Piano Music quotes

  • I don't like the piano player music of the movies, the Michael Nyman, and sometimes that piano music makes me puke. It's not really romantic. It's just trying to get your Pavlovian juices flowing because it's a technique now.
    -- Charlemagne Palestine

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  • When I'm flying, I really like to listen to piano music. Something impressionistic, loud and beautiful. Flying can be such a claustrophobic experience, it's nice to open that up a bit with music.
    -- Agnes Obel

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  • As a young child, I thought that all pianists played everything. I mean, I thought anything on piano - any piano music, all pianists played it.
    -- Allen Toussaint

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  • I learned to never quit, and academics always come first. I had to make sure to get my degree, because I learned that athletic ability and sports don't last forever.

  • Once a person gave his talent to the world, the world put a stamp upon it. The talent was not a personal possession any more. It was something to be traded, bought and sold. It fetched a high price, or a low one. It was kicked in the common market.

  • Love is to be two and at the same time one.

  • There are more ways than one to measure profits and losses.

  • We saw that he plays with his heart too. He obviously loves the game so much and was distraught to lose in the final. Seeing him cry nearly got me going too.

  • Some of these kids just don't plain know how good they are: how smart and how much they have to say. You can tell them. You can shine that light on them, one human interaction at a time.

  • Aristotle's opinion... that comets were nothing else than sublunary vapors or airy meteors... prevailed so far amongst the Greeks, that this sublimest part of astronomy lay altogether neglected; since none could think it worthwhile to observe, and to give an account of the wandering and uncertain paths of vapours floating in the Ether.

  • I write and speak about personal and spiritual growth. One week I write about illness and another week I speak about relationships and another week I write about work and money and another week I speak to people with obesity issues. I write about whatever wounds seem to cry out for more enlightened solutions, and the love that heals them all.

  • Lipgloss is my calling!

  • I do have to earn a living, so I'm conscious of probable reactions from readers, but the most important one is still the awareness that if I'm not enjoying a story, the reader won't either.