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  • I prefer the countryside to cities. This is also true of my films: I have made more films in rural societies, and villages, than in towns.
    -- Abbas Kiarostami

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  • I dont see a lot of movies that portray the East Village as well as I think they can.
    -- Adam Rapp

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  • I had met a young lady who wanted to be in the theater. It was Judy Holliday. She had somehow fallen down the steps of the Village Vanguard, which still exists today.
    -- Adolph Green

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  • Part of what attracted me to the village was it had a lot of parallels to contemporary issues. Like, fear and the way fear controls us. How the governing body of a town, or a nation, controls us through fear. They might mean well by it, but we are conditioned to be afraid of things. Fear of the unknown. Fear of terrorism. And it's unfortunate.
    -- Adrien Brody

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  • Beer was the driving force that led nomadic mankind into village life. It was this appetite for beer-making material that led to crop cultivation, permanent settlement and agriculture.
    -- Alan D. Eames

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  • I knew Bobby Dylan back in the days when he lived in the village. He used to come and see me and sing songs for me, saying they ought to go into my next collected book on American folk music.
    -- Alan Lomax

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  • Early in the spring of 1750, in the village of Juffure, four days upriver from the coast of The Gambia, West Africa, a manchild was born to Omoro and Binta Kinte.
    -- Alex Haley

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  • New York is the biggest collection of villages in the world.
    -- Alistair Cooke

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  • We will only keep people from fleeing the countryside into urban favelas, villas miseries, shantytowns and squatter villages when the productivity gap is closed between what brute labor on the soil can accomplish and what advanced technology makes possible today - and will make possible tomorrow.
    -- Alvin Toffler

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  • To think, a sweater, is made entirely of knots. My stomach could clothe a village.
    -- Andrea Gibson

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  • China is going to be one of Avon's largest market opportunities. It has a large geographic expanse, with hundreds of thousands of women in small villages really striving to make an earnings opportunity for themselves.
    -- Andrea Jung

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  • I live in the East Village, and occasionally people will recognize me there. When I'm in Williamsburg, I always get recognized. Midtown, not so much.
    -- Andrew Rannells

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  • I am a village boy, and Amsterdam for me was always the big town.
    -- Anton Corbijn

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  • I do not believe in the TRANSFER of an individual. I believe in the TRANSFER of entire villages.
    -- Arthur Ruppin

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  • As a woman who grew up in a village in India, I've spent my whole life fighting tradition. There's no way that I want to be a traditional Indian housewife.
    -- Arundhati Roy

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  • You know, one of the only times I ever wrote about art was the obituary of Warhol that I did for the Village Voice.
    -- Barbara Kruger

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  • Since the whole village was poor, we didnt realize our own poverty. I was happy.
    -- Bidzina Ivanishvili

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  • Where I lived, it was a cold mining place, a village called Dunston. The only time you saw a Rolls-Royce was when somebody died.
    -- Brian Johnson

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  • Our job is to show how it is possible to take an illiterate woman and make her into an engineer in six months and show that she can solar-electrify a village
    -- Bunker Roy

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  • A community is made up of intimate relationships among diversified types of individuals--a kinship group, a local group, a neighborhood, a village, a large family.
    -- Carroll Quigley

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  • I am holed up in a small village where I am doing my own work and it feels great. I have a small gallery and not many people find me, but I am happy being left alone and doing what I love.
    -- Catherine Stock

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  • The true India resides in its villages
    -- Charan Singh

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  • I have a vision of the world as a global village, a world without boundaries.
    -- Christa McAuliffe

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  • Every week a tsunami rips through poor towns and villages all over the world ... That tsunami is hunger.
    -- Colin Farrell

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  • Any well-established village in New England or the northern Middle West could afford a town drunkard, a town atheist, and a few Democrats.
    -- D. W Brogan

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  • Manchester, one of the greatest, if not really the greatest mere village in England.
    -- Daniel Defoe

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  • So you see, when war comes to one’s village, one’s doorstep, it isn’t tragic and impersonal any longer. It is just an excuse to vomit private hatred. That is why I am not a great patriot.
    -- Daphne du Maurier

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  • Franz Kline, who became known for his black and white paintings, did a whole series of gorgeous landscapes and wonderful portraits that may still hang in Greenwich Village.
    -- David Amram

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  • I'm luckier than my grandfather, who didn't move more than five miles from the village in which he was born.
    -- David Attenborough

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  • The village is coming back, like it or not.
    -- David Brin

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  • Neo-Liberalism promised us a Global Village and gave us a Potemkin Village.
    -- Dean Cavanagh

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  • My only worry about tweeting and modern technology is how it has crept into even the darkest corners of the absolute global village we live in.
    -- Denis Leary

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  • In 1978, the tradition of running from village to village with a message was revived. that first run was from Davis to Los Angeles, a distance of 500 miles
    -- Dennis Banks

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  • Art is History's nostalgia, it prefers a thatched roof to a concrete factory, and the huge church above a bleached village.
    -- Derek Walcott

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  • Finally, there's a sense in which I look at this Westminster village and London intelligentsia as an outsider.
    -- Diane Abbott

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  • Over the next few days we want cities, towns and villages across the UK to send a message to Scotland: stay with us.
    -- Ed Miliband

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  • I stay in France. Better to be the queen of a village than a servant in a kingdom.
    -- Emmanuelle Beart

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  • I would rather be first in a little Iberian village than second in Rome.
    -- Epicurus

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  • Today, we turn to one person to provide what an entire village once did: a sense of grounding, meaning, and continuity. At the same time, we expect our committed relationships to be romantic as well as emotionally and sexually fulfilling. Is it any wonder that so many relationships crumble under the weight of it all?
    -- Esther Perel

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  • Have you an unexpurgated copy of Hannah More's 'Letters to a Village Maiden'?
    -- Eugene Field

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  • There's no quiet place here on earth for our love, not in the village and not anywhere else, so I picture a grave, deep and narrow, in which we embrace as if clamped together, I bury my face against you, you yours against me, and no one will ever see us.
    -- Franz Kafka

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  • Village cricket spread fast through the land.
    -- G. M. Trevelyan

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  • It is not an act of bravery to try to save your own village. It is an instinct to protect what you possess. Bravery is when you step in to help when you have nothing to lose.
    -- Gail Tsukiyama

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  • I live in a Swiss village so small, if you sneeze everyone knows.
    -- Geraldine Chaplin

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  • I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little village.
    -- Gina Bellman

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  • Ottawa - a sub-arctic lumber-village converted by royal mandate into a political cockpit.
    -- Goldwin Smith

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  • The Boeing 747 is the commuter train of the global village.
    -- Hendrik Tennekes

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  • Our exile organizations have been our way of replacing the cities and villages we have lost.
    -- Henning Mankell

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  • Its not a global village, but we're in a highly interconnected globe.
    -- Howard Rheingold

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  • The people in the villages had turned in on themselves. You can understand it. When you have a bad day on the field, what do you do? Talk to your teammates.
    -- Ian Botham

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  • Even if you live in a tiny village, there's an Internet site. It's quite easy to find clothes, but sometimes women don't know how to mix them.
    -- Ines de La Fressange

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  • Connectivity is productivity - whether it's in a modern office or an underdeveloped village.
    -- Iqbal Quadir

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  • Then, when I had the opportunity to go to Africa and visit the villages, I heard the real, raw, true rhythms and realised the origins of the old Negro spirituals I grew up with in the South.
    -- Isaac Hayes

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  • Community is not something you have, like pizza. Now is it something you can buy. It's a living organism based on a web of interdependencies- which is to say, a local economy. It expresses itself physically as connectedness, as buildings actively relating to each other, and to whatever public space exists, be it the street, or the courthouse or the village green.
    -- James Howard Kunstler

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  • The notion of the world as a village is becoming a reality.
    -- James Wolfensohn

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  • The Westgate Landfill is zoned for residential use. It's near a planned village. The Navy has a capping plan for the site, but it's not consistent with residential use for the site.
    -- James Young

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  • I live in a village where people still care about each other, largely.
    -- Jan Karon

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  • If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.
    -- Jane Austen

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  • It seems a shallow observation, but... the Tory Conference are not an attractive lot, are they? I mean, if all those people were born in the same village, you'd blame pollution, wouldn't you?
    -- Jeremy Hardy

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  • There's nothing nicer than coming back to your village, where people like my mum's friends take the mick out of me. I prefer that to the craziness of Hollywood.
    -- Jeremy Irvine

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  • Emigration, forced or chosen, across national frontiers or from village to metropolis, is the quintessential experience of our time.
    -- John Berger

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  • Few things are more pleasant than a village graced with a good church, a good priest and a good pub.
    -- John Hillaby

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  • Like restless birds, the breath of coming rain Creeps, lilac-laden, up the village street
    -- John McCrae

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  • Yes, I was a parish priest for five years. I was a curate in a large working class parish in Bristol and the Vicar of a village in Kent.
    -- John Polkinghorne

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  • It was so much fun being in the Olympic Village and meeting all the athletes.
    -- Jordyn Wieber

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  • I was born in a family of landless peasants, in Azinhaga, a small village in the province of Ribatejo, on the right bank of the Almonda River, around a hundred kilometres north-east of Lisbon.
    -- Jose Saramago

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  • The government are very keen on amassing statistics. They collect them, add them, raise them to the nth power, take the cube root and prepare wonderful diagrams. But you must never forget that every one of these figures comes in the first instance from the village watchman, who just puts down what he damn pleases.
    -- Josiah Stamp

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  • When I gave birth to my fourth child, I suffered from post partum hemorrhaging. I almost lost my life. I was lucky to be under the care of trained health care personnel. I started wondering then what was happening to women in rural villages.
    -- Joyce Banda

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  • I would rather be the first man in a barbarian village than the second man in Rome.
    -- Julius Caesar

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  • Be it a village or a city, education is very important, and it always comes into you.
    -- Kareena Kapoor

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  • A pedestrian seems in this country to be a sort of beast of passage - stared at, pitied, suspected and shunned by everyone who meets him ... Every passing coachman called out to me: "Do you want to ride on the outside?" If I met only a farm worker on a horse he would say to me companionably "Warm walking sir," and when I passed through a village the old women in their bewilderment would let out a "God Almighty!
    -- Karl Philipp Moritz

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  • I went to this tattoo parlor in the East Village and I got an outline of a violin on my lower back. They call them tramp stamps now.
    -- Katherine Moennig

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  • Life is a campus: in a Greenwich Village bookstore, looking for a New Yorker collection, I asked of an earnest-looking assistant where I might find the humour section. Peering over her granny glasses, she enquired, "Humour studies would that be, sir?
    -- Keith Waterhouse

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  • I grew up Windlesham in Surrey, which is a beautiful and quaint village.
    -- Kirsty Gallacher

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  • I feel Polish. More specifically, I feel like I'm from the tiny village in the Northeast of Poland where I have a house and where I love to spend time. But I don't work there. I cut wood.
    -- Krzysztof Kieslowski

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  • This poet is a griot in search of a village.
    -- Kwame Dawes

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  • Nobody wants to see the village of the happy people.
    -- Lew Hunter

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  • A village somewhere was missing it's idiot.
    -- Linda Howard

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  • It used to happen in villages and towns in China that they would have - I guess you'd call them beauty contests - where all of the women of a particular village or town would be seated behind these screens or curtains with only their feet showing.
    -- Lisa See

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  • The future of India lies in its villages
    -- Mahatma Gandhi

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  • I went to Bali, and I was in a small village, and somebody who was with me showed a woman a little figurine of Bart and asked: 'Do you know who this is?' And she said: 'Mickey Mouse.'
    -- Matt Groening

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  • When we got to the hotel, the Hawaiian Village, there were 500 screaming women there. The police were trying to keep the crowd back. It was very dangerous.
    -- Minnie Pearl

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  • Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist.
    -- Moshe Dayan

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  • We came here to a country that was populated by Arabs and we are building here a Hebrew, a Jewish state; instead of the Arab villages, Jewish villages were established. You even do not know the names of those villages, and I do not blame you because these villages no longer exist. There is not a single Jewish settlement that was not established in the place of a former Arab Village.
    -- Moshe Dayan

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  • Coca-Cola is the only business in the world where no matter which country or town or village you are in, if someone asks what do you do, and you say you work for Coca-Cola, you never have to answer the question, What is that?
    -- Muhtar Kent

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  • And broader still became the blaze, and louder still the din, And fast from every village round the horse came spurring in.
    -- Nathan Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild

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  • When you do 'Mad Fat Diary' or 'The Village,' you always learn about the particular time period, and that's always nice for an actor.
    -- Nico

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  • I like places where you can dance to crazy music, like Bedlam or Eastern Bloc in the East Village.
    -- Nicola Formichetti

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  • Greenwich Village... the village of low rents and high arts.
    -- O. Henry

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  • I grew up in a village of 12 houses. We had a well and a cow.
    -- Olesya Rulin

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  • Dignity and majesty have I seen but once, as it stood in chains, at midnight, in a dungeon in an obscure village of Missouri.
    -- Parley P. Pratt

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  • Your Village may be different from other people's Villages, but we are all prisoners.
    -- Patrick McGoohan

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  • We all live in a little Village,
    -- Patrick McGoohan

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  • Village reform is not merely cleaning the roads, constructing schools and worshipping monasteries. It is not mere celebration of festivals.
    -- Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

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  • I want to turn the clock back to when people lived in small villages and took care of each other.
    -- Pete Seeger

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  • Being famous as a writer is like being famous in a village. It's not really any very heady fame.
    -- Peter Carey

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  • New Zealand is not a small country but a large village.
    -- Peter Jackson

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  • I have seen vast, perhaps unbelievable, changes during the journey that has brought me from the flicker of a lamp in a small Bengal village to the chandeliers of Delhi.
    -- Pranab Mukherjee

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  • I am the lover of uncontained and immortal beauty. In the wilderness, I find something more dear and connate than in streets or villages. In the tranquil landscape, and especially in the distant line of the horizon, man beholds somewhat as beautiful as his own nature.
    -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  • There are downsides to every technology. Fire kept us warm, but also burned down our villages.
    -- Ray Kurzweil

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