Roaring quotes

  • Man is too near all kinds of beasts,--a fawning dog, a roaring lion, a thieving fox, a robbing wolf, a dissembling crocodile, a treacherous decoy, and a rapacious vulture.
    -- Abraham Cowley

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  • When we free ourselves from the constraints of ordinary goals and uninformed scoffers we will find ourselves roaring off the face of the earth.
    -- Abraham Maslow

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  • From the stage I've seen people of all ages absolutely roaring at really good toilet humour.
    -- Ade Edmondson

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  • A scientist is a mimosa when he himself has made a mistake, and a roaring lion when he discovers a mistake of others.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • The devil isn’t a true lion; he just walks around roaring like one trying to intimidate the Body of Christ. But the truth is, he’s had his teeth pulled, and all he can do now is gum you.
    -- Andrew Wommack

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  • The boughs of the oak are roaring inside the acorn.
    -- Charles Tomlinson

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  • We roared. We were one big animal throat, roaring.
    -- Cory Doctorow

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  • The question so often asked of modern painting, "What is it?", contains more than the dull skepticism of the man who is not going to have the wool pulled over his eyes. It speaks of a fundamental placement in relation to the work, that of a voyager in the world coming upon a strange object. The reader reconstitutes the work by his active participation, by approaching the object, tapping it, shaking it, holding it to his ear to hear the roaring within. It is characteristic of the object that it does not declare itself all at once, in a rush of pleasant naïveté.
    -- Donald Barthelme

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  • A vile beastly rottenheaded foolbegotten brazenthroated pernicous piggish screaming, tearing, roaring, perplexing, splitmecrackle crashmecriggle insane ***** of a woman is practising howling below-stairs with a brute of a singingmaster so horribly, that my head is nearly off.
    -- Edward Lear

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  • Why shouldn't we, so generally addicted to the gigantic, at last have some small works of art, some short poems, short pieces of music [...], some intimate, low-voiced, and delicate things in our mostly huge and roaring, glaring world?
    -- Elizabeth Bishop

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  • Those who are preparing for the coming of Christ should be sober, and watch unto prayer, for our adversary, the Devil, goeth about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour; whom we are to resist steadfast in the faith.
    -- Ellen G. White

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  • After the sharp-eyed jay and the roaring lion, peace will come on dove's gentle wing.
    -- Erin Hunter

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  • Prepare yourselves for the roaring voice of the God of Joy!
    -- Euripides

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  • The moral effect of the thundering of one's own artillery is most extraordinary, and many of us thought that we had never heard any more welcome sound than the deep roaring and crashing that started in at our rear
    -- Fritz Kreisler

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  • Human nerves quickly get accustomed to the most unusual conditions and circumstances and I noticed that quite a number of men actually fell asleep from sheer exhaustion in the trenches, in spite of the roaring of the cannon about us and the whizzing of shrapnel over our heads.
    -- Fritz Kreisler

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  • Pioneering is never done in front of cheerleaders urging on a roaring grandstand of popular approval.
    -- George Takei

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  • There are always decades that interest people. For me, that's the Roaring Twenties.
    -- Ian Somerhalder

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  • It is not the roaring thunder that smites, but the silent lightning.
    -- Ivan Panin

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  • Some time ago we heard a strange story. The pilot of a small plane said that he had been caught in a one hundred fifty mile gale, which held his plane perfectly still. The motor was roaring, he claimed, but the plane was not moving. "It was weird," he said , "to be going one hundred fifty miles an hour and yet not be going anywhere at all."
    -- James Keller

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  • Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.
    -- Jennifer Crusie

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  • Alec Nevala-Lee comes roaring out of the gate with a novel that's as thrilling as it is thought-provoking, as unexpected as it is erudite. The Icon Thief is a wild ride through a fascinating and morally complex world, a puzzle Duchamp himself would have applauded. Bravo.
    -- Jesse Kellerman

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  • Dada, a roaring of tense colors, and interlacing of opposites and of all contradictions, grotesques, inconsistencies: LIFE
    -- Tristan Tzara

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  • All the stream that's roaring by Came out of a needle's eye....
    -- William Butler Yeats

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  • The roaring street is hung for miles With fierce electric fire.
    -- William Vaughn Moody

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  • Along the coast the sea roars, and inland the mountains roar – the roaring at the center, like a distant clap of thunder.
    -- Yasunari Kawabata

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  • There is a photographer in every bush, going about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.
    -- Samuel Butler

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