Frank Welker quotes

  • One thing that seems to surprise the studios is finding out later my willingness to audition. Under the right circumstances, I actually enjoy it very much.
    -- Frank Welker

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  • Normally I play dads, good guys, and little animals.
    -- Frank Welker

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  • I have worked alone and with a cast and enjoy the process both ways. There is more back-and-forth with a full cast, and you can feed off the other actors performance.
    -- Frank Welker

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  • I like looking at the characters. Seeing them always brings up some voice or attitude. I am much more visual, and that works so much better than having someone tell me what the character is all about.
    -- Frank Welker

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  • I have this peculiar ability to be able to anticipate mouth movements on screen and fill them with words or sound.
    -- Frank Welker

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  • Through the miracles of modern medicine George Burns still chases pretty girls, and through the miracle of modern psychiatry he intends to find out why!
    -- Frank Welker

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  • I don't have a problem with big name actors coming into animation. It actually has been done for years and we are after all actors, it is just a different medium that requires a different technique.
    -- Frank Welker

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  • I've gotten a lot more comfortable with the audition process, but there's something that really turned me off initially when I was younger, to auditioning. The idea that I couldn't get to the person that was actually making the film really frustrated me.

  • I've always done pretty well in auditions. I just go in and give it my best shot.

  • I missed a lot of school for auditions, but other than that I had a very normal childhood.

  • It was a mixed blessing to have famous parents. It was tough to go to auditions and be bad, since I couldn't be anonymous.

  • Im really bad at tests of any kind, so Im bad at auditions. I consider myself educated most of the time, but when Im under the gun, I just fail.

  • I've never played Scots or got the chance to do my Scottish accent. I'm always trying it out in auditions, but they always say no. I'd love to act in a Scottish accent for once.

  • I'm horrible at auditions anyway. Maybe that's why I never got anything.

  • the cynic is a coward. He foresees all barrenness so that barrenness can never surprise him.

  • Familiarity with nature never breeds contempt. The more one learns, the more one expects surprises, and the more one becomes aware of the inscrutable.

  • Enjoy every minute. There's plenty of time to be dead.