John Humphrys quotes

  • It is the relentless onward march of the texters, the SMS (Short Message Service) vandals who are doing to our language what Genghis Khan did to his neighbours 800 years ago. They are destroying it: pillaging our punctuation; savaging our sentences; raping our vocabulary. And they must be stopped.
    -- John Humphrys

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  • The BBC has tended over the years to be broadly liberal as opposed to broadly conservative for all sorts of perfectly understandable reasons. The sort of people we've recruited - the best and the brightest - tended to come from universities and backgrounds where they're more likely to hold broadly liberal views than conservative.
    -- John Humphrys

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  • It is largely on television and radio that real probing of what politicians are up to has to happen.
    -- John Humphrys

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  • It is no good saying we [journalists] must report only what is true because what is true cannot always be proven.
    -- John Humphrys


  • The good television of today is probably better than the best television of the old days. The bad television of today is worse. It is not only bad, it is damaging, meretricious, seedy and cynical.
    -- John Humphrys

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  • If the semicolon is one of the neglected children in the family of punctuation marks these days, told to stay in its room and entertain itself, because mummy and daddy are busy, the apostrophe is the abused victim.
    -- John Humphrys

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  • Think about how much skateboarding opens your eyes to see the world differently.
    -- John Humphrys

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  • My Vocabularies vary, its so exclusionary You'll find my baby pictures in modern dictionaries Next to mighty mercenaries, and visual visionaries

  • Appetites have only one word in their vocabulary - MORE. Appetites are never fully and finally satisfied. Even after the most satisfying meal imaginable, we eventually find ourselves rummaging through the pantry for a snack.

  • We must never forget that Christ did not suffer just during His three years of public ministry or the last few days of His life when He was crucified. No, He suffered throughout His life on earth. He who was without sin lived daily with the corruption and sinfulness of lost humanity.

  • Now, of my threescore years and ten, Twenty will not come again.

  • I first read science fiction in the old British Chum annual when I was about 12 years old.

  • Med students panic their first year when they learn all the diseases. It's not until the second year that they learn the cures.

  • Oh, that [his Thanksgiving Message] is some of Seward's nonsense, and it pleases the fools.

  • To me a book is a message from the gods to mankind; or, if not, should never be published at all.

  • It's funny how the littlest things can make you feel larger than life; the right lyric, the most heartfelt melody, the clearest message. Love.

  • Every evil screams only one message: 'I am good.'