Thomas Middleditch quotes

  • I make very basic country rustic furniture.
    -- Thomas Middleditch

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  • Chicago was where I realized that improv is its own thing, its own art form. And through that, you kind of develop a work ethic of not selling it short.
    -- Thomas Middleditch

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  • I think that even knocking on the door allows you to understand a little bit of that kind of stuff. Mainly what Silicon Valley has taught me, in that respect, is the business side of it, with that gold rush element as opposed to creating software.
    -- Thomas Middleditch

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  • I've always been a gamer. I play a version of Dungeons & Dragons.
    -- Thomas Middleditch

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  • T.J. Miller and Kumail Nanjiani I met when I was in Chicago, learning how to do comedy.
    -- Thomas Middleditch

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  • In order to put it into perspective, as an actor, it's super hard to get on a TV show. If you get on one, it's super hard for that show to be reasonably successful. All of that, on paper, seems pretty special. It's the sum of the parts, really. To roll the dice and come up with this particular show is pretty fortunate. I'm very happy about Silicon Valley series. It's changed everything for me.
    -- Thomas Middleditch

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  • I think in this country we're committed to developing plays, and many plays I've seen have been rewritten too much. The scenes are tight, the play ends at the right time, you know exactly what the scene is about, but it seems flat; you can almost see that too many hands have been on the play. The individual voice is gone.

  • I am raising my voice as a citizen of the country. I don?t want to enter politics.

  • When you take a tree that is rooted in the ground, and transfer it from one place to another, the tree will no longer bear fruit. And if it does, the fruit will not be as good as it was in its original place. This is a rule of nature. I think if I had left my country, I would be the same as the tree.

  • It is always the young that make the change. You don't get these ideas when you're middle-aged. Young people have daring, creativity, imagination and personal computers. Above all, what you have as young people that's vitally needed to make social change, is impatience. You want it to happen now. There have to be enough people that say, ‘We want it now, in our lifetime.’ This is your moment. This is your opportunity. Be adventurists in the sense of being bold and daring. Be opportunists and seize this opportunity, this moment in history, to go out and save our country. It's your turn now.

  • There are always different influences each season. It could be a person, it could be a piece of furniture; it depends on what I'm obsessing about.

  • Photography is 1% talent and 99% moving furniture.

  • They say that the best furniture and clothing design from the '50s and '60s is Scandinavian or Milanese.

  • I am a proud participant of the Spencer Tracy School of Acting: Know your lines, don't bump into the furniture.

  • The attitude and capacity of the factory, the old metal table and the new ideas of the wooden furniture quickly and naturally suggested the possibility of metal furniture.

  • I love how Jamie Oliver makes seasonal, local foods in a rustic way, without a lot of fuss.