Suspense quotes

  • Suspense is torture ... but delightful--or there'd be no gambling in the world.
    -- Ada Leverson

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  • VOID is filled with intrigue, suspense, and smoldering desire. This story will keep you turning the page until the very end.
    -- Aleatha Romig

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  • Suspense left my life a long time ago, now it has returned. I do not care for it.
    -- Ben Marcus

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  • 'Harry Potter' shouldn't be children's first experience with suspense and plot turns.
    -- Berkeley Breathed

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  • I prefer thrillers but when its thriller/horror, I like it. The gore is not very important to me, I prefer suspense. But I like dark films.
    -- Cecile de France

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  • I like the idea of building the suspense and taking it all the way up to the very last second with the suspense, and right when you think you can't take it anymore, then you come in with the joke and kind of break the tension. To me, that's the best kind of film. I like thrillers, so thrillers with comedy, to me, is always the best.
    -- Corey Feldman

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  • I think people like to be scared. I think people like tension and suspense in a movie.
    -- Damian Lewis

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  • There is no suspense in inevitability.
    -- Damon Lindelof

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  • I mean suspense, twists are almost impossible these days.
    -- Danny Boyle

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  • In episodic TV you have to keep things secret to keep the viewer in suspense.
    -- David Giuntoli

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  • The audience wants to be attracted not by the critics, but by a great story. You must deliver to the audience emotion - and when I say emotion, I mean suspense, drama, love.
    -- Dino De Laurentiis

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  • Suspense-is Hostiler than Death-Death- tho soever Broad, Is just Death, and cannot increase- Suspense-does not conclude-.
    -- Emily Dickinson

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  • I hunt deer because I love the entire process; the preparation, the excitement, and sustained suspense of trying to match my woods lore against the finely honed instincts of these creatures.
    -- Fred Bear

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  • There are no rules. You can write a story, if you wish, with no conflict, no suspense, no beginning, middle or end. Of course, you have to be regarded as a genius to get away with it, and that's the hardest part - convincing everybody you're a genius.
    -- Fredric Brown

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  • The suspense is terrible. I hope it'll last.
    -- Gene Wilder

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  • I think suspense is a big thing.
    -- Gina Philips

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  • The rules of suspense are that you do know, and you just don't know when. In the Hitchcock rules of suspense, you are supposed to know that there is a bomb on the bus that might blow up, and then it becomes very tense - but if you don't know that there's a bomb and it just blows up, then it's just a surprise.
    -- Gus Van Sant

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  • I am more of a suspense writer. A mystery writer solves mysteries. I am a high suspense writer.
    -- Iris Johansen

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  • ...that horrible moment of suspense when the artist shows one of his creations to strange eyes for the first time.
    -- Irving Stone

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  • I read what I like to write: romantic suspense. I also love thrillers and novels of suspense, but I can't handle extreme violence and torture.
    -- Jayne Ann Krentz

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  • Ideally, I like to integrate the human issues into the suspense story itself.
    -- Jeffery Deaver

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  • In suspense novels even subplots about relationships have to have conflict.
    -- Jeffery Deaver

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  • In fiction, plenty do the job of conveying information, rousing suspense, painting characters, enabling them to speak. But only certain sentences breathe and shift about, like live matter in soil.
    -- Jhumpa Lahiri

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  • An outline is crucial. It saves so much time. When you write suspense, you have to know where you're going because you have to drop little hints along the way. With the outline, I always know where the story is going. So before I ever write, I prepare an outline of 40 or 50 pages.
    -- John Grisham

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  • It is a miserable thing to live in suspense; it is the life of the spider.
    -- Jonathan Swift

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  • For success, the author must make the reader care about the destiny of the principals, and sustain this anxiety, or suspense, for about 100,000 words.
    -- Ken Follett

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  • All I've really ever done is write since I was 17, so I don't know anything about anything. For me to do a novel, I have to talk to people who know things. And what keeps me in suspense is that I am a crime aficionado.
    -- Lisa Gardner

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  • I'm unique for a suspense author in that I don't have a specialty background. A lot of suspense writers used to be lawyers or crime beat reporters. I didn't even know a cop when I started out. I finally figured out that I could visit prisons - I just had to be willing to make the phone calls.
    -- Lisa Gardner

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  • I think one of the appeals of suspense is to safely explore our innermost fears.
    -- Lisa Gardner

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  • Before I became a suspense novelist, I wrote romantic suspense as Alicia Scott.
    -- Lisa Gardner

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  • The suspense of a novel is not only in the reader, but in the novelist, who is intensely curious about what will happen to the hero.
    -- Mary McCarthy

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  • As subjects, we all live in suspense, from day to day, from hour to hour; in other words, we are the hero of our own story. We cannot believe that it is finished, that we are 'finished,' even though we may say so; we expect another chapter, another installment, tomorrow or next week.
    -- Mary McCarthy

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  • Love has been the ontological pattern for me. And also the withholding pattern. I am still on hold with regards to love. And the longer one is on hold, in suspense, on a search, the harder, paradoxically, it is to continue with a search.
    -- Masha Tupitsyn

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  • If you want to be a legend, God help you, it's so easy. You just do one thing. You can be the master of suspense, say. But if you want to be as invisible as is practical, then it's fun to do a lot of different things.
    -- Mike Nichols

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  • To me a great sci-fi movie has elements of horror and suspense.
    -- Moon Bloodgood

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  • I take a few pictures a week, but the best part is waiting for my film to be developed. The suspense is exciting, and the reward is great.
    -- Morgan Saylor

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  • Terrific! A successful blend of genres, complex and fascinating characters, and loads of suspense make 24 Bones a must-read.
    -- Nate Kenyon

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  • Absolutely breathtaking, nail-biting, and edge-of-your-seat. Michael Koryta is a master at maintaining suspense and a hell of a good writer. THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD is one of the best chase-and-escape novels you’ll read this year-or any other year. The pace never lets up.
    -- Nelson DeMille

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  • I keep thinking I'll enjoy suspense novels, and sometimes I do. I've read about 20 Dick Francis novels.
    -- Nicholson Baker

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  • Just finished 'Secrecy' - truly enthralling both as a love story and as a tale of suspense - but much more than both.
    -- Philip Pullman

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  • Love interest nearly always weakens a mystery because it introduces a type of suspense that is antagonistic to the detective's struggle to solve a problem.
    -- Raymond Chandler

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  • I read suspense and horror, somethings that intrigue me. I have always been fascinated by death.
    -- Richard Ramirez

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  • Suspense is worse than disappointment.
    -- Robert Burns

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  • I held my heart back from positively accepting anything, since I was afraid of another fall, and in this condition of suspense I was being all the more killed.
    -- Saint Augustine

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  • Really I'm a fan of any movie, whether it's suspense, action, or comedy, anything that has a good story.
    -- Scott Eastwood

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  • I like being scared every now and then, I like the suspense and the thrills. Nothing like taking a girlfriend to a movie and holding her hand while she jumps.
    -- Scott Foley

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  • Suspense is very important. Even though this is humor and they're short stories, that theory of building suspense is still there.
    -- Sergio Aragones

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  • Scepticism is an ability, or mental attitude, which opposes appearances to judgments in any way whatsoever, with the result that,owing to the equipollence of the objects and reasons thus opposed we are brought firstly to a state of mental suspense and next to a state of "unperturbedness" or quietude.
    -- Sextus Empiricus

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  • There is much to admire in Peter Brett's writing, and his concept is brilliant. There's action and suspense all the way.
    -- Terry Brooks

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  • History meets romance meets suspense! Compelling, original and wildly romantic, Beatriz Williams’ prose is stunning and the plot edge-of-your-seat gripping. OVERSEAS is an absolute triumph—I loved every page.
    -- Tilly Bagshawe

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  • Hitchcock had a charm about him. He was very funny at times. He was incredibly brilliant in his field of suspense.
    -- Tippi Hedren

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  • Screenwriter Flacco nicely evokes the aftermath of San Francisco's 1906 earthquake in his fiction debut, a novel of suspense.
    -- William Bernhardt

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  • Jekyll and Hyde, in particular, is such an important novel in terms of suspense and setting a perfect scene for crime
    -- Alanna Knight

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  • Thunderous action and nail-biting suspense
    -- Peter Travers

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  • That's the magic of filmmaking, to draw the audience into an exotic world and keep them there and keep the suspense.
    -- Michelle Yeoh

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