Guessing quotes

  • You can never tell about a person by guessing...that's why language was invented. Otherwise, we'd all be like dogs, sniffing each other to find out where we stood.
    -- Alice Hoffman

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  • But no matter for that, you can be tolerably happy, perhaps, notwithstanding; but as for guessing how happy I am, or knowing anything about the matter,--- O! its quite beyond what you can understand.
    -- Ann Radcliffe

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  • Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game.
    -- Blake Edwards

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  • If you ever want to get the facts straight about me or the Batman, please write to the original source, myself, for the truth, instead of second guessing.
    -- Bob Kane

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  • Look inside yourself for the answers - you're the only one who knows what's best for you. Everybody else is only guessing.
    -- Charles de Lint

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  • I am not second-guessing or questioning my understanding of the issue
    -- Christine Maggiore

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  • Okay, I'm guessing you're gonna give us the bad news first because there's no good news?
    -- Cindy Gerard

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  • The best people are always the worst. They drive everyone mad by being so good at second-guessing everything bad.
    -- Criss Jami

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  • I showed people that it's not about guessing what people can do. It's about saying, 'Here, show me what you can do.'
    -- David Ortiz

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  • Managers have people second-guessing them all the time.
    -- Don Mattingly

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  • As an artist, you have to maintain focus and eliminate the distraction of second-guessing yourself based on the opinions of others.
    -- Dwight Yoakam

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  • A friend should be a master at guessing and keeping still: you must not want to see everything.
    -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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  • Part of filmmaking is always a guessing game, and part of it is always a game of trust.
    -- Greg Kinnear

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  • Things change all the time, and theyll probably never be the same again. Its just the natural evolution of the human condition. Things change, and whatever it is is what it is. I mean, you try to start second guessing that, you either get rich or die broke.
    -- Guy Clark

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  • Guessing what the pitcher is going to throw is 80% of being a successful hitter. The other 20% is just execution.
    -- Hank Aaron

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  • Christianity, Christ, heaven, hell, the judgment, sin, holiness, God,--these, and whether they be true, or false, and our personal relations to them, whether they be right or wrong, are things to know about, not to be doubting or guessing about.
    -- Herrick Johnson

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  • My only obligation is to keep myself and other people guessing.
    -- Jude Law

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  • Of all the virtues, discretion began to seem the most rewarding: it kept people guessing and sometimes, by default, admiring.
    -- Julia Glass

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  • I decided I was sick of trying to figure out what everybody else wanted, and I should just decide what I want, and be honest, and not spend all my time guessing.
    -- Katherine Heigl

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  • Kilgore Trout once wrote a short story which was a dialogue between two pieces of yeast. They were discussing the possible purposes of life as they ate sugar and suffocated in their own excrement. Because of their limited intelligence, they never came close to guessing that they were making champagne.
    -- Kurt Vonnegut

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  • I question every move. I'm constantly second-guessing myself.
    -- Mark Duplass

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  • Some things you can't find out; but you will never know you can't by guessing and supposing: no, you have to be patient and go on experimenting until you find out that you can't find out.
    -- Mark Twain

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  • Someone, I was beginning to suspect, had a bit of a gangster complex. It wasn't really very hard to figure out who. I mean, I was guessing it wasn't Christopher's aunt Jackie.
    -- Meg Cabot

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  • You want it to feel like a surprise. You want to keep him guessing whether he'll make you smile entirely so that when you do, he will feel like he's been given a gift.
    -- Michelle Moran

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  • Move forward with no second-guessing, no guilt trips, no hesitation. Your purpose is to recreate yourself anew in each moment.
    -- Neale Donald Walsch

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  • Voters tell politicians what they want through the ballot box. Constantly second-guessing them by speculating whether the parties should gang up on each other misses the point.
    -- Nick Clegg

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  • We spend our lives guessing at what's going on inside everybody else, and when we happen to get lucky and guess right, we think we 'understand.' Such nonsense. Even a monkey at a computer will type a word every now and then.
    -- Orson Scott Card

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  • Guessing a thing ain't knowing a thing.
    -- Patrick Ness

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  • Memorizing, guessing, looking at pictures, predicting, substituting, and skipping, are not reading; they are very bad habits.
    -- Phyllis Schlafly

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  • Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated, look I'm still around.
    -- Pink

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  • Are you going to deliver whatever threat Avari sent you with, or are we going to have to start guessing?" Tod said. "I gotta warn you, I'm insanely good at charades.
    -- Rachel Vincent

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  • We were given the Scriptures to humble us into realizing that God is right, and the rest of us are just guessing.
    -- Rich Mullins

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  • If the prior distribution, at which I am frankly guessing, has little or no effect on the result, then why bother; and if it has a large effect, then since I do not know what I am doing how would I dare act on the conclusions drawn?
    -- Richard Hamming

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  • You see how wrong I go, how ridiculous I'm making myself in your eyes by keeping on guessing wrong like this! Doesn't that help you to come out with it? Come on now!
    -- Robert Musil

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  • Keep everybody guessing as to what your next trick is going to be. Don't become too predictable.
    -- Sam Walton

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  • One of the nice things about being a private company is operating without the intensity of public glare. It's hard to grow a company under a microscope of constant second guessing.
    -- Sarah Lacy

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  • You can't learn from remembering. You can't learn from guessing. You can learn only from moving forward at the rate you are moved, as brightness into brightness.
    -- Sarah Manguso

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  • The very things I used to be told off for - daydreaming, exaggerating, making mistakes, wild guessing, contradicting, spying, being obsessive, being reckless - for these, suddenly, I am being praised.
    -- Selima Hill

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  • I'm guessing the stress of having to write for a deadline can be inspiring. Sometimes, pressure is good.
    -- Timothy Dalton

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  • For someone attacked by criminals to be victimized a second time by a second-guessing legal system is wrong.
    -- Wayne LaPierre

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  • For better or worse, I've become the person the Adams Estate has entrusted to guide Dirk Gently into new mediums and to new audiences. I take that responsibility pretty seriously, which is, I'm guessing, where Ilias's comment about me being a "hands-on collaborator" (code for control freak) comment comes from.
    -- Arvind Ethan David

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  • We must distinguish judging from guessing.
    -- Ernest Sosa

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  • If you're truly playing improvised music, I don't care who you are or where you come from, you don't know what's going to happen. I feel essentially we really don't know anything anyway, most of the times we're just guessing.
    -- Hamid Drake

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  • Second guessing a decision is a waste of time.
    -- Jack O'Neill

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  • I feel like I'm adapting to society. I went feral a little bit. I found that when I would get back to the city, if there was any second-guessing about stuff, it would happen.
    -- Luke Temple

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  • You may not be able to convince everyone around you that you're doing the right thing, but you don't have to subject yourself to endless second-guessing from others, either.
    -- Mallory Ortberg

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  • I love not knowing. It keeps me guessing.
    -- Nestor Carbonell

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  • I feel confident that it will always keep everybody guessing, and yet not in that weird, maddening way where it's like, "Oh, come on, guys!" I think you will be freaked out by the end. I really do. I don't think you'll see it coming at all.
    -- Remi Aubuchon

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  • Sometimes guessing is the best you can do. In the real world, we guess all the time and it serves us well.
    -- Usama Fayyad

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  • My sense, and I'm sort of guessing, is that the journalists were being classified by the government as common criminals, and the political prisoners were so resistant to being that. Always keeping [the other prisoners] as murderers, thieves, that sort of thing, which has a certain irony to it, I guess. It's a curious thing.
    -- Adam Braver

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  • The producers like to keep people guessing and keep them on the edge of their seats.
    -- Daniela Ruah

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  • Tony Blair has to consider very carefully to what extent he can leave Britain, the party and the nation guessing as to when exactly he might go.
    -- Robin Cook

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  • Guessing has never been widely acclaimed as a good gambling strategy.
    -- Jan Garavaglia

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