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  • The first thing I noticed about him was that he was born the same year I was drafted. ... That's a pretty scary thought.
    -- Al MacInnis

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  • I played with Joey Mullen back in Salt Lake City before he got called up to St. Louis. He was the first player ever to score 20 goals in the American League and 20 in the NHL. I've kept in contact with him and he's a great guy.
    -- Alain Vigneault

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  • We're trying to work on Sami to get through that and shoot the puck. MacInnis shot the puck all the time. If there was a fool who wanted to stand in front and break an ankle, tough luck.
    -- Alain Vigneault

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  • The NHL's opinion of itself is so high.... Let them get drunk on their greatness. We'll see how many Euros look our way.
    -- Alexander Medvedev

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  • Girls, where are you? I can't find you.
    -- Alexander Ovechkin

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  • As opposed to living the rich life and consuming as much as possible, people have to take a step back. Instead of buying the biggest diamond or having 18 cars, do other things. Buying the biggest thing is outdated and there is no excuse for it.
    -- Andrew Ference

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  • Mario Lemieux is Mr. Pittsburgh.
    -- Andy Van Slyke

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  • When he gets mad, it's like he's in another world. He'll look at you with those big eyes and they'll be going around in circles.
    -- Barry Beck

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  • The NBA and NHL have different agendas: The NBA is much more protective of its players and its brand; the NHL has less to lose, and it's in their best interest to generate buzz any way they can.
    -- Bill Simmons

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  • Orr is the greatest young hockey player that's come along since I've been here.
    -- Bobby Hull

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  • On sheer ability, Mario is good enough to win scoring titles with a broken stick. On pure talent, he's the best there is. But Wayne almost never disappoints you. He comes to work every night.
    -- Bobby Orr

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  • We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don't even have to go to the hospital.
    -- Brad Park

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  • Wrapping Christmas presents is tough. Even peeling a Mandarin orange is tough. I have to get my kids to help me.
    -- Brendan Morrison

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  • Over the years, Steve has come to understand I need the clicker. He says it's my security blanket.
    -- Brendan Shanahan

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  • You know what? I did! I impressed myself just making it.
    -- Brett Hull

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  • Its an honor to be chosen to represent the best hockey game in the world,... Hockey fans are looking for the most authentic experience and NHL 2K6 delivers it.
    -- Brian Boitano

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  • I found my prince - he's a hockey player and we met at an NHL event, the last place I'd ever expect to meet someone, but there he was.
    -- Carol Alt

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  • Guys like him ruin it for everybody else. It's just embarrassing. Or maybe he's not embarrassed because he probably believes he's not doing it-that's how liars are.
    -- Chris Chelios

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  • So here I am running at guys who aren't taller than 5-foot-8, and I'm the one who tears up his knee.
    -- Chris Chelios

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  • I'm a firm believer that everything in life works out the way it's supposed to. And who knows? I figure I've got a few years left (in the NHL) and maybe I can come back in the end.
    -- Darren McCarty

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  • I know you define leads by goals having the lead, but we never really had the lead.
    -- Darryl Sutter

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  • It's the nuts and bolts time of the year and we don't have enough nuts and bolts.
    -- Darryl Sutter

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  • It seems like we're doing just enough to lose by a little.
    -- Darryl Sutter

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  • Matt Cooke may be the worst fighter in the history of the National Hockey League.
    -- Dave Nonis

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  • I am not afraid to stop the puck with my head. I try to do it sometimes even in practice; not everyday but once in a while, I say to my teammates, shoot me in my head and I'll try to stop the puck. I am not afraid at all of the puck, so sometimes, if the shot comes at my head, it's an easier save to make with your head. Maybe the people think a different way, but for me, I do it with my head.
    -- Dominik Hasek

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  • The kids just aren't the same today.
    -- Doug Gilmour

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  • I might have practiced stick-handling with my head up a bit more.
    -- Eric Lindros

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  • When you take off that sweater, your jersey, after today's game, you will be the last player in the NHL to ever wear 99. You have always been and you will always be 'The Great One,' and there will never be another.
    -- Gary Bettman

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  • The Canadian franchises and Canada as a market for NHL hockey has always been a priority for us.
    -- Gary Bettman

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  • This is a sad, regrettable day that all of us wish could have been avoided.
    -- Gary Bettman

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  • This is a tragedy for the players. Their careers are short and this is money and opportunity they'll never get back.
    -- Gary Bettman

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  • Well, it's always nice to know the fans didn't forget what you did when you played in the NHL.
    -- Guy Lafleur

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  • Anyway, I've never been captain in 16 years in the NHL. But that didn't stop me being a leader in my own way.
    -- Guy Lafleur

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  • A lot of the players are not involved with any NHL team, so to play and travel around with the Oldtimers' it's a kind of gift that the players really appreciate.
    -- Guy Lafleur

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  • It's only game. Why you have to be mad?
    -- Ilya Bryzgalov

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  • If you jump out of a plane without a parachute, does that make you brave? No, I think that makes you stupid. I will never play without the mask again.
    -- Jacques Plante

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  • My goal was to play in the NHL, because that is the best hockey in the world.
    -- Jaromir Jagr

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  • It's tough in the NHL; you have to produce on a high level. And everybody expects you to do it because you make a lot of money. And I never minded it. I always want to be that guy.
    -- Jaromir Jagr

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  • If I was on a third or fourth line I would probably be in the NHL, because you don't have to produce every night.
    -- Jaromir Jagr

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  • We can no longer ignore the stupidity of the hits that are still happening today despite the fact that the players know the concussion aspect is such a big part of the game and sports in general.
    -- Jeremy Roenick

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  • I think the deal is not great for the players. It is definitely an owner-friendly deal.
    -- Jeremy Roenick

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  • Um no, but kind of ...
    -- Joffrey Lupul

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  • It had been a great career. I mean, how many guys can say they averaged two points a game in their careers? It's too bad he's retiring too soon. The league is going to miss him. The fans are going to miss him. A real classy person and a great guy.
    -- Johnny Bucyk

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  • Once you win the Cup once, you feel like it's yours. You don't want to give it up.
    -- Jonathan Toews

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  • He's one of the most coachable players out there.
    -- Jonathan Toews

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  • It was the kind of light blow that is exchanged without notice or consequence hundreds of times in a game.
    -- Ken Dryden

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  • Oh, yes, I love sleepless nights.
    -- Larry Robinson

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  • Ever since he's been a little boo-aw.
    -- Marc Crawford

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  • Every day is a great day for hockey.
    -- Mario Lemieux

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  • What scares me is how easily it happened.
    -- Mark Recchi

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  • No one in Montreal learns how to skate. You're just born that way.
    -- Martin Brodeur

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  • I need to see where I am physically and practicing with NHL players is the best way to find that out.
    -- Mary Lynn Rajskub

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  • Playing 10 years in the NHL, almost 600 games, there's going to be some wear and tear for everybody.
    -- Mike Comrie

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  • He's a gutless puke, that's what Travis Green is. That's why he doesn't wear an Islander uniform any more.
    -- Mike Milbury

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  • I Didn't Drop My Gloves. They Were Pulled Off Me!
    -- Mike Modano

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  • I try to hold it in until I get on the ice, then in front of the net sometimes I'll pass gas.
    -- P. K. Subban

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  • I can't wait for the crowd, the noise, the energy in the building. I can't wait to take that all away from them.
    -- P. K. Subban

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  • Every time you sustain a head injury, the risk gets higher and higher. I always said that if there ever was a point where the risk was more than minimal, I would stop playing.
    -- Pat LaFontaine

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  • I've been fortunate. I've had no residual effects whatsoever. I got out just in time.
    -- Pat LaFontaine

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  • They left us together for a reason. Let's show them why.
    -- Patrick Kane

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  • No, that's not true. I didn't see his place that much, but he's a good kid and I had fun playing with him.
    -- Patrick Kane

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  • A big part of my decision is not made about whether I'm able to coach in the NHL or if I'm ready to step up and take that challenge. Basically, it's about my family, it's about my children, and this is where my decision is going to have to be made.
    -- Patrick Roy

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  • I don't want to play games with anybody, to our fans, to Pierre Lacroix, or any other NHL team that might have interest in me.
    -- Patrick Roy

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  • I'm going through the neutral zone and I've got a guy tugging me through the whole way, if I don't go down, I'm not going to get a call.
    -- Paul Kariya

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  • I didn't have any hair anywhere for almost seven months. So now finally I've got some hair, I'm gonna keep it.
    -- Saku Koivu

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  • Maybe there wasn't much hot water in the showers. I'm not sure.
    -- Scott Stevens

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  • I just want to comment on how It's become a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in Love with my sloppy seconds
    -- Sean Avery

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  • It didn't feel like it was anything too major, but if you had to look at one hit that would be it.
    -- Sidney Crosby

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  • I look at it as a challenge, ... I'm not going to put too much added pressure on myself. I want to play in the NHL, and after that [happens], I can worry about things beyond that.
    -- Sidney Crosby

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  • By the age of 18, the average American has witnessed 200,000 acts of violence on television, most of them occurring during Game 1 of an NHL playoff series.
    -- Steve Rushin

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  • Very few cities in the NHL have the history or the following of the Detroit Red Wings.
    -- Steve Yzerman

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  • My first season Butch Bouchard accidentally sent me to the hospital for three days with a concussion, but I never backed away from Butch or anyone else after I came back.
    -- Ted Lindsay

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  • I go from locker to locker, pretending the guys are here. You know, give them a little bit of a pep talk. It must be working, because we haven't lost a game yet.
    -- Tom McVie

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  • If We Lose...We're All Screwed.
    -- Tony Amonte

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  • I applied a lot of the same principles I used in hockey into my acting. I might have had some naive ambitions of making the NHL, but thank God, playing hockey gave me a good foundation for everything else.
    -- Vincent Piazza

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  • Ovechkin does not play like a Russian. He plays like an NHL player.
    -- Vladislav Tretiak

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  • I told her they must all be sold out.
    -- Wade Belak

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  • I have absolutely no complaints about my life. But people think I got handed everything, all this kind of fell in my lap, that I was just God-gifted with all this talent. I wanted people to realize it's a lot tougher than just waking up one day and you're in the NHL.
    -- Wayne Gretzky

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  • If I had to pick three players to start a franchise, I'd choose Hasek, Peter Forsberg and Eric Lindros.
    -- Wayne Gretzky

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  • Eight days ago, we were the toast of the town. Eight days later we're Thanksgiving turkeys.
    -- Wayne Gretzky

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  • When I broke into professional hockey at 17 I was told that I was too small and too slow and I wouldn't make the NHL. Now it's kind of flip-flopped and the sense is I can't be a good coach because I was a great athlete.
    -- Wayne Gretzky

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  • I'm very proud of our NHL players. I think they all handle themselves extremely well and they all work really hard.
    -- Wayne Gretzky

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  • It's an honour and a thrill and a privilege just to play in the NHL.
    -- Wayne Gretzky

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  • Listen, everything I have in my life is because of the NHL and because of hockey, and I love the game and I loved every minute of being a player, I loved coaching, I loved being involved in the NHL.
    -- Wayne Gretzky

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  • At the end of the day everybody lost. We almost crippled our industry. It was very disappointing what happened.
    -- Wayne Gretzky

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  • It's kind of ironic when I broke in at 17, I was told I was too small, too slow and I wouldn't make the NHL
    -- Wayne Gretzky

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  • The hockey lockout of 1994 - 1995 has been settled. They have stopped bickering... and can now get down to some serious bloodshed!
    -- Conan O'Brien

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  • Being in the flow of play, always follow the puck and be set early. It's something you don't think about because you think you have all those little things mastered when you get to [the NHL]. It comes back to being ready for any shot, no matter where it is from the [centre] red line in, and always having your stick on the ice. It's a subtle difference that makes you feel so involved in the game and it's really helped me.
    -- Jake Allen

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  • The greatest athletes in the world play in the NHL there is no question about that.
    -- Joe Bowen

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  • I don't want to talk about today's market anymore because nobody can make sense of what the market is. It's all over the map. There's a bunch of lunatics out there throwing money away. I'm sick and tired of it. It's lunacy. Punch me in the head and tell me I'm stupid, but that's the way I feel. There's no sense to it anymore.
    -- Kevin Lowe

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  • You have Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan... and Mario Lemieux. He's the best in hockey, in my opinion.
    -- Kordell Stewart

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  • The NHL is the best league in the world, but it's a grind. You sometimes forget, especially if you are losing, or missing the playoffs ... how fun this game can be.
    -- Thomas Vanek

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  • Just use the same quotes. It's the same story.
    -- Bryan Murray

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  • I feel more comfortable confidence-wise. You get to the NHL, and you're nervous about trying things. With experience, you're not as afraid of being creative.
    -- Martin St. Louis

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  • I mean the NHL never called me and wanted me to show up at the draft.
    -- P. K. Subban

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  • It is an immense privilege to be able to play in the NHL. I was very blessed and a lot of things went my way to be able to make it.
    -- Pat LaFontaine

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  • I went from junior hockey to the World Junior Championships to the combine and the draft, to the Blackhawks camp, and then a full NHL season and then the World Championships. At nineteen, that's exhausting.
    -- Patrick Kane

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  • You know there are so many people that have touched your life both on the ice and within your career in the NHL whether it be owners, GMs, coaches, players, trainers, all the way down. And that doesn't even account for all of the people that you encountered outside of the game that you met along this trip, too.
    -- Ron Francis

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  • I think any time you play your first NHL game, you remember that.
    -- Ron Francis

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  • I played my age. Not bad.
    -- Ron Francis

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