Should Have quotes

  • What we should have done is kept the same team that played in the '95 World Series. Those trades (Eddie Murray & Carlos Baerga) caused a lot of chaos in the organization. I didn't feel like we were moving in the right direction.
    -- Albert Belle

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  • There hadn't been one done since the late 70s. I was living in Brooklyn, had no connection to Roger Corman, to no one in this movie. I didn't go to film school. I'm like the person who should have never made this film. But I just decided to put one foot in front of the other. I was writing film articles for magazines at the time. I convinced an editor from one of the magazines that I was working for to give me a shot to do a piece on Roger. This was an excuse to go meet him.
    -- Alex Stapleton

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  • Every concept should have a beginning, middle and end.
    -- Ali Shirazinia

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  • Make sure it is not too diverse or spread out so people don't know where to go or what to do. So keep a sharp focus. It can be ambitious but should have a small agenda.
    -- Amy Ziering

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  • Auntie Anne's is a modern-day business miracle that never should have happened.
    -- Anne F. Beiler

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  • We were born ahead of our time. Don't forget that the riot-grrl scene had a lot to do with making The Slits a legend, and that didn't happen until the early '90s. We couldn't get together before then, because the legend hadn't been built yet. In the 2000s, we've become bigger than life in that way. It's become really important for The Slits to be here now, but idealistically, we should have done it in the '90s.
    -- Ari Up

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  • We should have a debt that grows our productivity, we cant borrow to pay salaries. I can borrow to build power plants.
    -- Babatunde Fashola

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  • I might not be in a relationship anymore, but I don't believe that people should have to lie to themselves just to make somebody else feel good.
    -- Cherrelle

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  • I was an 'Ironman' fan. It was in the '70s. I definitely liked comics and drew a lot of panels on my notebook when I should have been studying - probably why I ended up in the arts.
    -- Clark Gregg

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  • I don't feel like there should have been three backs taken ahead of me. And I'll always feel that way. But there's only one draft, and I can't change it. All I can do is go out and prove myself.
    -- Clinton Portis

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  • Members of the Senate are considering a tax on cosmetic surgery. When they brought it up, you should have seen the look that Nancy Pelosi's face tried to make.
    -- Conan O'Brien

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  • I've definitely seen things that have made me laugh. And there's some things that are really smart and like, "Oh man, we should have done that, that's really cool!" And there's some things that are like, "Oh, do they know something? I don't know!" So there's the whole variety of things that are in those theories. But they're cool.
    -- Dan Trachtenberg

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  • In our constitutional system, the extent of political controversies, including the protests, surrounding a given issue is utterly unrelated to the analysis of legality and should have no effect on any court.
    -- David B. Rivkin

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  • Referring to professor Muller's Berkely Earth Surface Temperature Project, "The Best project's treatment of science and of the public has been shoddy. That so many so-called reporters in the mainstream media should have been so uncritical and accepting of what was clearly misrepresentation is shocking. Once again they have been found to be supporters and advocates for a particular point of view when they should have been critical commentators and journalists. Climate science is important. It deserves better.
    -- David Robert Whitehouse

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  • Defense is something I take pride in. I feel it's just as important as offense. They should have RBIs for defensive plays.
    -- Derrek Lee

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  • I use color as my chief guide. But I always squeeze an avocado - you want the fruit to feel close to the skin. If you can feel a separation, the avocado is past its prime. The avocado should have a little give, but not much.
    -- Dorie Greenspan

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  • Today I arrived by train in New York City, which I'd never seen before, walked through the grandeur of Grand Central Terminal, stepped outside, got my first look at the city and instantly fell in love with it. Silently, inside myself, I yelled: I should have been born here!
    -- Edward Robb Ellis

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  • Another way to test hypotheses about adaptation is to consider trait variation across a group of species instead of focusing on the trait of a single species. Rather than seeking to explain why polar bears have fur of a certain thickness, one tries to explain why bears in colder climates have thicker fur than bears in warmer climates. The former problem is hard to solve, since it is hard to say exactly what fur thickness polar bears should have if natural selection guided the evolution of that trait.
    -- Elliott Sober

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  • I remember I went to an exhibition somewhere and one of the artists, an Iranian lady, said, "I wish we had somewhere that our paintings would stay forever." So this idea came to me. I said, "She's right, we should have a place to keep them, and not only Iranian art works, but also of foreign artists."
    -- Farah Diba

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  • Every business should have its biographer-not after its head is dead but to show that he's very much alive.
    -- Frank Pierson

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  • Government should have drones. Industries, companies can have drones. Everyone else doesn't need drones. It's just going to create mischief. They are going to be crashing the planes, they're going to be spying on neighbors. People don't need drones.
    -- Gary B Smith

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  • Kate Moss is too skinny. She also looks like she's 11. It's practically illegal to look at her picture. God bless Kate Dillon, but size 14 is just a little too big. Look at me talking, I just lost 28 pounds, so I should have more sympathy, but I don't.
    -- Gary Dell'Abate

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  • Since the design of the movement is paramount, shape, for me, should have no significance.
    -- George Rickey

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  • Someone else's vision will never be as good as your own vision of your self. Live and die with it 'cause in the end it's all you have. Lose it and you lose yourself and everything else. I should have listened to myself.
    -- Georgia O'Keeffe

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  • I once wrote that Black Americans are involved in an intriguing experiment to see if an oppressed minority can continue to march forward if there is not a strong and vibrant left-wing and radical movement. That's not an experiment I would recommend, although the story is still unfolding and we will see how it unfolds, but they are not the sort of conditions in which an oppressed minority should have to struggle.
    -- Gerald Horne

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  • People have the right to love who they love and nobody should have anything to say about it!
    -- Harry Wayne Casey

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  • The great philosophers of the 17th and 18th centuries did not think that epistemological questions floated free of questions about how the mind works. Those philosophers took a stand on all sorts of questions which nowadays we would classify as questions of psychology, and their views about psychological questions shaped their views about epistemology, as well they should have.
    -- Hilary Kornblith

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  • I made mistakes. My supporters and I failed to prevent a main like [Mikhail] Saakashvili from acquiring absolute power. I should have criticized him earlier on.
    -- Irakli Okruashvili

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  • Tom Brady was suspended 4 games for hiding evidence. Hillary should have to sit out first 4 primaries.
    -- Jim Gilmore

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  • You should have seen me in my Catholic school girl skirt with my knees knocking together.
    -- Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

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  • For Social Security to be financially sound, the federal government should have $100 trillion - a sum of money six-and-a-half times the size of our entire economy - in the bank and earning interest right now. But it doesn't. And while many believe that Social Security represents our greatest entitlement problem, Medicare is six times larger in terms of unfunded obligations.
    -- John C. Goodman

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  • The essay community should have hundreds of anthologies from hundreds of different perspectives that are constantly introducing us to new writers, new work, and new visions for our genre. The whole spirit of these anthologies is that there should never be a last word in how essays are interpreted or what they can be.
    -- John D'Agata

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  • The what-if's and the should-have's will eat your brain.
    -- John O'Callaghan

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  • I don't think things necessarily should have a meaning. If stuff has a meaning then why do [writing] about it? If you're trying to say, 'Tall buildings are great' why not just leave it at that: "Tall buildings are great."
    -- Jonathan Meades

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  • I'm not interested in the director's commentary stuff. I think that stuff is really boring. And, if the director explains too much, it takes a certain mystery away from the interpretation that is very important for the audience to have. The audience should have their own interpretation.
    -- Joseph M. Kahn

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  • No span of steel will tolerate...neglect. But if service by generations who use it and spared manmade hazards, such as war, it should have life without end.
    -- Joseph Straus

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  • Freedom from Egypt should have meant freedom from idols for Israel.
    -- Jud Wilhite

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  • You should have a 1-on-1 roughly every 2 weeks.
    -- Keith Rabois

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  • Your Western ideas about love are ridiculous. A woman is put on earth to please a man and a man should have many women, and a woman should only have one man.
    -- Kelli O'Hara

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  • I read quite a few complaints last night about Lester Holt’s choice of debate topics. Liberals wanted to know why climate change didn’t come up. Conservatives thought there should have been a question about abortion.
    -- Kevin Drum

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  • That being said, if you slept with me and are filled with shame at the possibility of the world knowing, then you should have considered that before you hopped into bed with a writer.
    -- Kevin Keck

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  • So many funny things happen to me everyday I should have a TV show.
    -- Kurt Braunohler

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  • Why should you be bogged down with my titles and how I thought about it and my poetic reasoning? No, that's not necessary. Either you're going to be drawn into it [or not]. It's a black hole; gravity should pull you in and you should have that experience.
    -- Leonardo Drew

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  • I don't believe that less fortunate people should have to wait until a movie is released on public TV for free, while richer people get to see it months in advance.
    -- Lexi Alexander

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  • All the technique you can learn - and you should learn everything you can - you should have it here in the fingers not here in the head - and then you forget about it.
    -- Lotte Jacobi

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  • At the end of the day it is just a movie and we should remember that we're doing it for the audience and we should have fun doing it. If we have fun doing it, it will come across on the screen.
    -- Luke Bracey

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  • If anybody wants to engage in any kind of sexual activity with any consenting partner, that is their business. Anybody can do anything they damn well please, as long as the relationship isn't exploitive. And I don't feel that legality should have anything to do with it. There are certain bodily functions of mine which I will not allow to be supervised.
    -- Madalyn Murray O'Hair

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  • If anybody wants to engage in any kind of sexual activity with any consenting partner, that is their business. I don't feel that I can sit in judgment on them, or that society can sit in judgment on them. Anybody can do anything they damn well please, as long as the relationship isn't exploitive. And I don't feel that legality should have anything to do with it.
    -- Madalyn Murray O'Hair

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  • My father [Erwin Rommel] believed that Germany should have a great interest to leave the war with a peace under conditions.
    -- Manfred Rommel

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  • I feel like people who are guarded and shut off, I feel like they should have to wear a button that says, "shut down", "guarded" or something.
    -- Marnie Stern

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  • I believe the people should have the opportunity to have a greater influence on politics with their ideas. We need a new impulse for renewal.
    -- Martin Schulz

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  • Everybody should have a television show. Let's all get television shows!
    -- Matt Nix

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  • I'm fortunate to have had my own level of success. My joys in life are I've got three little kids, and I got to buy a house that I really like, and everyone should have that.
    -- Matt Nix

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  • Ever wonder how much patience you should have with someone, you know, before you lose your temper? Infinite. But careful now. That doesn't mean you have to wait for them, stay with them, or hang around them. Lord no, it just means that for as long as you choose to keep them in your life, understanding them, not changing them, is everything.
    -- Mike Dooley

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  • I have never understood why they tried to start the revolution by taking over the universities. It should have been self-evident that the net result of success would be to close the universities but leave the nation unaffected--at least, for quite a long time. Nor do I find it easy to believe that the rebels, as intelligent as most of them were, seriously expected that they could keep the universities alive as corporate bodies, once they had control of them, if they made the fundamental alterations in organization and role that they proposed to.
    -- Muriel Beadle

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  • Whoever has the most at stake should have the most power.
    -- Neal Brennan

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  • We respect the freedom of all citizens. Young people should have fun, but there is no tolerance of drug abuse. Drugs have become a serious problem in Vietnam. This is why we have very strict penalties for any sort of drug dealing.
    -- Nguyen Minh Triet

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  • Workers should have a right to sit across from management to collectively bargain about their work conditions, their wages, and the future direction of the company. To me, that's just a humane thing to do. It is unacceptable in the 21st century to have companies not want to do that with their employees and create a great work environment.
    -- Nina Turner

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  • There is a much higher probability that a first-class scholar should commit an error than that an author who usually writes nonsense should have one good idea.
    -- Otto E. Neugebauer

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  • When you're a ball hawk, you should have a mohawk.
    -- Rahim Moore

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  • My teaching career started with me teaching comp at a very small school in Buffalo. And I was terrible at that point. They never should have hired me.
    -- Rob Roberge

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  • Everyone should have cheat days or days off. You need to balance the unhealthy with the healthy.
    -- Robbie Amell

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  • I try to get to the gym at least a few times a week, hopefully more. I also play hockey in a pickup league. I grew up playing, so it's nice to get on the ice whenever I can. With all that said, everyone should have cheat days or days off. You need to balance the unhealthy with the healthy.
    -- Robbie Amell

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  • When it came to the on-camera TV stuff, I'd be standing next to the director, my friend, and he'd be asked a question that I should have been answering.
    -- Robert B. Weide

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  • Motors that are vulnerable to shorting out because of snow ingestion should have snow filters installed over air intakes, and spare motors should be ready to replace any failed motors.
    -- Robert James Thomson

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  • Zwarte Piet, or 'Black Pete,' is a relic from slavery. It is something that should have long been eliminated, and it's very insulting to black Dutch people. It's shocking to me that it still exists, but I think it's about the lack of knowledge and education regarding the roots of the character in the slave trade.
    -- Roger Ross Williams

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  • Today I got so annoyed with myself that I lost my patience and walked away from a game that, with hindsight, I should have continued [on quitting a game early on against Hendry]
    -- Ronnie O'Sullivan

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  • I think there should be a law - and I know this is extreme - that no one can have a gun in the U.S. If you have a gun, you go to jail. Only the police should have guns.
    -- Rosie O'Donnell

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  • I think there's no way they should have to teach [math] now. We have computers. We no longer need to know why 3x = 2y/4.
    -- Rosie O'Donnell

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  • We know Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin as politicians, but they felt that science was something everyone should have a knowledge of.
    -- Rush D. Holt, Jr.

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  • Future's Pluto is my favorite album of the year. It's so emo. Future is the number one dude I'd love to produce for - every time I listen to the song he did with Rihanna, "Loveeeeeee Song", I'm like, "I should have produced that."
    -- Ryan Hemsworth

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  • We have a number of brothers left in the prisons, about 15 of them. And for the most part, they're in bad condition. Most of us are getting older, you know. I believe all of them is 60 years or older. They've been in prison for long periods of time. Many of them should have never been in prison at all. They were framed and illegally convicted.
    -- Sekou Odinga

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  • I'm upset at myself. I should have had 50. I missed 13 free throws. That's unacceptable. If I want to be accepted by Wilt and Kareem and Russell I've got to start playing better than that. Right now I'm still in the class of Hakeem and David Robinson and that's not good enough for me. I want to be out there with the immortals.
    -- Shaquille O'Neal

    #Basketball #Should Have #Class

  • One day work is hard, and another day it is easy; but if I had waited for inspiration I am afraid I should have done nothing. The miner does not sit at the top of the shaft waiting for the coal to come bubbling up to the surface. One must go deep down, and work out every vein carefully.
    -- Sir Arthur Sullivan

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  • I'm a Gatorade athlete because dance is being recognized as a sport now. It always should have been, but now it is. It's very exciting.
    -- Stephen Boss

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  • Whenever I see a cut of a film and something is gone, I don't notice it unless it obviously should have been kept.
    -- Steven Knight

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  • Women should have equal pay for equal work and they should be considered equally eligible to the offices of principal and superintendent, professor and president. So you must insist that qualifications, not sex, shall govern appointments and salaries.
    -- Susan B. Anthony

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  • Every woman should have a purse of her own.
    -- Susan B. Anthony

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  • Of all my prosecutorsnot one is my peer, but each and all are my political sovereigns; and had your honor submitted my case to the jury, as was clearly your duty, then I should have had just cause of protest, for not one of those men was my peer; but, native or foreign born, white or black, rich or poor, educated or ignorant, sober or drunk, each and every man of them was my political superior; hence, in no sense, my peer.
    -- Susan B. Anthony

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  • ... even if the right to vote brought to women no better work, no better pay, no better conditions in any way, she should have itfor her own self-respect and to compel man's respect for her.
    -- Susan B. Anthony

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  • Nobody should have to clean up what goes on around the base of most toilets.
    -- T Cooper

    #Should Have #Goes On #Toilets

  • In the current situation, particular attention should be given to the quality of financial and economic management. The Government and the Central Bank should have a strategic action plan
    -- Tatyana Golikova

    #Government #Should Have #Quality

  • You should have a certain way of dressing based on how you feel. It's appropriate for you. I think Robert Rabensteiner's a perfect example of that - he just always looks so chic.
    -- Tommy Ton

    #Thinking #Should Have #Perfect

  • I think horror should have occult elements, not as its subject but as its ambition. It is a machine that destroys illusion. I, of course, never achieve this, but I always act as if I can.
    -- Tony Burgess

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  • Did the record [Danger] do well? I believe it did what it should have. It showed the hip hop community that Tony Sunshine is doing well and looking great.
    -- Tony Sunshine

    #Believe #Sunshine #Should Have

  • I became a tabla-player at the the age of five. However, I should have learned singing also. I mean I know about singing, but I have been never practicing it.
    -- Trilok Gurtu

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  • I have done very little in my life except go to school and work for the CIA. Intellectually I think I did everything I could. Emotionally you always think you should have something more.
    -- Tyler Drumheller

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  • My philosophy is making a movie is difficult enough and I just feel as if you should have a really good time when you do make films whether it's a drama or a comedy.
    -- Will Packer

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  • And if something came along that didn't sound so good, it perhaps didn't always get out there as it should have. But given the fact that she [Eleanor Roosevelt] had the help, nonetheless she knew how to use it. And she used it very effectively.
    -- William A. Rusher

    #Should Have #Sound #Use

  • And if any work that I have done should have value beyond my own lifetime, I believe it will be the happy labors of the decade 1869-1878.
    -- William Henry Jackson

    #Believe #Should Have #Done

  • Women should have the same rights and respect and paychecks and everything, you know, they're human beings.
    -- Bianca Balti

    #Rights #Should Have #Paychecks

  • The only solution to the violence problem in America is a return to traditional parental involvement. This should be encouraged by every elected official. Also, the abandonment and neglect of children by their parents should have civil consequences.
    -- Bill O'Reilly

    #Children #Should Have #America

  • I don't get the animosity when someone tells a joke that you don't like. Whereas if someone made a dish that you don't like if you went to a restaurant, you would either try another dish or you just don't go back to that restaurant. But you don't say like, "I did not like the hamburger here. This restaurant should be shut down. It should be banned from making hamburgers. No one else should have these hamburgers." And everyone else is like, "No, you wouldn't do that."
    -- Brad Williams

    #Should Have #Trying #Hamburgers

  • Freedom of speech does not mean that you have to agree with everything that a comedian says, but that comedian should have the freedom to be able to try to make that funny. It's the attempt that I'm trying to defend so hard, no necessarily the execution.
    -- Brad Williams

    #Mean #Should Have #Freedom Of Speech

  • I think that every film should have its own structure, and that's the beauty of film language - is that we get to express that deeply individualistic side of ourselves.
    -- Brian Lindstrom

    #Thinking #Should Have #Sides

  • I like a strange, wide range of stuff. I like classical music and industrial noise bands. John Waters films and Peanuts cartoons. Barry Manilow and GG Allin. I should have my head examined.
    -- Brian Pinkerton

    #Stuff I Like #Should Have #Water

  • Oh, hey, maybe I should have mentioned that my friends are retarded douchebags.
    -- Bryan Lee O'Malley

    #Should Have #Douchebags #Hey

  • You should have some time to think and that's very important.
    -- Ahmed H. Zewail

    #Thinking #Should Have #Important

  • I don’t know about birds nor do I know the history of fire. But I believe that my solitude should have wings
    -- Alejandra Pizarnik

    #Believe #Fire #Should Have

  • I think movies in general should have more respect for the audience than they do. Too many films are afraid to confuse people, so all the information is given to them right away, and there's nothing left for the film to do. It ruins many stories, because everything becomes obvious and predictable. I want my films to engage people more and make them more actively involved in the story.
    -- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

    #Thinking #Movies In General #Should Have