably led to the American Revolution. Just as the Stamp Act did in 1765, Obamacare should act as a wake-up call. Chief Justice Roberts provides us with a similar call to action.
    -- Rand Paul

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  • We want to repeal the ObamaCare tax. We want to save middle class families from European health care. And that's what we're going to do as a party and that's what Mitt Romney will do on day one.
    -- Reince Priebus

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  • None of the people who wrote Obamacare want anything to do with it. None of the people responsible for Obamacare can afford it. They all want subsidies. None of the people that gave us Obamacare have any desire to actually go to HealthCare.gov and sign up. That's for you and me to have to do.
    -- Rush Limbaugh

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  • Every Republican is on record as saying Obamacare is unacceptable, intolerable, and they're gonna do everything they could to keep it from happening. But, at the moment of truth, they're not.
    -- Rush Limbaugh

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  • There's a reason people are not going to Obamacare. They find out what it's gonna cost 'em, and they go somewhere else. And in the process, they're undermining the very foundation of Obamacare, all of which was predictable.
    -- Rush Limbaugh

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  • Every aspect of Obamacare is an affront to the very founding of this country.
    -- Rush Limbaugh

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  • Enough of this foreign fiasco distraction. Get back to work. It is time to bomb Obamacare.
    -- Sarah Palin

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  • Every Republican that I know of ran on the full repeal of Obamacare...The voters have spoken.
    -- Steve King

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  • I think the first and principle objective is to repeal Obamacare before it does lasting, fundamental damage to our health care system, to our individual liberty, to the relationship each of us has with his or her doctor.
    -- Ted Cruz

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  • Net Neutrality' is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.
    -- Ted Cruz

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  • At the end of the day, Obamacare is bad for America. Washington, D.C., exempted themselves. U.S. senators still do not have to be on Obamacare.
    -- Tim Huelskamp

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  • President Obama said that he designed ObamaCare after RomneyCare, and basically made it ObamneyCare.
    -- Tim Pawlenty

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  • FACT: Nothing in #Obamacare forces people out of their health plans.
    -- Valerie Jarrett

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  • ObamaCare is not a 'trainwreck,' it is a suicide attack. He wants to hurt us, to bring us to our knees, to capitulate, so we agree under duress to accept big government.
    -- Wayne Allyn Root

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  • Conservatives shouldn't count on the Supreme Court to do our work for us on Obamacare. The Court may rule as it should, and strike down the mandate. But it may not. And even if it does, the future of health care in America - and for that matter, the future of limited government - depends ultimately on the verdict of the American people.
    -- William Kristol

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  • While a defeat for Obamacare in the Court would be nice, the defeat of President Obama at the polls on November 6 is crucial. If electoral victory is achieved, Obamacare can and will be repealed - and more judges of a constitutionalist persuasion will be appointed by the next president.
    -- William Kristol

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  • Yet another video has emerged of MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber calling Americans 'stupid,' and bragging about how the Affordable Care Act's drafters had to deceive the public in order to pass the law.
    -- Alexander Viets Griswold

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  • Kelly reported, 'more video has surfaced showing this was not the first time Mr. Gruber called the American people stupid in an '€˜off-the-cuff'€™ remark. In this next clip from also last year, Mr. Gruber explains how Democrats played with the language of the Obamacare law so that it achieved their goals, by again, fooling the stupid public.'
    -- Alexander Viets Griswold

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  • She then played a short 5-second clip of Gruber, saying the following, that a part of the Obamacare passed because 'the American people are too stupid to understand the difference.'
    -- Alexander Viets Griswold

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  • Weaponization of a candidate's words against him or her is something we're seeing a lot. The term Obamacare was used against Obama in a pejorative way, but Obama again reclaimed it.
    -- Ben Zimmer

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  • The big story is Bruce Jenner. In last week's interview, Jenner said he's a woman who is transitioning his body from male to female, and he's also a conservative Republican. Bruce said he looks forward to bashing Obamacare as soon as he finishes using it.
    -- Conan O'Brien

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  • Taco Bell is going to start selling nachos and chicken nuggets wrapped in a tortilla. In other words, thank God we're going to keep Obamacare.
    -- Conan O'Brien

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  • The CEO of the Olive Garden blames his company's low profits on Obamacare - which is odd because most people won't eat at the Olive Garden until they have health insurance.
    -- Conan O'Brien

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  • Obama recently warned some college graduates against being all worried about government tyranny, and Obama has good reason to warn you against that because worrying about government tyranny is the exact sort of thing that will get you audited. Or, when Obamacare is in full force, it will be the attitude that gets you denied life saving health care. So have faith in government. Or it will get you.
    -- Frank J. Fleming

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  • Team Hillary [Clinton] after everything came out the other night, they said, she just wants to talk about the issues. She wants to have a debate about the issues. Really, is that what their ads are about? Is that what the filth they peddle every day my candidate Donald Trump is about - they want to talk about the issues - lets talk about Obamacare its a disaster?
    -- Kellyanne Conway

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  • Many people have already lost their health care, millions already lost their health care, because they have it and can't use it because of the explosive skyrocketing premiums, or they literally lost their doctors or insurance plans or their access to health care through Obamacare.
    -- Kellyanne Conway

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  • What President Trump is doing is, he wants to get rid of that Obamacare penalty almost immediately, because that is something that is really strangling a lot of Americans to have to pay a penalty for not buying.
    -- Kellyanne Conway

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  • Make no mistake: Obamacare is a pro-death health program.
    -- Kesha Rogers

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  • The fallout from the Supreme Court halfway killing Obamacare would likely be more serious than conservatives believe...Even their own base, which has been told relentlessly that Obamacare represents the end of the America they love, might start to demand a fix once it becomes clear just what they’re missing - and what all those blue states with their own exchanges are getting.
    -- Kevin Drum

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  • I do think Donald Trump has conservative instincts. I think he had anti-Obama instincts. I think he saw Obamacare, the Obama foreign policy, the Obama economic policies as harmful to America.
    -- Matt Schlapp

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