J. P. Guilford quotes

  • The ultimate solutions to problems are rational; the process of finding them is not.
    -- J. P. Guilford

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  • To live is to have problems and to solve problems is to to grow intellectually.
    -- J. P. Guilford

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  • The person who is capable of producing a large number of ideas per unit of time, other things being equal, has a greater chance of having significant ideas.
    -- J. P. Guilford

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  • Psychology should be the chief basic science upon which the practices of education depend. It should have supplied education with the information it needs concerning the processes of understanding, learning, and thinking, among other things. One of the difficulties has been that such theory as has been developed has been based primarily upon studies of behavior of rats and pigeons. As someone has said, some of the theory thus developed has been an insult even to the rat.
    -- J. P. Guilford

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  • There is more similarity in the marketing challenge of selling a precious painting by Degas and a frosted mug of root beer than you ever thought possible.

  • For me, I am left leaning when it comes to health and education, on the right when it comes to defense. So I don't know where I come on the political spectrum. And I think this the challenge that a lot of Jordanians have to deal with.

  • The challenge, really, on any new film is to try to avoid that and achieve a few moments that aren't cliche.

  • Can our Society meet the Challenge of a Technological Future?

  • The biggest problem in South Africa is that we have a disrupted timeline. Historically, politically, spiritually, economically, in people's minds, in people's heads.

  • I don't have a problem with Werner Herzog.

  • We are great and our faults are great and therefore our problems great and great are our consolations.

  • The problem with internet quotes is that you cant always depend on their accuracy

  • I have a control problem. I hate the feeling of not being in control.

  • The struggle for morality never stays won. It's always in process.