Want quotes

  • You, mad to expect repentance,Tear your robe all you want;I will never repent!
    -- Abu Nuwas

    #Mad #Tears #Want

  • By the time I'm 40, interplanetary travel will be common. Nobody will want to talk to me at that age, anyway.
    -- Ace Frehley

    #Age #Want #Common

  • I want certain things out of life. I want my grand kids, my kids' kids, being able to inherit what I've worked so hard to build.
    -- Ace Hood

    #Kids #Want #Able

  • I want to emphasize the idea of black as intellectuality and conventionality.
    -- Ad Reinhardt

    #Ideas #Black #Want

  • If some student came up and wanted to know where to study painting, you'd want to suggest someplace, but there's no place. I wouldn't know where to send a student to study.
    -- Ad Reinhardt

    #Want #Students #Study

  • I never am really satisfied that I understand anything; because, understand it well as I may, my comprehension can only be an infinitesimal fraction of all I want to understand about the many connections and relations which occur to me, how the matter in question was first thought of or arrived at, etc., etc.
    -- Ada Lovelace

    #Connections #May #Want

  • It's the same thing that drives people to want to experience sexual pleasure or have one too many drinks. We all want to experience the other, and to get out of our daily existence.
    -- Adam Arkin

    #People #Want #Drink

  • What hard evidence is there that Obama doesn't want ebola in America?
    -- Adam Baldwin

    #Ebola #America #Want

  • Speak the language of the person you want to become.
    -- Adam Braun

    #Want #Language #Speak

  • I'm not a non-profit person. I think of myself as an entrepreneur who wants to work on global education.
    -- Adam Braun

    #Thinking #Entrepreneur #Want

  • I worry that I can come off smarmy. I wonder if I was listening to myself if I'd want to kick my own ass.
    -- Adam Brody

    #Worry #Listening #Want

  • I just want to be in good things that I want to see, and I want to work with talented people who are smarter than myself.
    -- Adam Brody

    #People #Want #Good Things

  • I want to work for myself, and I do work for myself. I make plenty of money working for myself.
    -- Adam Carolla

    #Want #Plenty

  • I'm like John Q. Public. I represent what every guy wants and needs.
    -- Adam Carolla

    #Guy #Needs #Want

  • All TV is, is really: 'Don't you want to be this, aren't you glad you're not that.' There's nothing really in the middle.
    -- Adam Carolla

    #Want #Tvs #Middle

  • People want to be friends with someone who likes to have a good time.
    -- Adam DeVine

    #People #Want #Likes

  • I'm conflicted with theater in the city because you want to reach a diverse audience, and that audience doesn't typically go to the theater.
    -- Adam Driver

    #Cities #Want #Theater

  • Life is all about taking risk to get what you want.
    -- Adam Lambert

    #Risk #Want #Life Is

  • I get why certain actors want to stay in the closet.
    -- Adam Lambert

    #Actors #Want #Closets

  • How do I get it made? How do I get it seen? How do I get it in front of the people I want to serve?
    -- Adam Leipzig

    #People #Want #Made

  • I want to study marriage. I want to learn about it. I want to know it. I want to figure out whether or not I want to do it. I'm not just going to leap into it, because that's not good for anybody.
    -- Adam Levine

    #Want #Study #Figures

  • Any time Chris Nolan wants to call me for advice, he can.
    -- Adam McKay

    #Advice #Want #Call Me

  • Anytime I audition for something, it's always a question of whether or not the people I'm auditioning for understand I'm an improviser and I like to do that, and if they like that or if they just want someone who's going to do what's written.
    -- Adam Pally

    #People #Want #Auditions

  • Then it suddenly and theatrically began to clean itself in the way cats do when they want you to know what a big deal you aren't.
    -- Adam Rex

    #Cat #Want #Way

  • The Boov frowned. 'Everybodies always is wanting to make a clone for to doing their work. If you are not wanting to do your work, why would a clone of you want to do your work?
    -- Adam Rex


  • I don't want my kid to hear any of the albums that I've made.
    -- Adam Sandler

    #Kids #Albums #Want

  • I don't want want to go to jail, I'm fragile.
    -- Adam Sandler

    #Funny #Jail #Want

  • We want to get to a point where Twitter highlights lead to purchase of a live game
    -- Adam Silver

    #Games #Want #Highlights

  • Wherever there is great property there is great inequality. For one very rich man there must be at least five hundred poor, and the affluence of the few supposes the indigence of the many. The affluence of the rich excites the indignation of the poor, who are often both driven by want, and prompted by envy, to invade his possessions.
    -- Adam Smith

    #Men #Envy #Want

  • On stage, we just want to generate hysteria. We don't care about looking cool or posing.
    -- Ade Edmondson

    #Hysteria #Care #Want

  • I want to touch people's lives, and bring them along with me.
    -- Adelaide Kane

    #People #Want

  • I’ve seen people where it rules their lives, you know, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and how it wears them down. And I just don’t want that in my life.
    -- Adele

    #People #Want #Down And

  • I have never been insecure, ever, about how I look, about what I want to do with myself. My mum told me to only ever do things for myself, not for others.
    -- Adele

    #Insecure #Looks #Want

  • I want to go and see things as a fan again. I am a fan, but I can't remember what it feels like to be a fan anymore. Because I've become an artist. I've become the artist.
    -- Adele

    #Artist #Fans #Want

  • I want all the gold that there is out there — everything that exists in figure skating. In all events, in all competitions.
    -- Adelina Sotnikova

    #Competition #Gold #Want

  • Figure skating is not a hobby. Its my work, which I want to do, and do well.
    -- Adelina Sotnikova

    #Hobbies #Skating #Want

  • You mortgage yourself sometimes. You know what you want to do, then you balance it against paying the rent.
    -- Aden Young

    #Balance #Want #Sometimes

  • That's what you want art to do, to open people up and start conversations.
    -- Adepero Oduye

    #Art #People #Want

  • I just want to keep the diversity and the options open. In terms of what I'm looking for, I'd like to do a lead action role.
    -- Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

    #Diversity #Roles #Want

  • The crypto currency community hasn't decided whether they want to be anarchist rebels or to replace the establishment.
    -- Adi Shamir

    #Community #Rebel #Want

  • I think the Shiites want a theocracy.
    -- Adnan Pachachi

    #Thinking #Want #Theocracy

  • "He who wants to protect everything, protects nothing," is one of the fundamental rules of defense.
    -- Adolf Galland

    #Defense #Fundamentals #Want

  • The battle is tough but if you reach where you want to go, then at least in some sense it is worth it.
    -- Adolf Galland

    #Battle #Want #Tough

  • Kill, Destroy, Sack, Tell lie; how much you want after victory nobody asks why?
    -- Adolf Hitler

    #Lying #Victory #Want

  • if you want to shine like sun first you have to burn like it.
    -- Adolf Hitler

    #Inspirational #Shining #Want

  • The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.
    -- Adolf Hitler

    #Want #Lasts #Facts

  • I have no further interest in the Czecho-Slovakian State, that is guaranteed. We want no Czechs
    -- Adolf Hitler

    #War #World #Want

  • How to achieve the moral breakdown of the enemy before the war has started - that is the problem that interests me. Whoever has experienced war at the front will want to refrain from all avoidable bloodshed.
    -- Adolf Hitler

    #War #Enemy #Want

  • Swedes, we are not - Russians, we do not want to become ... so let us be Finnish.
    -- Adolf Ivar Arwidsson

    #Historical #Want #Finnish

  • To be on an island inhabited by artificial ghosts was the most unbearable of nightmares,- to be in love with one of those images was worse than being in love with a ghost (perhaps we always want the person we love to have the existenceof a ghost).
    -- Adolfo Bioy Casares

    #Being In Love #Islands #Want

  • Perhaps we always want the person we love, to have the existence of a ghost.
    -- Adolfo Bioy Casares

    #Want #Ghost #Existence

  • I want to express the utmost intensity of the color, bring out the quality, make it expressive.
    -- Adolph Gottlieb

    #Color #Quality #Want

  • I want to show people that environmentalism can be fun!
    -- Adrian Grenier

    #Fun #People #Want

  • Once you get into the habit of work, you can be more productive in the things you want to do.
    -- Adrian Grenier

    #Want #Habit #Productive

  • I use the language I use to my friends. They wouldn't believe me if I used some high-flown literary language. I want them to believe me.
    -- Adrian Mitchell

    #Believe #Use #Want

  • I want to speak, to sing to total strangers. It's my way of talking to the world.
    -- Adrian Mitchell

    #Talking #World #Want

  • The first two months were painful and they really tested my manhood because there were times I didn’t want to get up because I was in pain. That willpower has to kick in.
    -- Adrian Peterson

    #Pain #Two #Want

  • God only wants for us what we would want for ourselves if we were smart enough to want it.
    -- Adrian Rogers

    #Smart #Want #Enough

  • Satan wants to cripple me and then blame me for limping.
    -- Adrian Rogers

    #Want #Blame #Satan

  • Discipline says, 'I need to.' Duty says, 'I ought to.' Devotion says, 'I want to.'
    -- Adrian Rogers

    #Discipline #Needs #Want

  • What I want to be best at is being a dad. There's no room for sucky dads, and that's another thing I'm proud of my bandmates for - they're all really good parents.
    -- Adrian Young

    #Dad #Parent #Want

  • I eat everything I want on Christmas day. I really don't watch what I eat. It's not like you have #‎ Christmas every day!
    -- Adriana Lima

    #Watches #Want #Christmas Eve

  • What guides me is to do work that's more avant-garde - things that I think are special. You can easily become a celebrity and get caught up in all that blur. I just want to work and surprise myself.
    -- Adrien Brody

    #Thinking #Special #Want

  • The unconscious wants truth. It ceases to speak to those who want something else more than truth.
    -- Adrienne Rich

    #Truth #Want #Speak

  • If you want to know something, go elsewhere. If you want to un-know everything, then sit and listen.
    -- Adyashanti

    #Attachment #Want #Elsewhere

  • You have been trapped in the inescapable net of ruin by your own want of sense.
    -- Aeschylus

    #Literature #Want #Ruins

  • Much wants more and loses all.
    -- Aesop


  • The only thing I want is to awaken all humans on the planet that we are living on Mother Earth.
    -- Afrika Bambaataa

    #Mother #Earth #Want

  • Any woman can fool a man if she wants to and if he's in love with her.
    -- Agatha Christie

    #Men #Want #Fool

  • People have too many problems during the day; they don't want to think.
    -- Agnes Denes

    #Thinking #People #Want

  • I went through about six or seven painting methods just to see what I didn't want to do. And then I got off the wall, and went into the environment.
    -- Agnes Denes

    #Wall #Want #Six

  • I want for myself what I want for other women, absolute equality.
    -- Agnes Macphail

    #Equality #Want

  • It takes time and trouble to persuade ourselves that the things we want to do are the things we ought to do.
    -- Agnes Repplier

    #Choices #Want #Trouble

  • I just want to live in peace and quiet.
    -- Agnetha Faltskog

    #Want #Quiet #Peace And Quiet

  • It has always felt like a failure that Bjorn and I couldn't keep our family together. You never get it back, but to this day I don't regret splitting up. The reason behind our separation is one of those things I definitely don't want to go into!
    -- Agnetha Faltskog

    #Regret #Together #Want

  • Iraq will not allow any action on its soil that could harm the U.S. We don't want any action from our soil to target our neighbors.
    -- Ahmed Chalabi

    #Iraq #Target #Want

  • In a society like this there is no negotiation, no discussion, except to tell you that power can crush you any time they want—not only you, your whole family and all people like you.
    -- Ai Weiwei

    #Crush #People #Want

  • I feel the same way about all my friends. To me, the exact relationship between me and someone else doesn't matter much.But people want to label everything...so I guess I seem indifferent in that way. ---Yasu
    -- Ai Yazawa

    #People #Labels #Want

  • His hands are saying that he wants to hold her. His feet are saying that he wants to chase after her... He's probably forgotten that I'm here, beside him
    -- Ai Yazawa

    #Hands #Feet #Want

  • I want to protect my own happiness. I'm not an angel. I'm just a normal girl.
    -- Ai Yazawa

    #Girl #Angel #Want

  • I wasn't really able to love someone but I couldn't help but want to be loved.
    -- Ai Yazawa

    #Want #Able #Helping

  • There are times when you don't know yourself. There are times when you don't want to know yourself. There are times when you want to be what you have never allowed yourself to be before.
    -- Aidan Chambers

    #Want #Know Yourself

  • I can read people, and if the other person doesn't want to say anything, I'm fine with that. People say things when it's time to say them.
    -- Aidan Gillen

    #People #Say Anything #Want

  • I didn't want to feel like I was mimicking or copying someone else's performance, whether it's subconscious or not.
    -- Aidan Turner

    #Copying #Want #Mimicking

  • Every actor wants to change things up a bit. You don't want to be pigeonholed, and not just because of what the industry might think.
    -- Aidan Turner

    #Thinking #Actors #Want

  • I feel like a bit of a phony sometimes - I started acting because I didn’t know what else to do. I filled in all these university application forms and honestly didn’t want to do any of the courses.
    -- Aidan Turner

    #Acting #Want #Sometimes

  • Whatever a man wants badly and persistently enough will determine the man's character.
    -- Aiden Wilson Tozer

    #Character #Men #Want

  • There are rare Christians whose very presence incites others to be better Christians. I want to be that rare Christian.
    -- Aiden Wilson Tozer

    #Christian #Want

  • Our identification with Christ should be that whatever He is we also want to become.
    -- Aiden Wilson Tozer

    #Want #Christ #Identification

  • I want the presence of God Himself, or I don't want anything at all to do with religion... I want all that God has or I don't want any.
    -- Aiden Wilson Tozer

    #Want #Presence Of God

  • I want to be violated by insight.
    -- Aimee Bender

    #Want #Insight

  • My eyelids are my own private cave, he murmured. That I can go to anytime I want.
    -- Aimee Bender

    #Caves #Want #Eyelids

  • Whatever obstacles you face, remember you can get through anything if you want to badly enough.
    -- Aimee Carter

    #Want #Faces #Obstacles

  • Come find me," Leo put in, his gaze full of understanding. "Whenever you want. I'll be here.
    -- Aimee Friedman

    #Understanding #Want #Find Me

  • All that I need now is someone with the brains and the know-how to tell me what I want.
    -- Aimee Mann

    #Brain #Needs #Want

  • A belief in feminism is a belief in personal freedom - the freedom to live a life free of fear of violence, to select a fulfilling career and be compensated fairly, to choose when to start a family, to marry whom you love. I want everyone, regardless of gender, to live a life free of restriction or fear, able to pursue their own personal brand of happiness and fulfillment.
    -- Aisha Tyler

    #Careers #Feminism #Want

  • But I love stand-up, and it's where I came from creatively, so it's something I never want to walk away from.
    -- Aisha Tyler

    #Want #Walks

  • Pop culture hales you and wants you to fail.
    -- Aisha Tyler

    #Culture #Want #Failing

  • When I get old and slow down I want to look behind me and see all the fire and the wreckage and no stone left unturned.
    -- Aisha Tyler

    #Fire #Looks #Want

  • I don't want to be pandered to, so I try not to pander.
    -- Aisha Tyler

    #Trying #Want