Veins quotes

  • It is eastwards, only and always eastwards, that the veins of our race must expand. It is the direction which Nature herself has decreed for the expansion of the German peoples. (7th February 1945)
    -- Adolf Hitler

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  • Junkies find veins in their toes when the veins in their arms collapse. Developing tars sands is the equivalent.
    -- Al Gore

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  • The freeway is just like veins without a heart.
    -- Andrew McMahon

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  • Chicharito must have icicles flowing through his veins
    -- Andy Townsend

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  • His blood coursed through my veins sweeter than life itself. And as it did, Lestats words made sense to me. I knew peace only when I killed and when I heard his heart in that terrible rhythm, I knew again what peace could be.
    -- Anne Rice

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  • Only my books anoint me, and a few friends, those who reach into my veins.
    -- Anne Sexton

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  • Beyond my body my veins are invisible.
    -- Antonio Porchia

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  • Music to me is the air I breathe it's the blood that pumps through my veins that keeps me alive
    -- Billie Joe Armstrong

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  • Wine, it's in my veins and I can't get it out.
    -- Burgess Meredith

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  • The right of petition is an old undoubted household right of the blood of England, which runs in our veins.
    -- Caleb Cushing

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  • I am the vampire at my own veins.
    -- Charles Baudelaire

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  • We all have the republican spirit in our veins, like syphilis in our bones. We are democratized and venerealized.
    -- Charles Baudelaire

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  • Clap an extinguisher upon your irony if you are unhappily blessed with a vein of it.
    -- Charles Lamb

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  • Stale godliness is ungodliness. Let our religion be as warm, and constant, and natural as the flow of the blood in our veins. A living God must be served in a living way.
    -- Charles Spurgeon

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  • Jigging veins of rhyming mother wits.
    -- Christopher Marlowe

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  • There is not enough blood in her veins to keep her heart from skipping.
    -- Christopher Pike

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  • Showing a lack of self-control is in the same vein granting authority to others: 'Perhaps I need someone else to control me.
    -- Criss Jami

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  • There's estrogen running through my veins!
    -- Dane Cook

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  • We may be finding that in some blacks, when the choke hold is applied, the veins or arteries do not open up like in normal people.
    -- Daryl Gates

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  • Writing is really very easy. Tap a vein and bleed onto the page. Everything else is just technical.
    -- Derrick Jensen

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  • A good writer must have more than vin rose in his veins, use more than Chablis for ink.
    -- Edward Abbey

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  • I have wondered sometimes if there are not perhaps some disadvantages in having really blue blood in one's veins, like grandmamma and me.
    -- Elinor Glyn

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  • And the thought of that makes me want to open a vein, experience pain, know I'm alive, despite this living death.
    -- Ellen Hopkins

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  • Los Angeles survives on that which is unpredictable. The unexpected courses through its very veins.
    -- Ellie Kemper

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  • O, if so much beauty doth reveal Itself in every vein of life and nature, How beautiful must be the Source itself, The Ever Bright One.
    -- Esaias Tegner

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  • It may be that just as tonality recurs in music and realism in painting, so the idea of liberalism recurs in politics-though each time in a different vein.
    -- Eva Hoffman

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  • What is happening to me happens to all fruits that grow ripe. It is the honey in my veins that makes my blood thicker, and my soul quieter.
    -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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  • It's time to start really writing some stuff, and I really wanted to write some stuff in the vein of the original Misfits, and this was really the first step in that direction.
    -- Gerald Caiafa

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  • The blood in my veins is frozen but it sings of love.
    -- Graham Joyce

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  • Poisonous jealousy thrummed through my veins.
    -- Holly Black

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  • May I take your vein for a moment? I find myself... curiously depleted" Okay, right. Talk about your Johnny-on-the-spots: He locked them in and all but tore off his arm and threw it at her.
    -- J.R. Ward

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  • I have seafoam in my veins, I understand the language of waves.
    -- Jean Cocteau

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  • It's no longer a warmth hidden in my veins: it's Venus entire and whole fastening on her prey.
    -- Jean Racine

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  • We couldn't imagine the emptiness of a creature who put a razor to her wrists and opened her veins, the emptiness and the calm.
    -- Jeffrey Eugenides

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  • I prefer to be subcultural rather than mass-cultural. I'm not interested in hitting the vein of the mainstream.
    -- Jim Jarmusch

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  • I've got Disney blood running through my veins.
    -- John Lasseter

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  • Slice open one of my veins and cartoons will pour out; open another vein and you'll get a flood of motor oil.
    -- John Lasseter

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  • It is in men as in soils where sometimes there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not.
    -- Jonathan Swift

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  • Once he became president, George [H.] Bush revealed a vein of Styrofoam and no matter how deep he tried to go, he always ended up bobbing on the surface. His inaugural speech was like being present at the death of language ...
    -- Kate Clinton

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  • Water is the blood in our veins.
    -- Levi Eshkol

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  • The skyline is etched in my veins. You can never put that out, no matter how hard it rains.
    -- Macklemore

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  • I opened my veins. Unstoppably life spurts out with no remedy. Now I set out bowls and plates. Every bowl will be shallow. Every plate will be small. And overflowing their rims, into the black earth, to nourish the rushes unstoppably without cure, gushes poetry ...
    -- Marina Tsvetaeva

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  • Everyone represses everything. Do you think any of these "normal" human beings really do exactly what they want to do all the time? 'Course not. It's just the same. We're middle-class and we're British. Repression is in our veins.
    -- Matt Haig

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  • The Host' is very much in the same vein as 'Twilight', and there's clearly a huge fan base out there. But I can't imagine myself being as huge as Robert Pattinson. I'm not sure I could handle that level of fame.
    -- Max Irons

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  • Flattery does not encourage the perfect flow of love in the vein of your relationship. Be genuine and speak out what you feel for each other without hiding the painful truth.
    -- Michael Bassey

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  • I love to take actors to a place where they open a vein. That’s the job. The key is that I make it safe for them to open the vein.
    -- Mike Nichols

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  • Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.
    -- Paris Hilton

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  • It is only when you open your veins and bleed onto the page a little that you establish contact with your reader.
    -- Paul Gallico

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  • Whoever you support, you've got that blood in your veins
    -- Phil Neal

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  • Well, once I did 'Grease,' everyone was offering me studio pictures in a similar vein - you know, popcorn movie.
    -- Randal Kleiser

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  • Writing is easy. Just sit down and open a vein.
    -- Red Barber

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  • Writing is easy. Just sit in front of a typewriter, open up a vein and bleed it out drop by drop.
    -- Red Smith

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  • In a typical desperation for quick answers, easily understood, people had turned to primitive worship as the solution. With less than success. Not only had they died as quickly as the rest of the people, but they had died with terror in their hearts, with a mortal dread flowing in their very veins.
    -- Richard Matheson

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  • The truth is we never stop being children, terrible children covered in sores and knotty veins and tumors and age spots, but ultimately children, in other words we never stop clinging to life because we are life.
    -- Roberto Bolano

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  • The tides are in our veins.
    -- Robinson Jeffers

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  • I've got spider veins all over my legs, so I wear opaque tights all winter. All sorts of colours.
    -- Sally Phillips

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  • Better overcautious than missing a jugular vein, as the saying goes." That was a very morbid saying. Maybe only vampire said it.
    -- Sarah Rees Brennan

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  • I surrendered my beliefs and found myself at the tree of life injecting my story into the veins of leaves only to find that stories like forests are subject to seasons
    -- Saul Williams

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  • Country music runs through my veins. I love it very much.
    -- Skylar Laine

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  • I'm not the one who's so far away When I feel the snake bite enter my veins. Never did I wanna be here again, And I don't remember why I came.
    -- Sully Erna

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  • love is what we are about, my darling," she says. "Not even in death has our love faded, for I live in your veins.
    -- Susan Abulhawa

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  • Twenty aspirin, a little slit alongside the veins of the arm, maybe even a bad half hour standing on a roof: We've all had those. And somewhat more dangerous things, like putting a gun in your mouth. But you put it there, you taste it, it's cold and greasy, your finger is on the trigger, and you find that a whole world lies between this moment and the moment you've been planning, when you'll pull the trigger. That world defeats you. You put the gun back in the drawer. You'll have to find another way.
    -- Susanna Kaysen

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  • I can hear, underground, that sucking and sobbing, In my veins, in my bones I feel it,- The small water seeping upward, The tight grains parting at last. When sprouts break out, Slippery as fish, I quail, lean to beginnings, sheath-wet.
    -- Theodore Roethke

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  • Memory is funny. Once you hit a vein the problem is not how to remember but how to control the flow.
    -- Tobias Wolff

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  • We all gonna die, we bleed from similar veins.
    -- Tupac Shakur


  • Ambition is priceless, its something that's in your veins.
    -- Wale

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  • Varicose veins are the result of an improper selection of grandparents.
    -- William Osler

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  • The shadows of twilight grow, And the tiger’s ancient fierceness In my veins begins to flow.
    -- William Wetmore Story

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  • He's a trellis for varicose veins.
    -- Wilson Mizner

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  • If you're going to be a wannabe, make sure you 'wannabe' something great. The most shocking thing about wannabes, is they largely want to be something irrelevant, vein, or just plain petty.
    -- Andrew Williams

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  • The Africans were oftentimes allied with the antagonist of the Republic. Now, you may want to step back and ask yourself why that might be. It may lead you to a reconsideration of the origins of the nation now known as the United States of America. As opposed to seeing it in the same vein as the French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution, you might see it in the same vein as the revolt against British rule in Rhodesia in 1965, and, if so, that might help to shed light on why conservatism is so deeply entrenched in this republic.
    -- Gerald Horne

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  • Back when we were more in the industrial vein, it was almost like I had to hide the fact that I could sing. Now, I've just sort of embraced the fact that I can sing and I'm not a screamer or hiding it behind any effects, this is just what I sound like.
    -- Jason C. Miller

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  • I'm working pretty slowly these days, but most of what it is, or a lot of what it is anyway, is kind of in the vein of "Bay of Pigs". Maybe not all in the same scope, but recorded using the same method and using some of the same sounds, or similar sounds.
    -- King Khan

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  • When you're trying to free yourself from a religion that has been ingrained in you since childhood, it's more like ripping out your veins and tendons.
    -- Mat McNerney

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  • It is a mournful thing to know that you are utterly isolated among millions of human beings; that not a drop of your blood flows in any other veins.
    -- Augusta Jane Evans

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  • I've got ice water running through my veins, I'm cool.
    -- Dean Ambrose

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  • I am a woodlander, I have sap in my veins.
    -- Roger Deakin

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