Mark Emmert quotes

  • Simply put, success in LSU football is essential for the success of Louisiana State University.
    -- Mark Emmert

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  • For next several years PSU can focus on rebuilding its athletic culture, not worrying about whether it's going to a bowl game.
    -- Mark Emmert

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  • To convert college sports into professional sports would be tantamount to converting it into minor league sports. And we know that in the U.S., minor league sports aren’t very successful either for fan support or for the fan experience.
    -- Mark Emmert

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  • USC is the National Champion like Al Gore is the President of the United States.
    -- Mark Emmert

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  • The gut-check message is do we have the right balance in our culture? Or are we in a position where hero worship and winning at all costs has subordinated our core values?
    -- Mark Emmert

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  • There were moments when I wondered at the gossamer veil that stops licence from being libel. I suspect that taking on the job of England manager puts you outside the protection of the courts. It must be part of the job description that you will be held hostage by media speculation and can have your character tortured, molested and finally executed at the public whim, in exchange for a lifetime's supply of money.

  • There's a certain amount of one-way shirt swapping going on.

  • My dad means a lot to me. He's the one who put a football in my hands.

  • All these freshmen have come in here and worked hard from the beginning. I can't say enough good things about them. They were the No. 1 recruiting class in the country and they're confidant. They know they are the best. That doesn't mean they slack off. They work really hard. Now it's time to go out there and compete.

  • Once you can't hear, it really doesn't matter how much louder one place is than the other Death Valley, when it gets rocking at night, it's a different animal. I've played there in the daytime as well and it's just a different animal at nighttime.

  • I do not know what to think of it. We are working hard and improving and we just need to execute better.

  • My first few plays took place in the South and even The Lucky Spot was in the thirties but in Louisiana.

  • As everyone in Louisiana knows, there was often no communication or coordination between the state and federal government in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

  • My SUV, assuming Hummer comes out with a model for those who find the current ones too cramped, will look something like the Louisiana Superdome on wheels. It'll guzzle so much gas as I walk out to my driveway there will be squads of Saudi princes gaping and applauding. It'll come, when I buy it, with little Hondas and Mazdas already embedded in the front grillwork.

  • One of these days the people of Louisiana are going to get good government - and they aren't going to like it.

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