Amanda Crew quotes

  • Life is too short to be doing work that doesn't make you feel happy and fulfilled. I'd rather wait for the right project, as opposed to just taking whatever is handed to me.
    -- Amanda Crew

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  • At some point, we all have to let go.
    -- Amanda Crew

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  • I'm a big thinker, and sometimes I think too much, and my brain can get in the way of myself.
    -- Amanda Crew

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  • I think the hardest obstacles, actually, are probably ones I've put on myself. I push myself really hard, and I think that's why I've been able to accomplish certain things.
    -- Amanda Crew

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  • I've always been into the not stereotypical hunk guy - I'm into dorky, like I call it adorkable. And I think that a lot of girls are into that. I think there's something disarming about it and endearing and also puts you at ease and there's an attractiveness there - it's like a good sense of humor, self-deprecating, weirdness. You know? Because I think we all have that in ourselves, but we just try to hide it because it's not "cool," but a lot of people can kind of relate to that feeling or the outsider feeling.
    -- Amanda Crew

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  • If my body needs something, I need to give it that.
    -- Amanda Crew

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  • My biggest beauty tip would be exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation! After a lifetime of almost no breakouts, I learned that if you don't exfoliate, your skin has a hard time shedding the old skin and therefore clogs your pores and causes zits.
    -- Amanda Crew

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  • I'm still vegetarian - no, pescatarian, because I eat fish. I eat pretty much vegan at home, but when I'm on the road, I'm a bit more flexible. That was the kind of thing I learned as I got older - being flexible with it and listening to my body.
    -- Amanda Crew

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  • Whenever possible, I try to get a professional to do my makeup, because the idea of putting together a flawless look intimidates me. I like to be open to a makeup artist's ideas on the look they want to create, but I always ask to keep my foundation pretty lightweight and luminescent.
    -- Amanda Crew

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  • Life is too short to be little. Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and with fervor.

  • Life is too short to miss out on the beautiful things like a double cheeseburger.

  • I'm not someone who dwells upon past events, taking the view that life is too short

  • Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.

  • My father worked on assembly lines in Detroit while I was growing up. Every day, I watched him do what he needed to do to support the family. But he told me, 'Life is short. Do what you want to do.'

  • Life is short. Eternity is long.

  • Life is short and so is money.

  • Wait, so @ToysRUs pulled all of the Breaking Bad figures from their shelves and still sells Barbie? Hmmmm...I wonder what is more damaging?

  • Everything comes to the man who won't wait.

  • I'm waiting for the time when I fail - because we all fail - and I'm ready, I'll take up carpentry.