Glee quotes

  • I always wanted to be on Glee. As soon as the pilot aired, I said I needed to be on the show.
    -- Alex Newell

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  • Of course I took something from the [Glee set]. I took my entire shoe collection, that's all I would ever need.
    -- Alex Newell

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  • I know some of those 'Glee' people, and they can really sing! I wish we could hear them live, because I know some of them and they can really sing like nobody's business.
    -- Anika

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  • Most novels I come across have all the excitement of a long trip on a bus with a sensitive glee club. Yammer and chat.
    -- Barry Hannah

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  • Swelling in anger or sparkling in glee.
    -- Bayard Taylor

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  • Israel being condemned by the EU, which 66 years ago watched with glee as its Jews were being mass murdered. That is pretty rich.
    -- Ben Stein

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  • I want to be in 'Glee,' but I'm told I'm not famous enough to be a cameo yet.
    -- Carey Mulligan

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  • I'm a big fan of 'Glee.' I think it's really smart. And I think it's well-timed. But you can't not be surprised at the reception this show's received. It's really something else.
    -- Cory Monteith

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  • But when the 'Glee' audition came around, my manager literally had to talk me into it. I was petrified to sing in front of anyone.
    -- Cory Monteith

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  • Yeah, there has been alot of changes in my life since I started glee...I bought a new sweater...
    -- Darren Criss

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  • Glee is more then just a show now. It's become a wonderful culture celebrating the underdog and glorifying individuality.
    -- Darren Criss

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  • I'm not a song and dance man, so you're not going to see me on 'Glee' anytime soon. If you want that show to continue, keep me far away from it.
    -- Dean Cain

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  • You don't always have to go so far as to murder your darlings – those turns of phrase or images of which you felt extra proud when they appeared on the page – but go back and look at them with a very beady eye. Almost always it turns out that they'd be better dead. (Not every little twinge of satisfaction is suspect – it's the ones which amount to a sort of smug glee you must watch out for.
    -- Diana Athill

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  • I sold my first screenplay six months before 'Glee,' but they had the option for a year and now it's back with me.
    -- Dianna Agron

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  • There was this project I really wanted before 'Glee' and I didn't get cast - I went in about 13 times and I was so bummed when I didn't get it. But then a month later I got cast on 'Glee,' and I felt like it was meant to happen.
    -- Dianna Agron

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  • Then came October, full of merry glee.
    -- Edmund Spenser

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  • The Danish glee: the national version of cheerfulness.
    -- Georg Brandes

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  • I think 'Glee' was a freshman comedy, and I think whenever it's your debut season, you get compared a lot to the other shows, regardless if there's any sort of overlap in content or tone or anything, just because you came out in the same year.
    -- Gillian Jacobs

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  • Glee' found me. I didn't really go looking for it.
    -- Grant Gustin

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  • I've never been passionate about just music, I've never seen myself going into music in that sense. My love for music has always been connected to the stories told through music, which is why I was drawn to theater and why I think 'Glee' is so powerful.
    -- Grant Gustin

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  • When chess masters err, ordinary wood pushers tend to derive a measure of satisfaction, if not actual glee.
    -- Israel Albert Horowitz

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  • Being in the limelight with 'Glee,' I've definitely felt pressure to stay fit. But honestly, you have to ignore it.
    -- Jenna Ushkowitz

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  • Sometimes I even work out to 'Glee' songs to keep me going.
    -- Jenna Ushkowitz

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  • I would definitely say that I am a very big movie musical fan in general, and I try to see every one that I possibly can - and 'Glee' every week.
    -- Jennifer Love Hewitt

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  • I went to Broadway and I've been doing some fun guest spots with 'Entourage' and 'Glee' and I'm ready to have my own show.
    -- John Stamos

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  • We didn't have a glee club at my school. It depends on what area of the States you're from. It's more in the Midwest.
    -- Jonathan Groff

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  • If I were to be back on Glee, I would like to spend some time with Lea Michele because I love her and we go way back.
    -- Jonathan Groff

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  • I have never actually watched 'Glee.' I have heard it is just fantastic.
    -- Justin Bartha

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  • I love working on 'Glee,' and I hope that there are more and more parts for me and other actors with Down syndrome in television and in movies so I can keep working for a long, long time.
    -- Lauren Potter

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  • I would love Kate Middleton to be in 'Glee.' Wouldn't that be fantastic? That would be great.
    -- Lea Michele

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  • When it comes to 'Glee,' I feel like I've been in a relationship, and now I can mingle a bit.
    -- Lea Michele

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  • 'Glee' has made me feel beautiful.
    -- Lea Michele

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  • If you think that there are actually covers that we haven't done on 'Glee' that I could then put on an album... We've done everything! Pretty soon we're just going to have to start doing opera and stuff on the show.
    -- Lea Michele

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  • Be kind to thy father, for when thou were young, who loved thee so fondly as he? He caught the first accents that fell from thy tongue, and joined in thy innocent glee.
    -- Margaret Ann Courtney

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  • Trella! You’re here,” he said with glee. “Even though I’m not as smart as you, I do know where I am.
    -- Maria V. Snyder

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  • Today is a day for sober and mature reflection, not glee. Mindless celebration is both spiritually inappropriate and politically naive.
    -- Marianne Williamson

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  • I still sing. I don't know if I'm going to sing on 'Glee' or 'New Normal.
    -- NeNe Leakes

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  • . . . she read with undifferentiated glee . . .
    -- Sebastian Faulks


  • She has the voice of God.Someone asked me what I liked about working on Glee - I get to hear Lea Michele sing - a lot .
    -- Stephen Tobolowsky

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  • My favorite TV show is probably 'Glee.' I'm a Gleek, like everyone else!
    -- Victoria Justice

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  • I listen to Glee songs a lot. I like their rendition of "Bust the Window Out Your Car."
    -- Coco Jones

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  • I am more into things like CSI, but then Glee started and I was like, "Oh this is different."
    -- Charice Pempengco

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  • I was on Twitter and I saw that I had over 1,000 responses and I was like "OK, something happened," so I opened it and it was like "Charice on Glee!" I didn't get an e-mail from the show so I wasn't tweeting at that time. I just watched my fans tweet. And then after about 30 minutes the show e-mailed me and said congratulations.
    -- Charice Pempengco

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  • The general at the radar screenRubbed his hands with glee,And grinning pressed the buttonAnd started world war three.
    -- Roger McGough

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  • Even though 'Glee' is sometimes a hard road, I am very excited about writing a multi-year arc.
    -- Ryan Murphy

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  • 'Glee' found me. I didn't really go looking for it.
    -- Grant Gustin

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