Loathing quotes

  • Do we loathe our masters behind a facade of love - or do we love them behind a facade of loathing?
    -- Aravind Adiga

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  • The two sides of industry have traditionally always regarded each other in Britain with the greatest possible loathing, mistrust and contempt. They are both absolutely right.
    -- Auberon Waugh

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  • Every single time I step into the studio, I say, 'Can I still do this? Do I still have it? Have I ever had it?' I suppose there's a good amount of self-loathing that goes into any form of artisanship.
    -- Ben Harper

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  • The loathing of mankind is a force that surprises and overwhelms one, fed by hundreds of springs concealed his subconsciousness. One only detects its presence after having long entertained it unawares.
    -- Georg Brandes

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  • There is no question you get pumped up by the recognition. Then a self-loathing sets in when you realise you're enjoying it.
    -- George C. Scott

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  • How often are the perpetrators of hate-crimes discovered to be self-loathing? Valued individuals do not strike out against strangers.
    -- Harvey Fierstein

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  • Trust me, I know what self loathing is. But to kill myself? That would put a damper on my search for answers. Not at all productive. Besides, I've become increasingly doubtful as to whether I can die at all. But let's not get into that.
    -- Jhonen Vasquez

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  • Nothing is loathsomer than the self-loathing of a self one loathes.
    -- John Barth

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  • I think I'm developing a kind of subconscious loathing of the word 'franchise.' I just think of something that's packaged, something you can buy on a shelf and is immediately disposable. I don't know. It's a really weird word for me.
    -- Kate Winslet

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  • The other side of reverence is loathing.
    -- Martin Firrell

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  • I don't think closeted homosexual morticians have the market cornered on self-loathing or sense of shame.
    -- Michael C. Hall

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  • Self-loathing and self-worship can easily be the same thing. You hate the small sack of fluids and resentments that you are, and you would go to any length, and betray anything and anyone, to preserve it.
    -- N.D. Wilson

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  • Actually, the curious thing is that the more you become a subject of admiration or loathing, the more you're examined under a microscope, the distance seems to open up between who you really are and the portrayals that people impose on you.
    -- Nick Clegg

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  • Excessive love in loathing ever ends.
    -- Ovid

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  • Self-loathing is the silent hemorrhaging of the soul. You don't feel or see the life force fleeing until it's not longer there, and then, of course, it's too late.
    -- Sarah Ban Breathnach

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  • The truth is, I've always been wracked with self-loathing and terrible, paralysing depression.
    -- Shirley Manson

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  • I suspect that in our loathing of totalitarianism, there is infused a good deal of admiration for its efficiency.
    -- T. S. Eliot

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  • My mind was bursting with depression and anguish. I muttered imprecations and murmuring as I passed along. I was full of loathing and abhorrence of life, and all that life carries in its train.
    -- William Godwin

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  • There's no cure for getting depressed. There's no cure for self-loathing or periods of it. But figure out enough about it so that when it happens, you can get over it and keep moving and just accomplish more.
    -- Conan O'Brien

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  • Washington has always had a pretty healthy amount of self-loathing.
    -- Mark Leibovich

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  • Antipater, now undisputed heir, had called down on his head the utter loathing of the nation, for everyone knew that all the slanders directed against his brothers had originated with him.
    -- Josephus

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