Mobility quotes

  • America being behind France in upward mobility is a little bit like France being behind America in Croissants and Afternoon Sex.
    -- Arianna Huffington

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  • I've been talking about things like reversing the rise of inequality and strengthening social mobility,since before it was cool.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • The power of hanging Pawns is based precisely in their Mobility, in their Ability to create acute situations instantly.
    -- Boris Spassky

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  • No man can take your freedom from you. They can limit your mobility, but that's about all they can do
    -- Danielle Steel

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  • If you go on TV and say there's no other country in the world where you can be born poor and become rich, you get a huge megaphone. If you tell the truth, which is that most of the studies show actually the United States is worse than anybody except Britain in upward mobility, there is no audience for you.
    -- David Frum

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  • Individualism and mobility are at the core of American identity
    -- Deborah Tall

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  • Obstruction of mobility, where it occurs, is one of the most serious and intractable problems of industrial society.
    -- Ernest Gellner

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  • You once liked the blissful mobility, but then you wonder, who's the real you? And who's the chap on the screen? You know, I catch myself acting out my life like a ***** script.
    -- Errol Flynn

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  • To avoid each other, their eyes had developed an amazing mobility with all the cunning of enemies fearful of meeting each other head on.
    -- Guy de Maupassant

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  • Poles offer a mobility like that of the wind that blows over the immense plains and marches of Poland. Show a Pole a precipice, and he will leap headlong over it.
    -- Honore de Balzac

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  • The secret point of money and power in America is neither the things that money can buy nor power for power's sake but absolute personal freedom, mobility, privacy.
    -- Joan Didion

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  • Happy 60th Birthday, good buddy. How are you dealing with your awful debility, lessened utility and loss of mobility?
    -- John Walter Bratton

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  • When there is in nature no fixed condition, how much less must there be in the life of a people, beings endowed with mobility and movement!
    -- Jose Rizal

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  • We live in a world where great incompatibles co-exist: the human scale and the superhuman scale, stability and mobility, permanence and change, identity and anonymity, comprehensibility and universality.
    -- Kenzo Tange

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  • If we are serious about providing upward mobility and building a skilled workforce, pre-school is the place to begin.
    -- Madeleine M. Kunin

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  • The fire was followed by a period of grieving and then by an incredible lightness, freedom, and mobility.
    -- Martin Puryear

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  • Since 1970, relationships can be more volatile, jobs more ephemeral, geographical mobility more intensified, stability of marriage weaker.
    -- Mary Douglas

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  • The accumulation of cultural capital - the acquisition of knowledge - is the key to social mobility.
    -- Michael Gove

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  • Therefore, having obtained the opportunity from these sources, I too began to consider the mobility of the earth.
    -- Nicolaus Copernicus

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  • In the first book I shall describe all the positions of the spheres, along with the motions which I attribute to the Earth, so that the book will contain as it were the general structure of the universe. In the remaining books I relate the motions of the remaining stars, and all the spheres, to the mobility of the Earth, so that it can be thence established how far the motions and appearances of the remaining stars and spheres can be saved, if they are referred to the motions of the Earth.
    -- Nicolaus Copernicus

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  • In so many and such important ways, then, do the planets bear witness to the earth's mobility.
    -- Nicolaus Copernicus

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  • You cannot separate the buildings out from the infrastructure of cites and the mobility of transit.
    -- Norman Foster

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  • I'm not afraid of terrorism at all. I'm afraid of loss of our freedom, loss of mobility, loss of global comradeship.
    -- Patti Smith

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  • With a bike you go from zero to a hundred in terms of mobility.
    -- Robin Williams

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  • People are pissed off about the seemingly impossible goal of social mobility. their proposed solution is to take the wheels off the cart.
    -- Stan Lee

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  • Indias rigid social structure limits intergenerational economic mobility and fosters acceptance of vast wealth disparities.
    -- Steven Rattner

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  • In Full Frontal and K Street, I learned to take advantage of the mobility that digital provides.
    -- Steven Soderbergh

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  • I took my sight and mobility for granted.
    -- Sue Townsend

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  • I decided to write 'True Refuge' during a major dive in my own health. Diagnosed with a genetic disease that affected my mobility, I faced tremendous fear and grief about losing the fitness and physical freedom I loved.
    -- Tara Brach

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  • I would say that the Vietnamese should remember that they didn't have exactly the same mobility the way the Americans have. They didn't have the same kind of equipment that the Americans have and that they have to fight their own war.
    -- Bui Diem

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  • It isn't a given that the companies that provide mobility today will also be the ones to do so tomorrow. Every company has to work hard to make this happen.
    -- Norbert Reithofer

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