Berries quotes

  • Blind impatience is equally evident in the fruit section. Our ancestors might have delighted in the occasional handful of berries found on the underside of a bush in late summer, viewing it as a sign of the unexpected munificence of a divine creator, but we became modern when we gave up on awaiting sporadic gifts from above and sought to render any pleasing sensation immediately and repeatedly available.
    -- Alain de Botton

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  • Yer feelin's is like ras'berry vinegar: if you're skeered to use 'em an' keep on savin' 'em, first thing you know they've done 'vaporated!
    -- Alice Hegan Rice

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  • Gooseberries should be mainstream berries! Why are chemically fattened strawberries a thing? Why not the delicious gooseberry?
    -- Andrew Dost

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  • They’ll be black because that’s the way they’re seen. Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, Halle Berry, have all known that. Will that change? Don’t hold your breath.
    -- Andrew Hacker

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  • As of right now, I'm still waiting to meet Halle Berry. And she is single.
    -- Brian Austin Green

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  • I think Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women on the planet.
    -- Brooke Burke

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  • But what is coffee, but a noxious berry, Born to keep used-up Londoners awake?
    -- Charles Stuart Calverley

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  • I was inspired by the classic rock radio of the Seventies. They separated Chuck Berry and the Beatles from the Led Zeppelins and Bostons and Peter Framptons of the time. In many ways, classic rock became bigger than mainstream rock.
    -- Chuck D

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  • Elvis may have fueled rock & roll's imagery, but Chuck Berry was its heartbeat and original mindset.
    -- Cub Koda

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  • I love grilling. Grilling is an incredible way to keep healthy. And you can marinate both with a dry rub and also wet marinades. You can marinate juniper berry or a little bit of olive oil and some citrus and fresh herbs - all of that sort of stuff.
    -- Curtis Stone

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  • He learned to communicate with birds and discovered their conversation was fantastically boring. It was all to do with windspeed, wingspans, power-to-weight ratios and a fair bit about berries.
    -- Douglas Adams

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  • Isn't Halle Berry the most beautiful woman? I have a film I'd like to be in her with. I mean, I'd like to be with her in
    -- Ewan McGregor

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  • Generalizations, one is told, are dangerous. So is life, for that matter, and it is built up on generalization - from the earliest effort of the adventurer who dared to eat a second berry because the first had not killed him.
    -- Freya Stark

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  • Baseball... been berry berry good... to me.
    -- Garrett Morris

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  • All green was anished sae of pine and yew, That still displayed their melancholy hue; Sae the green holly with its berries red, And the green moss that o'er the grael spread.
    -- George Crabbe

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  • Not to be mean about it, but some great rock and rollers, like Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, are pretty one-dimensional.
    -- Ian Anderson

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  • There are certain things that we take for granted that simply would not have existed without the great migration. Motown, for example, would not have existed - it simply would not, because Berry Gordy, the founder of it, his parents had migrated from Georgia to Detroit where he founded Motown, and where did he get his talent?
    -- Isabel Wilkerson

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  • We may say of angling, as Dr. Boteler said of strawberries, Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did; and so, if I might be judge, God never did make a more calm, quiet, innocent recreation than angling.
    -- Izaak Walton

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  • Doubtless God Could Have Made A Better Berry, But Doubtless God Never Did
    -- Izaak Walton

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  • I adore Smashbox lip stains. I carry a natural color for daytime and a berry shade for going out at night.
    -- Jennifer Morrison

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  • My momma always said, 'You and Elvis are pretty good, but y'all ain't no Chuck Berry.
    -- Jerry Lee Lewis

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  • Back then, I, most rockers loved Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis... you know in the '60s.
    -- Joe Cocker

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  • I thought I had the world by the tail. It took me a few years to realize the closest I was to having the world by the tail was being a dingle berry on one of its ***** hairs.
    -- Joe R. Lansdale

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  • Blueberries, strawberries and blackberries are true super foods. Naturally sweet and juicy, berries are low in sugar and high in nutrients - they are among the best foods you can eat.
    -- Joel Fuhrman

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  • ...the winter is kind and leaves red berries on the boughs for hungry sparrows...
    -- John M. Geddes

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  • I never liked blues and I really didn’t like jazz. I liked Chuck Berry.
    -- Johnny Ramone

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  • I love berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, black berries, anything with an 'errie' in it!
    -- Jordin Sparks

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  • I'm really proud of myself because I've pared my beauty regimen down to a cream blush and berry-tinted lip balm, which has saved me so much time.
    -- Katherine Heigl

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  • I used to drink tons of caffeine. Now I make smoothies with frozen berries and Green Vibrance health powder.
    -- Leighton Meester

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  • My influences were Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry.
    -- Micky Dolenz

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  • If you're going to do Chuck Berry, you got to, you know, go all out, and the duck walk is just kind of you know, cursory. That's like standing.
    -- Mos Def

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  • Not only do I recommend [Wendell] Berry to anyone who will talk to me for more than seven seconds, but I buy his books in quantity and send them to people. I bought a few dozen of his newest, "Our Only World."
    -- Nick Offerman

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  • I realize my arms aren't as toned as Halle Berry's but I don't want them to be.
    -- Olivia Munn

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  • Pounding fragrant things - particularly garlic, basil, parsley - is a tremendous antidote to depression. But it applies also to juniper berries, coriander seeds and the grilled fruits of the chilli pepper. Pounding these things produces an alteration in one's being - from sighing with fatigue to inhaling with pleasure. The cheering effects of herbs and alliums cannot be too often reiterated. Virgil's appetite was probably improved equally by pounding garlic as by eating it.
    -- Patience Gray

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  • I would love a bowl of Frosties, but I start the day with something healthier like a bowl of yoghurt or berries.
    -- Rachel Stevens

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  • I think the world of Chuck Berry.
    -- Robbie Robertson

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  • If my holding out those berries was an act of temporary insanity, then those people will embrace insanity too.
    -- Suzanne Collins

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  • It must be very fragile, if a handful of berries can bring it down.
    -- Suzanne Collins


  • The best musicians in the world were raised on the same kind of music I was raised on and that is black, soulful, authoritative, ultra-tight, ferocious, uppity, defiant music that from the Howlin' Wolf, the Muddy Waters, the Lightnin' Hopkins, the Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and Little Richard.
    -- Ted Nugent

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  • I like me Italian girls; half Halle Berry, half Penelope Cruz sort of thing!
    -- Tom Felton

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  • Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup.
    -- Wendell Berry

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  • I don't look like Halle Berry. But chances are she's going to end up looking like me.
    -- Whoopi Goldberg

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  • There wouldn't be a Halle Berry or an Angela Bassett or a Cicely Tyson if there hadn't been a Lena Horne.
    -- Dee Dee Bridgewater

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  • I'm Language Gal. I can speak any language presented to me. And I look exactly like Halle Berry.
    -- Ilana Glazer

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  • The winter is kind and leaves red berries on the boughs for hungry sparrows.
    -- John J. Geddes

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  • My trick - is there one? Well, perhaps a bitter youth with many changes of occupation, with the necessity of trying everything from poetry to berry picking. These difficult early years probably constitute the sources of my modest photographic activity.
    -- Martin Munkacsi

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  • When the water of a place is bad it is safest to drink none that has not been filtered through either the berry of a grape, or else a tub of malt. These are the most reliable filters yet invented.
    -- Samuel Butler

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  • They’ll be black because that’s the way they’re seen. Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, Halle Berry, have all known that. Will that change? Don’t hold your breath.
    -- Andrew Hacker

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  • Baseball been berry berry good to me!
    -- Garrett Morris

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  • I waited, and I’m sure Elvis did too, for each Ricky Nelson record like we would a Chuck Berry record or a Fats Domino record, to see what was going on. I used to say to some of the guys that Ricky Nelson learned to sing on million selling records.
    -- Roy Orbison

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  • Berry Gordy believed in owning the artist for life and controlling everything: the money, the station wagons, everything.
    -- Wilson Pickett

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