Germs quotes

  • So at the heart of all things is the germ of their overthrow; the closer you are to the heart, the closer to the reversal. Nowhere to go but down. You reach the core and then you're blown away--
    -- Ahdaf Soueif

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  • If the ‘germ theory of disease’ were correct, there’d be no one living to believe it.
    -- B. J. Palmer

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  • The little dissatisfaction which every artist feels at the completion of a work forms the germ of a new work.
    -- Berthold Auerbach

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  • For to be discontented with the divine discontent, and to be ashamed with the noble shame, is the very germ and first upgrowth of all virtue.
    -- Charles Kingsley

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  • The terrain is everything; the germ is nothing,
    -- Claude Bernard


  • The art of doing mathematics consists in finding that special case which contains all the germs of generality
    -- David Hilbert

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  • By creating an artificial environment, we're not stimulating our immune system enough. Germs are immune-stimulants. They challenge you to be prepared.
    -- Deepak Chopra

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  • Christianity contains within itself a germ hostile to the Church (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
    -- Eric Metaxas

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  • Trouble has no necessary connection with discouragement. Discouragement has a germ of its own, as different from trouble as arthritis is different from a stiff joint.
    -- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  • A harmonious person is never vibrating at the same rate as a germ.
    -- Florence Scovel Shinn

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  • Imperialism leaves behind germs of rot which we must clinically detect and remove from our land but from our minds as well.
    -- Frantz Fanon

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  • The primitive history of the species is all the more fully retained in its germ-history in proportion as the series of embryonic forms traversed is longer; and it is more accurately retained the less the mode of life of the recent forms differs from that of the earlier, and the less the peculiarities of the several embryonic states must be regarded as transferred from a later to an earlier period of life, or as acquired independently.
    -- Fritz Muller

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  • The obscurest sayings of the truly great are often those which contain the germ of the profoundest and most useful truths.
    -- Giuseppe Mazzini

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  • The obscurest sayings of the truly great are often those which contain the germ of the profoundest and most useful truths. Genius rapidly traverses the living present to bury itself in the deepest mysteries of the universe; often making the grandest discoveries at a single glance.
    -- Giuseppe Mazzini

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  • The "germ," wherever gathered, has ever been for me, "the germ of a story," and most of the stories strained to shape under my hand have sprung from a single small seed, a seed as remote and windblown as a casual hint.
    -- Henry James

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  • To love! To surrender absolutely, to prostrate oneself before the divine image, to die a thousand imaginary deaths, to annihilate every trace of self, to find the whole universe embodied and enshrined in the living image of another! Adolescent, we say. Rot! This is the germ of the future life, the seed which we hide away, which we bury deep within us, which we smother and stifle and do our utmost to destroy as we advance from one experience to another and flutter and flounder and lose our way.
    -- Henry Miller

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  • A child who is protected from all controversial ideas is as vulnerable as a child who is protected from every germ. The infection, when it comes- and it will come- may overwhelm the system, be it the immune system or the belief system.
    -- Jane Smiley

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  • There's always a germ of truth in just about everything.
    -- Jim Lehrer

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  • Wilderness is a necessity ... They will see what I meant in time. There must be places for human beings to satisfy their souls. Food and drink is not all. There is the spiritual. In some it is only a germ, of course, but the germ will grow.
    -- John Muir

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  • Good maxims are the germs of all excellence.
    -- Joseph Joubert

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  • I'm kind of a germ freak. When I get on a plane, I spray my seat and everything with Lysol Disinfectant Spray.
    -- Kelly Rowland

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  • It is not the germs we need worry about. It is our inner terrain.
    -- Louis Pasteur

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  • The science of psychiatry is now where the science of medicine was before germs were discovered.
    -- Malcolm Rogers

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  • Oh my god. I just hung around with an unpretty person. Excuse me while I go home to scrub myself with expensive body wash and a pink loofah, to rid myself of the unpretty germs.
    -- Nicole Richie

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  • There is in us a lyric germ or nucleus which deserves respect; it bids a man to ponder or create; and in this dim corner of himself he can take refuge and find consolations which the society of his fellow creatures does not provide.
    -- Norman Douglas

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  • I think if I weren't so squeamish, I would have been some sort of forensic analyst. And I can't do anything with a microscope, because then I start thinking about the world of germs around us.
    -- Octavia Spencer

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  • Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.
    -- Pearl S. Buck

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  • The germ of creation lies in violence.
    -- Rudolfo Anaya

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  • It takes quite a bit of nerve for Democrats to complain about inflation. This reminds me of germs complaining about the disease.
    -- Spiro T. Agnew

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  • I think we all have the germ of every other person inside of us.
    -- Sybil Thorndike

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  • ...All endeavours which are directed to a purely worldly end...contain within themselves the germs of their own corruption.
    -- T. H. White

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  • Grow the lawn and mow the lawn always keep the TV on, brush your teeth and kill the germs, poison apples, poison worms.
    -- Trenton Lee Stewart

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  • In every cradle decked with rosy wreath Lurk germs of death.
    -- Victor Hugo

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  • It is, of course, one of the miracles of science that the germs that used to be in our food have been replaced by poisons.
    -- Wendell Berry

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  • Germ warfare against the United States would escalate to war against all humanity.
    -- Yoshijiro Umezu

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  • When you find a germ of truth, beware. Those germs can make you sick.
    -- John R. Erickson

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  • How are the germs made into a ring? By adding and multiplying.
    -- Roman Abramovich

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