Vanishing quotes

  • PLUNDER, v. To take the property of another without observing the decent and customary reticences of theft. To wrest the wealth of A from B and leave C lamenting a vanishing opportunity.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • Necessary, since every moment in our lives is marked by death, like a shadow from another realm, it appear to us like a vanishing point for everything. How can one meditate on live without meditating too on its brevity, its precariousness, its fragility?
    -- Andre Comte-Sponville

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  • Predominant opinions are generally the opinions of the generation that is vanishing.
    -- Benjamin Disraeli

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  • Already the dandelions Are changed into vanishing ghosts.
    -- Celia Thaxter

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  • Happiness is indeed a Eurydice, vanishing as soon as gazed upon. It can exist only in acceptance, and succumbs as soon as it is laid claim to.
    -- Denis de Rougemont

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  • I had in mind a message, although I hope it doesn't intrude too badly, persuading Americans, and especially Southerners, of the critical importance of land and our vanishing natural environment and wildlife.
    -- E. O. Wilson

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  • To superficial observers his chin had too vanishing an aspect, looking as if it were being gradually reabsorbed. And it did indeed cause him some difficulty about the fit of his satin stocks, for which chins were at that time useful.
    -- George Eliot

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  • Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.
    -- Henri Cartier-Bresson

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  • My first film, 'Vanishing on 7th Street,' I really just kinda went in for it. Just gave it my all at the auditions.
    -- Jacob Latimore

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  • I was in a movie called 'Vanishing on 7th Street,' and that was my first leading role in a movie. It's an apocalyptic thriller, and it's really cool. It's the first movie I ever shot.
    -- Jacob Latimore

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  • But there was something about the largest object in the solar system vanishing that tended to disrupt normal schedules.
    -- James Dashner

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  • I will frankly tell you that my experience in prolonged scientific investigations convinces me that a belief in God-a God who is behind and within the chaos of vanishing points of human knowledge-adds a wonderful stimulus to the man who attempts to penetrate into the regions of the unknown.
    -- Louis Agassiz

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  • This singularity of meaning--I was my face, I was ugliness--though sometimes unbearable, also offered a possible point of escape. It became the launching pad from which to lift off, the one immediately recognizable place to point to when asked what was wrong with my life. Everything led to it, everything receded from it--my face as personal vanishing point.
    -- Lucy Grealy

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  • There's no such thing as the middle class. It's absolutely vanishing.
    -- Marc Andreessen

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  • After macrobiotics, Zen, and channeling, the "poor Vanishing Indian" is once more the subject of "deep and meaningful conversation" in the high rises.
    -- Mary Brave Bird

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  • My images are unashamedly idyllic and romantic, a kind of enchanted Africa. They're my elegy to a world that is steadily, tragically vanishing.
    -- Nick Brandt

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  • I have a sense of melancholy isolation, life rapidly vanishing, all the usual things. It's very strange how often strong feelings don't seem to carry any message of action
    -- Philip Larkin

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  • Life itself is vanishing fast. Make haste for eternity.
    -- Robert E. Murray

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  • The trouble with me is, I belong to a vanishing race. I'm one of the intellectuals.
    -- Robert E. Sherwood

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  • The past is a trail you leave behind, much like the wake of a speedboat.  That is, it's a vanishing trail temporarily showing you where you were.  The wake of a boat doesn't affect it's course-obviously it can't since it appears behind the boat.  So consider this image when you exclaim that your past is the reason you aren't moving forward.
    -- Wayne Dyer

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  • Beauty is vanishing from our world because we live as though it does not matter.
    -- Roger Scruton

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