Imbalance quotes

  • History demonstrates that participants in financial markets are susceptible to waves of optimism. Excessive optimism shows the seeds of its own reversal in the form of imbalances that tend to grow over time.
    -- Alan Greenspan

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  • The more flexible an economy, the greater its ability to self-correct in response to inevitable, often unanticipated, disturbances and thus to contain the size and consequences of cyclical imbalances.
    -- Alan Greenspan

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  • Illness is the result of imbalance. Imbalance is a result of forgetting who you are. Forgetting who you are creates thoughts and actions that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and eventually to illness.... Illness can thus be understood as a lesson you have given yourself to help you remember who you are.
    -- Barbara Brennan

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  • Fame is simply an imbalance between inbound and outbound attention.
    -- Clay Shirky

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  • The pursuit of balance can create imbalance because sometimes something is true,
    -- Daniel Okrent

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  • It's not the imbalances of life that will get you down-it's doing meaningless things that aren't taking you where you want to go.
    -- Danielle LaPorte

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  • It’s easy to see why politicians would be drawn to the populist pose. First, it makes everything so simple. The economic crisis was caused by a complex web of factors, including global imbalances caused by the rise of China. But with the populist narrative, you can just blame Goldman Sachs.
    -- David Brooks

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  • Evil is a superficial manifestation of a deep disturbance and imbalance in our collective psyche. The only way for us to help heal the wounds is to be sober, sane, quiet, loving, and attentive to each other.
    -- Deepak Chopra

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  • The balance of trade is an article of faith.
    -- Frederic Bastiat

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  • Quite quickly I grew less deranged. I had begun the process of calming down, assimilating and compromising, which is necessary to live comfortably in the world as it is, and probably is why its imbalance never changes. But underneath, my idea of life was completely altered.
    -- Helen Fielding

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  • The global economic outlook remains fragile and uncertain. Global economic imbalances persist and we must address them or risk future instability.
    -- Julia Gillard

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  • Symmetry may have its appeal but it is inherently stale. Some kind of imbalance is behind every transformation.
    -- Marcelo Gleiser

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  • Poland is one of the few countries that can afford to conduct a conventional monetary policy and that means we have to act against the buildup of imbalances in the economy.
    -- Marek Belka

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  • Well, a deficit reflects an imbalance between spending and revenue, and so narrowing it requires acting on one, the other or both.
    -- Peter R. Orszag

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  • The god of love lives in a state of need. It is a need. It is an urge. It is a homeostatic imbalance. Like hunger and thirst, it's almost impossible to stamp out.
    -- Plato

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  • The imbalance results from ideologies which uphold the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation, and thus deny the right of control to States, which are themselves charged with providing for the common good.
    -- Pope Francis

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  • The nations of the world are becoming more and more dependent on one another and it will not be possible to preserve a lasting peace so long as glaring economic and social imbalances persist.
    -- Pope John XXIII

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  • Eventually, if you're lucky in life, you find someone with the same chemical imbalance you have.
    -- Robert Breault

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  • Monetary policy itself cannot sensibly be directed at reducing imbalances.
    -- Timothy Geithner

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  • When you talk about emotional, chemical imbalances in people, there is no science behind that.
    -- Tom Cruise

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  • There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance.
    -- Tom Cruise

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  • Bipartisanship helps to avoid extremes and imbalances. It causes compromises and accommodations. So let's cooperate.
    -- Zbigniew Brzezinski

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  • There is a massive gender imbalance on TV
    -- Dawn O'Porter

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  • You said love, I say chemical imbalance.
    -- Ian Kelsey

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  • The imbalances in the climate have been brought on by the incessant push for more and more immediate wealth.
    -- Jayni Chase

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  • Despite the encouraging and wonderful gains and the changes for women which have occurred in my lifetime, there is still room to advance and to promote correction of the remaining deficiencies and imbalances.
    -- Sandra Day O'Connor

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  • I am very proud of our Supreme Court - it is one of the best worldwide. Nevertheless, since the 1990s, we have seen a certain imbalance in the relationship between the judiciary, the parliament and the government. The Supreme Court behaved in an activist way. We have to debate the degree to which such Supreme Court activism is appropriate.
    -- Ayelet Shaked

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  • We improv-ed scenes that didn't happen in the movie. We improv-ed the scenes that are written in the movie without the dialogue as written. We played around a lot to try and figure out just how we could flow with what was already written in the story and how we could highlight those imbalances and those points at which we came to loggerheads.
    -- Bruce Greenwood

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  • To try to correct imbalances with trade restrictions is a grave error.
    -- Rodrigo Rato

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