Territory quotes

  • If we cling to the institution of Islam, then we tend to defend it against whatever we see as a danger to it, so because of this we see now that many people are defending states, defending territories, defending everything institutional in the belief that they defend Islam.
    -- Abdurrahman Wahid

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  • Our object must be to bring our territory into harmony with the numbers of our population.
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • Originality is unexplored territory. You get there by carrying a canoe - you can't take a taxi.
    -- Alan Alda

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  • I lost a lot of territory I really enjoyed having, but there was no doubt I had to do it to help Democrats.
    -- Albert Wynn

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  • I learned there's an amazing unexplored territory in terms of narrative. Before, I thought the unexplored territory was the form, the way you shoot a movie. Now, I'm learning about the beautiful marriage between form and narrative.
    -- Alfonso Cuaron

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  • The map is not the territory... The only usefulness of a map depends on similarity of structure between the empirical world and the map...
    -- Alfred Korzybski

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  • The only logical solution to solve the Palestinian issue is to hold free elections with the participation of Palestinians inside and outside the occupied territories and a recognition of the nation's legitimacy
    -- Ali Khamenei

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  • Israel is guilty of apartheid and persecution of the Palestinian people, both inside Israel and also in the Occupied Territories.
    -- Alice Walker

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  • This is a landmark opportunity for all that live and work in the Yukon. The Territory is now one step closer to realizing the potential that geothermal heat and power has for the economy, the environment, First Peoples, tax-payers and businesses.
    -- Alison Thompson

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  • Compassion is all inclusive. Compassion knows no boundaries. Compassion comes with awareness, and awareness breaks all narrow territories.
    -- Amit Ray

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  • I condemn the entry of a Russian so-called humanitarian convoy into Ukrainian territory without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities and without any involvement of the International Committee of the Red Cross.
    -- Anders Fogh Rasmussen

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  • When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.
    -- Anton Szandor LaVey

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  • Push me past my limit all you want. It's territory I know well.
    -- Ben Greenhalgh

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  • From time immemorial History has decreed that territory on this Planet Earth belongs to those powerful enough to take it and determined enough to keep it.
    -- Ben Klassen

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  • In the past, on Earth, it has largely been to exploit foreign resources and to expand the domestic territory.
    -- Bernard M. Oliver

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  • Thousands of mercenaries, who have trained in camps on the territory of Chechnya as well as come in from abroad, are actually preparing to impose extremist ideas on the whole world
    -- Boris Yeltsin

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  • There are certain sounds that I've found work well in nearly any context. Their function is not so much musical as spatial: they define the edges of the territory of the music.
    -- Brian Eno

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  • I'm fascinated by musicians who don't completely understand their territory; that's when you do your best work.
    -- Brian Eno

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  • There is no precedent of a civilian population, displaced by a war that their leadership started and lost, claiming a right to return to territory that they failed to conquer.
    -- Caroline Glick

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  • We have at last glimpsed the surface of the fabled world, Titan, Saturn's largest moon and the greatest single expanse of unexplored territory remaining in the Solar System today,
    -- Carolyn Porco

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  • I love strange choices. I'm always interested in people who depart from what is expected of them and go into new territory.
    -- Cate Blanchett

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  • Its not weird being recognised, but its weird having to stop what youre doing to take pictures or sign something. But the fans are the reason you have your success, so it comes with the territory.
    -- Chord Overstreet

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  • Throwing young men out of work, throwing people into poverty and ending business life don't promote stability in the Palestinian territories,.
    -- Chris Patten

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  • I do not know much. But there are certain advantages in not knowing. Like virgin territory, the mind is free of preconceptions. Everything I do not know forms the greater part of me: This is my largesse. And with this I understand everything. The things I do not know constitute my truth.
    -- Clarice Lispector

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  • I've never put Northern Ireland into a novel because it's not my territory. I come from the South, so my imaginative territory is very much the Republic of Ireland rather than the North. Even though, if I wrote a novel about the North, it might sell more.
    -- Colm Toibin

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  • Everyone pretends to be 'free thinkers', but few individuals pass the line into expressive territories that may be detrimental to their own social well-being.
    -- Criss Jami

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  • The most promising words ever written on the maps of human knowledge are terra incognita, unknown territory.
    -- Daniel J. Boorstin

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  • It would be dangerous territory if I wasn't practising what I preach which is to always accept responsibility, always accept the consequences of your actions.
    -- David Blunkett

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  • I have been to the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and I have witnessed the racially segregated roads and housing that reminded me so much of the conditions we experienced in South Africa under the racist system of Apartheid.
    -- Desmond Tutu

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  • As the highest ranking American official in the United Nations organization, I came to understand thoroughly that the national constitutional processes of the member states define the status of territories under their sovereignty.
    -- Dick Thornburgh

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  • The asanas are useful maps to explore yourself, but they are not the territory.
    -- Donna Farhi

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  • The best way to go into an unknown territory is to go in ignorant, ignorant as possible, with your mind wide open, as wide open as possible and not having to meet anyone else's requirement but your own.
    -- Dorothea Lange

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  • Uncharged with invisible meaning, the visible is nothing, mere clay; and without visible circumstance, a territory, to connect to, our spirit is shapeless, nameless, and undefined.
    -- E. L. Doctorow

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  • If people persist in trespassing upon the grizzlies' territory, we must accept the fact that the grizzlies, from time to time, will harvest a few trespassers.
    -- Edward Abbey

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  • In the first place, when there is a policy of intentional aggression, inspired by a desire to get possession of the territory or the trade of another country, right or wrong, a pretext is always sought.
    -- Elihu Root

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  • I don't let guys do hickeys. That's like a dog marking his territory or something.
    -- Eliza Dushku

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  • Tallstar stiffened and his neck fur bristled. 'Windclan was driven from the forest once,' he hissed. 'Never again. Our territory is ours, and we'll fight for it. Is Thunderclan with us?
    -- Erin Hunter

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  • Silverstream: You idiot!!! What are you doing in my territory??? Graystripe:...Drowning? Silverstream: Can't you do that in your own territory? Graystripe: Ah, but who would rescue me there?
    -- Erin Hunter

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  • But it is not at all unthinkable for anyone to tell a writer how to write. It comes with the territory.
    -- Ernest Lehman

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  • At death we cross from one territory to another, but we'll have no trouble with visas. Our representative is already there, preparing for our arrival. As citizens of heaven, our entrance is incontestable.
    -- Erwin W. Lutzer

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  • Dachau-the significance of this name will never be erased from German history. It stands for all concentration camps which the Nazis established in their territory.
    -- Eugen Kogon

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  • the territory of grief ... is both cruel and commonplace.
    -- Gail Caldwell

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  • Wales was in ancient times divided into three parts nearly equal, consideration having been paid, in this division, more to the value than to the just quantity or proportion of territory.
    -- Gerald of Wales

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  • The one effective method of defending one's own territory from an offensive by air is to destroy the enemy's air power with the greatest possible speed.
    -- Giulio Douhet

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  • How can we return the occupied territories? There is nobody to return them to.
    -- Golda Meir

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  • The map is not the territory (coined by Alfred Korzybski), and the name is not the thing named.
    -- Gregory Bateson

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  • Scientists tend to resist interdisciplinary inquiries into their own territory. In many instances, such parochialism is founded on the fear that intrusion from other disciplines would compete unfairly for limited financial resources and thus diminish their own opportunity for research.
    -- Hannes Alfven

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  • I thought I had a great opportunity when I started doing my comic book in 1972. I thought there was so much territory to work in.
    -- Harvey Pekar

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  • However, they did not treat the reasons that led to this condition. I believe that the conditions in the Palestinian territories are alway capable of explosion because the same circumstances are there.
    -- Hassan Nasrallah

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  • I like to be on the edge, on the cutting edge, or be into the unknown, into the territory where I have to depend on being in the moment and depending on my instincts.
    -- Herbie Hancock

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  • I herewith commission you to carry out all preparations with regard to... a total solution of the Jewish question in those territories of Europe which are under German influence.
    -- Hermann Goring

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  • For now it seems that by advancing into unknown territories, I entered into my life
    -- Isabelle Eberhardt


  • We don't have a state, neither in Gaza nor in the West Bank. Gaza is under siege and the West Bank is occupied. What we have in the Gaza Strip is not a state, but rather a regime of an elected government. A Palestinian state will not be created at this time except in the territories of 1967.
    -- Ismail Haniyeh

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  • Certain readers resented me when they could no longer recognize their territory, their institution.
    -- Jacques Derrida

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  • Unless one says goodbye to what one loves, and unless one travels to completely new territories, one can expect merely a long wearing away of oneself and an eventual extinction.
    -- Jean Dubuffet

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  • I don't like going where I've already been. Life is a myriad of territories to discover. I don't want to waste time with what I already know.
    -- Jeanne Moreau

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  • Eagles are very tolerant and very adaptable, but they have to get established first. When birds are setting up their breeding territory, they are the most susceptible to being discouraged.
    -- Jim Elliot

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  • The increase of territory and power of empires by force of arms has been the policy of all great powers, and it has always been possible to get the approval of their state religion.
    -- John Boyd Orr

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  • If I wasn't doing this kind of exploration, I'd like to be doing some other kind of exploration. It might be more risky, or less risky, but, in the business of exploration, risk is part of the territory.
    -- John L. Phillips

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  • Without territory, it does not even have the resources to provide detention facilities for prisoners, even if it were interested in holding captured POWs.
    -- John Yoo

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  • We do not want a single foot of foreign territory; but of our territory we shall not surrender a single inch to anyone.
    -- Joseph Stalin

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  • Partisans fight on familiar territory with professed political objectives to conquer power. This is what distinguishes them from terrorists
    -- Jurgen Habermas

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  • I hope that in my thirties I grow as a writer, push into new territory.
    -- Karen Russell

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  • ...bleak territory of the heart.
    -- Kim Edwards

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  • God willing, we shall come to a stage where the world looks at the Palestinian question, and Palestinian rights on Palestinian national soil, as well as the questions of the occupied Syrian and Lebanese territories. These are the bases on which peace will be built.
    -- King Hussein I

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  • Other powers will continue to enjoy an equal right to trade in and develop the natural resources of the occupied territory, for the economic development of which the investment of foreign capital is very desirable.
    -- Koki Hirota

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  • Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.
    -- Leo Buscaglia

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  • Cinema is a territory. It exists outside of movies. It's a place I live in. It's a way of seeing things, of experiencing life. But making films, that's supposed to be a profession.
    -- Leos Carax

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  • Having a real public outlet is how you imprint something for yourself. It's just a matter of timing. It's like you've marked your territory.
    -- Lily Tomlin

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  • It was like Mama suddenly realized I was good, that she didn't have to apologize for me. It was the strangest feeling. One minute I was on stage with my mother, the next moment I was on stage with Judy Garland. One minute she smiled at me, and the next minute she was like the lioness that owned the stage and suddenly found somebody invading her territory. The killer instinct of a performer had come out in her.
    -- Liza Minnelli

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  • To be a catalyst is one of my life's objectives. I've been inspired by many people who in turn have been catalysts. It's very interesting to see the waves of interest come and go in Celtic territory. If I can be a catalyst for other people, that's wonderful.
    -- Loreena McKennitt

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  • I said that one of the causes, and the one that has created more excitement and dissatisfaction than any other, is, that the Government will not hereafter, and when it is necessary, interpose to protect slaves as property in the Territories; and I asked the Senator if he would abandon his squatter-sovereignty notions and agree to protect slaves as all other property?
    -- Louis Wigfall

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  • I am making sure, as the governor of a territory, that our kids speak fluent English. But having said that, I will tell my wife I love her in Spanish, and I will pray in Spanish, and no one from Washington should come down here and tell us how to go about it.
    -- Luis Fortuno

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  • Slasher Hathaway marks his territory by spending money. He might as well have pissed on her. It means nothing.
    -- Marian Keyes

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  • But I reckon I got to light out for the Territory ahead of therest, because Aunt Sally she's going to adopt me and sivilize me, and I can't stand it. I been there before.
    -- Mark Twain

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  • The orbit of human vision has widened and art has annexed fresh territories that were formerly denied to it.
    -- Max Bill

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  • Love is a territory where orders can't be issued.
    -- Mia Couto

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  • Because the history of evolution is that life escapes all barriers. Life breaks free. Life expands to new territories. Painfully, perhaps even dangerously. But life finds a way.
    -- Michael Crichton

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  • A strategy delineates a territory in which a company seeks to be unique.
    -- Michael Porter

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  • The stage is my territory, my boxing ring. That's where I'm free.
    -- Mika

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  • You can't win. Logic has no power over her when her territory has been invaded by heathens.
    -- Mira Grant

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  • If it respected religion, Israel would have transferred these synagogues back to its territory.
    -- Mohammed Dahlan

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  • Every nation has the right to demand proper treatment and no country should violate the territory of any other country.
    -- Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

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  • One of the blessings that comes with parental territory is that children tug you into experiences you're pretty sure you'd never otherwise contemplate.
    -- Nancy Mairs

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  • Writing is a consciousness formally at work in the territory of the imaginary.
    -- Nicole Brossard

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  • The more freedom I allow myself as a writer to wander, become lost and go into uncertain territory - and I am always trying to go to the more awkward place, the more difficult place - the more frightening it is, because I have no plan.
    -- Nicole Krauss

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  • The Zionists indeed learnt well from the Nazis. So well that it seems that their morally repugnant treatment of the Palestinians, and their attempts to destroy Palestinian society within Israel and the occupied territories, reveals them as basically Nazis with beards and black hats.
    -- Norman Finkelstein

    #Israel #Black #Territory

  • Saving a life overrides territories.
    -- Ovadia Yosef

    #Saving #Territory

  • Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory.
    -- Pat Buchanan

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  • The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.
    -- Paul Fix

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  • If we just stay at the crest of the mycelial wave, it will take us into heretofore unknown territories that will be just magnificent in their implications.
    -- Paul Stamets

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  • There are areas of music that I've never been to before, so that's always nice thing to have in life. That there are other areas you haven't been to. You haven't covered all the ground, and there's plenty more uncharted territory to cover as well.
    -- Paul Weller

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  • A territory cannot become a state or a nation unless Congress approves legislation and the president signs it.
    -- Pedro Pierluisi

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  • In 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act, a bill opening one half million square miles of territory in the western United States for settlement.
    -- Peter Agre

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  • I wanted the bike to be able to go over all kinds of terrains and especially infinite and poetic territories,
    -- Philippe Starck

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  • Birth on U.S. territory has never been an absolute claim to citizenship.
    -- Phyllis Schlafly

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  • We got into all the trouble you could ever imagine. We figured that if the Jones boys and all the gangsters ran Chicago, we had our own territory now. All the stores, all the crime, we were in charge of everything, my stepbrother and my brother.
    -- Quincy Jones

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  • I feel the need to reaffirm all of it, the whole unhappy territory and all the things loved and unloveable in it, for it is all part of me.
    -- Ralph Ellison

    #Unhappy #Territory #Needs

  • Be as beneficent as the sun or the sea, but if your rights as a rational being are trenched on, die on the first inch of your territory.
    -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  • If you have moved over vast territories and dared to love silly things, you will have learned even from the most primitive items collected and put aside in your life.
    -- Ray Bradbury

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