Wyoming quotes

  • All I'm saying is we got plenty of Texans, and people from Montana, and New Jersey, and Wyoming, or Kansas City. We got plenty of actors. So we don't need some cat from Cardiff-upon-Rosemary-upon-Thyme, or whatever the hell it is, playing people from Montana. And in the reverse, they got plenty of people from Cardiff-upon-Rosemary-upon-Thyme that they don't need our ***** coming over there trying to do British accents.
    -- Billy Bob Thornton

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  • Barack Obama's campaign of empty self-contradictory promises has apparently hoodwinked the state of Wyoming...
    -- Charles Foster Johnson

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  • I've lived out West some... I've always liked the High Plains areas - eastern Colorado, eastern Wyoming, western Nebraska.
    -- Charles Frazier

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  • Our lifestyle, our wildlife, our land and our water remain critical to our definition of Wyoming and to our economic future.
    -- Dave Freudenthal

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  • When George Bush asked me to sign on, it obviously wasn't because he was worried about carrying Wyoming. We got 70 percent of the vote in Wyoming, although those three electoral votes turned out to be pretty important last time around.
    -- Dick Cheney

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  • If anything is endemic to Wyoming it is wind. This big room of space is swept out daily, leaving a bone yard of fossils, agates, and carcasses in every stage of decay. Though it was water that initially shaped the state, wind is the meticulous gardener, raising dust and pruning the sage.
    -- Gretel Ehrlich

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  • My mom has this great skiing event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, every year for a local charity.
    -- Joely Fisher

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  • Our state has a balanced budget. We have to live within our means in the state of Wyoming. I was in the state senate. This country needs a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.
    -- John Barrasso

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  • Campaigning in Wyoming is politics at its most retail level. It's done one voter at a time.
    -- Mary Cheney

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  • My favorite place in the whole world is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
    -- Miguel Ferrer

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  • Since then I have held many jobs at museums in Colorado and Wyoming. I have also taught summer courses at the University of Colorado.
    -- Robert T. Bakker

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  • One of my major goals is to develop a web of the small Wyoming museums and create a major museum system. There are about eight of these museums, and they are all scattered.
    -- Robert T. Bakker

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  • I grew up climbing mountains in Montana and Wyoming and my wife and I were engaged on top of a mountain peak: Hyalite Peak in Montana. It was a 15-mile hike to get to the top of that, round-trip - thankfully, she said yes.
    -- Steve Daines

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  • I was sitting here without a shirt on, absentmindedly scratching my back with a pen for about five minutes and I just looked in the mirror and saw that I had drawn a nice mural on my back. It looks kind of like a map of Wyoming, with all the rivers and mountain ranges, or maybe a portrait of Bob Marley. Yes. Tablature
    -- Jade Puget

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