Aaron Ashmore quotes

  • Sometimes when it comes to the iconic kind of moments, when I read the script for the first time, you get little goose bumps or something because it really is kind of exciting.
    -- Aaron Ashmore

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  • Personally, I really enjoy sci-fi. I watch it, I read comic books, and I play video games. I love this kind of world, so too be able to work in it is a dream. I enjoy it.
    -- Aaron Ashmore

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  • So many people love sci-fi, and they're so loyal.
    -- Aaron Ashmore

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  • It's really nice when you can sit down with somebody and just talk to them, and talk about your ideas and what you think the character is, and they respond to it. It's a really nice way to do it, but it doesn't happen very often.
    -- Aaron Ashmore

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  • There are so many sci-fi fans and it's such a big business now. So many people love sci-fi, and they're so loyal. I would be lying if I said that the fact that I had been on a very popular sci-fi show and had some recognition in that world didn't help me get the job on another sci-fi show.
    -- Aaron Ashmore

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  • With a popular show, you know that there's expectations there, so that's a little nerve-wracking when you're new and you're just trying to find your legs on something, but it's exciting, too, because that's what we work so hard for.
    -- Aaron Ashmore

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  • I speak in a loud, clear voice and try not to bump into the furniture.

  • If you never bump into the devil, it’s because you’re going in the same direction.

  • Every 20 minutes you've got to have a bump, you've got to have a change in course, you've got to unsettle the audience. It can't be too predictable so something has to happen. I think that was something that Hitchcock did very well too. You couldn't let an audience feel too settled in.

  • Step into this experience with the goose bumps in your heartbeat

  • It’s for you to decide whether change is right for you right now. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But either way keep the growth mindset in your thoughts then when you bump up against obstacles you can turn to it, it will always be there for you showing you a path into the future.

  • Some men, like spaniels, will only fawn the more when repulsed, but will pay little heed to a friendly caress.

  • Of course, I'm not allowed to talk about the script, but I can say it is a really good story.

  • Whether I'm interested [in something] or not, step one is read the script and figure out if a character is someone I'd want to explore or not.

  • When I started out, nobody gave me scripts, so I had to write.

  • I like it when you read a script and there's the part that you show to the other characters and then there's the part that only the audience knows.