Sorcery quotes

  • Where lies the line between sorcery and science? It is only a matter of terminology, my friend.
    -- Alan Dean Foster

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  • To handle a language skillfully is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.
    -- Charles Baudelaire

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  • There is a word, in a verb, something sacred which forbids us from using it recklessly.  To handle a language cunningly is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.
    -- Charles Baudelaire

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  • Sorcery is the sauce fools spoon over failure to hide the flavor of their own incompetence.
    -- George R. R. Martin

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  • Sorcery: the systematic cultivation of enhanced consciousness or non-ordinary awareness & its deployment in the world of deeds & objects to bring about desired results.
    -- Hakim Bey

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  • If the world is a game whose rules are written by the God, and sorcerers are those who cheat and cheat, then who has written the rules of sorcery?
    -- R. Scott Bakker

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  • He who confesses magic or sorcery shall do penance for the time of murder, and shall be treated in the same manner as he who convicts himself of this sin.
    -- Saint Basil

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  • He got up and walked out, so I missed seeing the powerful sorcerer doing his powerful sorcery, which would have involved him closing his eyes and then, I don't know, maybe taking a deep breath or something.
    -- Steven Brust

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  • To deny the possibility, nay, the actual existence of witchcraft and sorcery, is at once flatly to contradict the revealed word of God in various passages both of the Old and New Testament, and the thing itself is a Truth to which every nation in the world hath, in its turn, borne testimony, by either example seemingly well attested or by prohibitory laws, which at least suppose the possibility of a commerce with evil spirits.
    -- William Blackstone

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  • I usually say I did the best I could with what I had. I have no major regrets.

  • When I was teaching at the University of Tehran we were struggling against the implementation of the revolution rules.

  • The [character] that I was able to crawl into the most was Lilo from Lilo & Stitch. This was sort of a cartoony-looking girl, but her problems were completely real. Her funky world that she createdI mean, you know kids like that. It was very honest and genuine and I wanted to do an honest job, so I thought about the character a lot before I animated it. I really got into the character, where [I] almost felt that pain that she had. The loss of the parents - you need to feel all that. That was a big learning experience for me.

  • Nothing annoys a 'progressive' like refugees from Communism, who give the lie to the Great Socialist Dream.

  • For someone who'e smarter than a supercomputer, sometimes you're a real idiot.

  • We achieve more than we know. We know more than we understand. We understand more than we can explain.

  • I mean, sleeping with the same woman, night after night. Boring!

  • Everything always gets crazy at the end. You just have to keep going, regardless of how awful it gets. So that's what I do.

  • To be as good as it can be, a team has to buy into what you as the coach are doing. They have to feel you're a part of them and they're a part of you.

  • Nothing is text but what is spoken of in the Bible and meant there for person and place; the rest is application; which a discreet man may do well; but it is his scripture, not the Holy Ghost's. First, in your sermons use your logic, and then your rhetoric; rhetoric without logic is like a tree with leaves and blossoms, but no root.