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  • All these freshmen have come in here and worked hard from the beginning. I can't say enough good things about them. They were the No. 1 recruiting class in the country and they're confidant. They know they are the best. That doesn't mean they slack off. They work really hard. Now it's time to go out there and compete.
    -- Alex Bregman

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  • It's a little different being the older guys on the team. We are going to help get the young guys get comfortable. We'll have to get them used to what they will face out there this season. There are some good guys out there. They know what they have to do to win.
    -- Andrew Stevenson

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  • We have some fast guys out there. It's always fun to compete with each other at practice in the outfield. It's going to be a fun year out there.
    -- Andrew Stevenson

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  • Dracula and LSU Football are at their best after the sun goes down.
    -- Beano Cook

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  • Being inside Tiger Stadium is like being on the inside of a drum.
    -- Bear Bryant

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  • It was like the Colosseum in Rome and we were the Christians.
    -- Bobby Dodd

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  • The toughest place to play in the SEC is LSU, Death Valley. The fans there are relentless. They don't stop at all. They keep going.
    -- Darren McFadden

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  • Once you can't hear, it really doesn't matter how much louder one place is than the other Death Valley, when it gets rocking at night, it's a different animal. I've played there in the daytime as well and it's just a different animal at nighttime.
    -- Doug Johnson

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  • It's what you'd expect out of Baton Rouge: people tailgating with shrimp étouffée, everything from alligators roasting on a barbecue to dishes that you would get in the French Quarter. These people are serious and they are legit and they're ready to go.
    -- Erin Andrews

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  • I grew up knowing a lot about LSU watching them on TV. They were always on TVI had a bunch of friends and family at LSU. It's a cool stadium. I never got to go to it. I heard it's really a special place. It's a big place. It's intimidating. It's loud. We have to play really good there. I'm looking forward to playing there.
    -- Johnny Manziel

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  • I wouldn't want to play LSU right now even if I were the Indianapolis Colts.
    -- Lee Corso

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  • Ted, damned if I'm not impressed with your candor!
    -- Les Miles

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  • I think there are some things that we got accomplished in the last two weeks. Our defending was good and our offensive line took some strides, but we will look at it and analyze it so it will be a long day tomorrow.
    -- Les Miles

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  • You hope you can fix it with the personnel that you have. On offense, we are doing some great things, but we did not execute. This group of men that I represent likes to work hard.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I do not know what to think of it. We are working hard and improving and we just need to execute better.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I do not think the crowd affected us, but the position of being in a big time game may well have affected us.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I am disappointed, but I am realistic too. When you put your defense back on the field repeatedly, the offense needs to do its job and the defense needs to get itself off the field.
    -- Les Miles

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  • He seems faster too me. He could get seven to 10 yards in a pretty comfortable fashion. I went up to our defense and said `Hey guys, that guy is pretty fast.'
    -- Les Miles

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  • We threw passes enough that we were prime to catch them and get up to speed. I think we will be fine there.
    -- Les Miles

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  • What happened there was they were moving the chains and we had the call made. We were really trying to get two plays if we could have rather than use the timeout thereafter.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I think all of our guys work hard and want to improve. They want answers, and the film will be the answer. The coaches will collect it and get better. I do not think anybody wants a rebuilding year. That's not something that I have ever said.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I think we are trying to improve for next week. Period. I do not think anybody is thinking about anything else.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I'maa tell you right now as an experience, dammit, I'm going to enjoy that one as much as I hate to admit it.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I have a little tradition that humbles me as a man that lets me know I'm a part of the field and a part of the game, and it's the very bottom as well as the very top. Yeah, it's going to be all over the internet. You know what? You should've seen some games before this. I'll tell you one thing, the grass at Tiger Stadium tastes best.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I'd be the first one to tell you that I would like to think that I had called timeout before that. I can't imagine that I did not. I can't tell you that I did, and that's my issue.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I just want to remind everybody that it's Columbus Day. That all those of you that know Italians and like Italians are the people that might venture on to a ship and travel to explore and find new lands, this is your day. It's not St. Patty's Day. That's a different day entirely.
    -- Les Miles

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  • Jamie Keehn, our second Australian punter. Again, you have to learn the language. You just can't speak to those guys. You have to know how to speak Australian. ... Australians have a higher voice. When you just speak regular English, it doesn't quite get across. Of course, we've had experience with our Australians, so we're pretty comfortable with adjusting our dialect so that it fits the ability to communicate.
    -- Les Miles

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  • Ryan Baker sustained a penalty of play, and we withheld him from play today based on the rules violation.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I'm busy. Thank you very much. Have a great day.
    -- Les Miles

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  • I can tell you there is no finer stadium to play in. The traditions that they place in that stadium like when they announce that it's Saturday night in Death Valley, when the band plays, when that crowd stands and cheers for the Tigers, there is no place like it in America.
    -- Les Miles

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  • They're great kids, great young people, and they fight like hell.
    -- Les Miles

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  • Simply put, success in LSU football is essential for the success of Louisiana State University.
    -- Mark Emmert

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  • USC is the National Champion like Al Gore is the President of the United States.
    -- Mark Emmert

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  • We are going to Baton Rouge and one of the most storied stadiums in the country, a place I can truthfully say is the loudest place I've ever been.
    -- Mark Richt

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  • Usually when the opposing team does well, the crowd quiets down. All I began to hear was a chant 'L-S-U, L-S-U.' It got louder and louder and louder. It was the loudest I've ever heard a stadium.
    -- Mark Richt

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  • Two reasons I come down here every year: the food and there are multiple guys here every year.
    -- Mike Tomlin

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  • Woods pumped both fists and yelled, as jacked as you'll ever see him. But the crowd explosion drowned out whatever was coming out of his mouth. It was the closest golf has ever come to sounding like fourth-and-goal at LSU's Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night.
    -- Pat Forde

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  • LSU fans have descended upon Dallas and reminded us of this truth: when it comes to partying, they're the pros and we're all amateurs.
    -- Pat Forde

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  • From Bourbon Street to Baton Rouge, the freaks come out at night in Louisiana. And nowhere are they more raucous and unnerving than at Tiger Stadium.
    -- Pat Forde

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  • We're not anxious to play L.S.U. again.
    -- Steve Spurrier

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  • I absolutely love doing games in Baton Rouge. Night games in Tiger Stadium are a spectacle and the food choices all around are fantastic! One thing is certain: if I ever choose to feature a tailgating spread for Taste of the Town, LSU will be at the top of the list.
    -- Todd Blackledge

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  • What makes LSU is the environment and the fans and those guys wearing the jerseys. They're really good players.
    -- Urban Meyer

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  • It was electric. When Death Valley is rocking, it seems as if it might actually take flight. On Saturday, I went back to Baton Rouge to see Alabama barely beat LSU, and was, once again, reminded that Tiger Stadium is the best place in the world to watch a sporting event. ... I'm not sure what it was like to walk into the Coliseum, but I bet it was something like this.
    -- Wright Thompson

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  • I've always loved empty stadiums, none more than this one. It feels alive when it's packed and now it looks like it's resting, waiting for next week. This building has seen a lot of things. Billy Cannon's punt return, a crowd so loud it registered on the Richter Scale up the street at the geology department. It's as if all that history leaves Tiger Stadium tired and so it needs to recharge until it's time to wake and do it again.
    -- Wright Thompson

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  • LSU would be a good place to stand during a lightning storm.
    -- Mike Leach

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  • No one calls me out, I'm from LSU.
    -- Shaquille O'Neal

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  • He seemed very calm. He was controlling of the offense, making call and checks and things like that. But things happen and we have to readjust and come back stronger every series and at times we failed to do that as an offense. But we need to improve on that. It's something we need to learn from and the type of guys we have on this team, the character, I see us really improving from this.
    -- Vadal Alexander

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  • Anthony came in and played well. We know that both of our quarterback have the ability to play well so we just have some things we need to improve on as the weeks go on.
    -- Vadal Alexander

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  • Just executing better. Getting into plays that help the offense as a whole, knowing our assignments better and just starting off stronger as you know we've struggled to do at times.
    -- Vadal Alexander

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  • Nothing like tailgating on the Bayou. LSU is my personal favorite. Maybe it's my penchant for the spicy stuff. But there's nothing like sampling a little gumbo, a little jambalaya and then diving face-first in to a shrimp boil. The aroma just walking through the parking lot of Tiger Stadium stays with you the whole day, and the LSU fans get there early and stay late.
    -- Chris Lowe

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  • Going to LSU was the right move for me. It taught me to be independent.
    -- Seimone Augustus

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  • What we do at LSU is to develop players and make them better.
    -- John Brady

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